Imlie 20th December 2021 Written Update Shock for Imlie

Imlie 20th December 2021 Written Update Shock for Imlie

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Imlie 20th December 2021 Written Update Shock for Imlie Imlie asks Aryan to let’s go for pooja and indirectly taunts Aditya by saying that people hold grudges for long. Aditya looks at Imlie with mixed feelings of sadness and anger. Malini too sees Imlie with confusion and anger. She asks Aryan to come and perform aarti. Imlie covers her head with her dupatta with tears in her eyes and confidence in her actions. She walks forward with Aryan with pooja thali in Aryan’s hands. Aryan offers Imlie to do Aarti with him. This shocks everyone present but angers Malini. She asks Anu to see Imlie grabs everyone’s attention anyhow.

Anu asks Malini to see Aditya is seeing Imlie with anger and hate instead of love. She tries to assure Malini their plan didn’t fail. Malini leaves in hope. Aditya goes forward and takes another pooja thali. He calls Malini to do with him. He even indirectly taunts by calling Malini and saying that they should also do pooja together as it’s the beginning of their marriage functions. Aditya says people have a habit of snatching things before time. Aditya’s words shocks and hurt Imlie and Tripathis. Malini says one can snatch things but not love. Both Imlie-Aryan and Malini-Aditya perform pooja together. While Malini and Anu feel happy with everything going on as per their plan, Aparna feels emotional and helpless.

Narmada (Aryan’s mother) and Arpita (Aryan’s sister) arrive at Tripathi house. Arpita gets scared seeing the lighting diya in pooja thali. She gets flashes of her husband’s death in a fire accident Narmada gets worried for Arpita and the latter handles her fear. She tells Narmada that she is trying to overcome her fear and is fine. She calms down. Both Narmada and Arpita get happy seeing Aryan and Imlie performing aarti together. They feel surprised seeing Aryan doing unexpected and good things. Arpita stops the excited Narmada from going towards Imlie and Aryan to ward off the eye from them reminding her that Imlie is already married. Narmada tells Arpita that she isn’t able to control herself.

Narmada and Arpita meet Aparna and Radha. Aparna thanks Narmada and Arpita for coming on their invitation. Narmada and Arpita introduce Aryan as their son and brother respectively. Aparna gets flashes of Aryan and Imlie’s moments in Tripathi’s presence. Narmada also tells Aparna that the girl she was talking about is here too and works with Aryan. Aparna with confusion tells Narmada that even her ex-daughter-in-law is present. Aparna calls Imlie to introduce her to Narmada. Narmada says the jolly girl she was talking about is Imlie only. She tells Imlie that Aparna and she met in a temple. Imlie reveals to Narmada that Aparna was her mother-in-law but now is her mother.

Anu comes there and asks Aparna if she is introducing Rathores to “Naukrani” (Imlie). Aparna. She further tells Aparna that Imlie is living with Aryan these days in Rathore house only. Narmada feels confused. Anu asks Rathores to meet the star of the function, her daughter, Malini. Malini gets shocked to see Narmada. Both Narmada and Malini recall Malini’s visit to Rathore house. Malini in fear thinks that Aditya will start doubting her if Rathores reveals that she went to meet Aryan. Malini praises Narmada’s saree and earrings. She doesn’t let Narmada reveal anything about her visit to Rathore house. Aryan comes there and tells Narmada that his company “Bhaskar Times” has got the project to cover Malini and Aditya’s marriage. He also tells Narmada that Malini will be the most beautiful bride of “Bhaskar Times” page 3 content. Malini smiles.

Aparna takes Narmada and Malini with her. Anu gets busy on call. Imlie goes to her work. Malini goes behind Aryan. She thanks Aryan for hiding about her visit to his house. Malini tells Aryan that she is confused if hiding about her visit benefits him personally or professionally. She says to Aryan that she can’t complain because he helped her anyhow. Malini tells Aryan that she is impressed by knowing that he can go to any limits for his benefits. She leaves saying that nobody would do all this for a girl like Imlie. Awkwardness can be seen between Aparna and Narmada. Narmada apologizes to Aparna for thinking about Aryan and Imlie.

Aparna asks Narmada to not feel like this. She tells Narmada that she is grateful to her for giving Imlie a place to live. Aparna says that may be its god’s sign that he/she wants to see Imlie alone anymore. Narmada asks Aparna to have faith in god. Arpita informs and goes to search for it. On the other hand, Sundar searches for a bag owner. He collides with Imlie. They fight like children. Imlie jokes and tries to scare Sundar by saying that bag in his hands contains bomb. Both Imlie and Sundar again behave like kids. Arpita catches her bag and says its not bomb but ehr bag. Sundar gets mesmerized seeing Arpita and dreams of spending time with her. Imlie breaks his dreams and asks him to apologize later as Arpita went away.

Sundar and Imlie again behave like kids and run behind each other. Sudnar stops and tells Imlie that he misses her and feels worried for her. He says he wishes everything to get as it was earlier. Imlie tells Sundar that nothing changed except Aditya and she will not let anything else change ever. She reminds Sundar that he only asked her to move on and promised her that their friendship and family’s love will not change ever. Imlie tries to explain to Sundar that she won’t be able to move on or grow if she remains in Tripathi house. She shows him her identity card and reveals that now she is a feature writer of Bhaskar times. Sundar feels very happy for Imlie.

Aditya in a rude manner calls Imlie and asks her to concentrate on her work. He side-hugs Malini and asks Imlie how he and Malini look together. Imlie tries to leave but Aditya tauntingly asks Imlie to help them get their photographs captured. He continuously taunts and asks Imlie to suggest a romantic pose to him and Malini as her and Aryan’s poses were very romantic and close. Aryan comes in Imlie’s way out.

Imlie recalls Aryan motivating her to move on and grow. She wipes her tears and walks towards Aditya and Malini. Imlie suggest Aditya to keep one hand on Malini’s waist and another one on Malini’s head. She keeps Malini’s hand on Aditya’s shoulder. Imlie says now Aditya and Malini look like a couple in love, not just good friends. She asks her team colleagues to click Aditya and Malini’s photographs. Except Malini and Anu everyone feels bad and awkward. Instead of looking towards Malini or the camera, Aditya keeps staring at Imlie.

In the next episode, Aditya will sit on his knees in front of Malini. He will take her hand and will try to kiss it to make Imlie feel jealous and hurt. Imlie will look on with tears in her eyes. Aditya’s move will make others feel angry and embarrassed. Malini will smile and feel happy.

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