Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2021 Written Update Sirav lose

Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2021 Written Update Sirav lose

Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2021 Written Update Sirav lose Aarav begs Vivaan to let him meet Simar once. Vivaan asks Aarav to calm down first. He requests the elders to not touch Aarav. Aarav asks him if he has come to attend Simar’s Roka, without understanding his feelings. He can’t believe that Vivaan and Lalit knew his feelings and still joined hands against him. He feels no one is his family. Vivaan asks him to come home with him. The neighbors ask Avinash to call the police and get Aarav arrested. Lalit and Vivaan apologize to the people and say that they will handle their family matter.

Samar tells Gagan that he will go outside and handle Aarav. Simar begs Indu to let her meet Aarav once, she will tell him the truth and then he will go on his own. Indu permits Simar, but Reema stops Simar from going outside. Reema tells that Simar and Aarav are much emotional at this time, and Simar’s Roka is also done. Samar tells that he has no problem if Indu wants to permit Simar. Sandhya stops Simar from meeting Aarav. Sandhya tells that Aarav has to walk on the life’s path himself and learn the lessons.

Simar tells that she will convince Aarav to go home. Sandhya asks her what does she want. She tells that Aarav will also a life partner for himself, like Simar did today. She adds that if Simar goes out today, then Aarav will break down, he will be destroyed. She asks Simar to decide. Avinash and Gajender push Aarav and ask him to leave. Vivaan tells that he will take Aarav home. Aarav doesn’t want to go without meeting Simar. Everyone stops Aarav’s madness. Simar cries hearing Aarav’s call.


Badimaa reaches Narayan house and finds Aarav’s high dose drama happening outside. Samar gets angry seeing Simar’s tears. He goes out to handle Aarav. He stops Aarav for shouting Simar’s name and disrespecting her. Simar runs to her room and cries. Samar raises a hand on Aarav. This rages Badimaa, who can see Aarav crying in sorrow, but not insulted by anyone. Samar tells Aarav that Simar and his Roka happened now, Simar won’t come to talk to him. Reema stops Badimaa from going to Aarav. She pleads Badimaa to stop. She tells that Aarav has to go through this pain and insult alone, then he will see the truth clearly. She convinces Badimaa and sends her back.

Aarav tells Vivaan that roka means nothing, Simar his his soul and life. Samar asks Aarav not to take Simar’s name now. Aarav tells that Simar is just of him. He asks Samar to beat him if he wants. Simar feels so helpless. She ends up hurting herself in anger. Aarav hurts himself in front of everyone. He shows his wound. He tells that this wound will not hurt him, because the pain is residing in his heart. Simar hears Aarav shouting. Samar asks Aarav to just get lost if he is done with the drama. He tells that he will always protect Simar, he won’t let Aarav touch Simar. He promises that.

Aarav doesn’t care for his promise. Samar tells that Simar has given her consent for the marriage herself, its her decision for their future. He tells that he will make Simar wear the ring on their engagement day, and make their bond more stronger. He adds that Simar didn’t come outside, she wants to move on in her life. Aarav gets heartbroken. He leaves from there. Samar apologizes to Gajender. Vivaan rushes after Aarav. Gajender tells that Aarav might get some sense now and forget Simar. Aarav misses Simar and cries. Vivaan gets angry on Samar.

Aarav reaches the bar to have drinks and forget his sorrow. Aarav doesn’t drink when he recalls Badimaa’s words. He later drinks when he recalls losing Simar. Vivaan assures Badimaa that he will find Aarav and bring him home. Vivaan reaches the bar and asks Aarav to come with him, they will go to the doctor and get the wound treated. Aarav berates him for attending Simar’s roka. He feels cheated by his brother. He angrily leaves from the bar alone. He stumbles and gets someone’s help. Will Aarav lose Simar forever? Keep reading.

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  1. Arav won’t lose Simar, but will take time to reunite, after three months rona dhona..they will unite, how do makers think, stupid story which is predictable, nothing fresh in story content , the serial which started with a bang now going in 🐌 snail’s pace…


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