Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th December 2021 Written Update Prisha struck

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th December 2021 Written Update Prisha struck

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th December 2021 Written Update Prisha struck Prisha tells Ruhi that she doesn’t need anyone else. Ruhi asks Prisha how she could help her being a little kid. She promises to help Prisha after growing up. Ruhi tells Prisha that for now she needs someone. Prisha again tells Ruhi that she doesn’t need anyone else. Ruhi shouts saying that she also needs a father like all her friends have. She says a father will love her, play with her and care for both her and Prisha. Prisha feels emotional and hugs Ruhi tightly. She asks Ruhi if she ever made her miss her father.

Ruhi tells Prisha that she is her mother, not father. She says she needs a father also who plays, sings and dances with her. Flashback shows Rudra playing, singing and dancing with Ruhi. Ruhi continues telling Prisha that she needs a father who saves her from problems and fights for her. Another flashback of Rudra beating the goons at the mela and saving Ruhi is shown. Ruhi further tells Prisha that she needs a father with whom she can become naughty, enjoy being with him and love and scold each other. Again a flashback shows Rudra and Ruhi enjoying themselves at the mela and out house.

Ruhi asks Prisha how a child can live without his/her father. She calls Prisha, the world’s best mother and says she wants the world’s best father too, whom she can call “daddy”. Ruhi questions Prisha that why she doesn’t have any father? She cries questioning Prisha about her father. Prisha hugs Ruhi and tells her that Lord Krishna is just like her father, who takes care of both of them. Ruhi says that Lord Krishna doesn’t talk to her and play with her. She says she wants a real father like other kids have. Prisha hugs Ruhi. She feels apologetic towards Ruhi. Prisha thinks she can’t make Ruhi meet her father.


After some time, Prisha talks to RJ Vicky and requests him to not “On Air” Ruhi’s message anymore. Ruhi apologizes to Prisha and asks her if she is still angry with her? Prisha forgives Ruhi and hugs her. She asks Ruhi to promise her that she will not take a step like this ever without asking her. Ruhi promises Prisha. Village heads goons again arrive at Prisha’s house and taunt her for treating men. They trouble her for not giving them rent. Prisha angrily asks them to leave saying she will submit the rent 1-2 days later. Finding Prisha alone, they throw her stuff outside the house. Prisha requests them not to do this. Ruhi gets scared and runs to Prisha. Prisha goes to Veena to ask for her help.

Rudra sees village head goons throwing stuff out of Ruhi’s house. He covers his face with sindoor, a cloth and starts beating the goons. Prisha finds Veena and tells her goons are troubling her by throwing her stuff out of her house. Rudra warns Goons to stop what they are doing. Goons asks Rudra where he came from? They call him the hero of the story. Rudra says he is and always will be the hero of this story. He calls the goons the villain of his story and warns them to leave from Ruhi’s house. Goons get angry and start attacking Rudra. They ask Rudra to see how they will throw Ruhi and her mother out of their house. Rudra beats the goons badly.

He beats the goons badly and warns to kill them if they dare touch, see or trouble Ruhi, her mother and her house. Rudra sees people coming and runs away thinking Ruhi will scold him seeing him out of the out-house. Prisha, Veena, Ruhi and Veena’s sons get shocked seeing goon’s condition. Prisha wonders and asks who did this. Yuvraj comes there and says he did this. He greets everyone. Prisha asks him what is he doing here? Yuvraj calls Prisha as Priya and says he came to meet her. Ruhi asks Prisha who is this uncle? Before Yuvraj could introduce himself to Ruhi, Prisha tells Ruhi that he is Raj, her old friend.

Prisha asks Veena to take Ruhi inside as she wants to talk to Yuvraj. Yuvraj fakes taking Veena’s blessings. Veena praises Yuvraj for beating the goons black and blue. She asks her sons to throw the goons in farms. Rudra wonders why Ruhi didn’t tell him about the goons. He feels worried for Ruhi. Rudra sees Veena’s sons throwing the goons away. Prisha asks Yuvraj why he came here and how he got to know her location? Yuvraj calls Ruhi similarly cute as Prisha. He tells Prisha that he heard Ruhi’s advertisement on Radio and reached her. Prisha calls Yuvraj a liar and asks him to blurt the truth.

Yuvraj jokingly asks Prisha why she always targets him thinking he is a liar. He asks Prisha why she feels he is lying. Prisha tells Yuvraj that he is a liar as Ruhi gave the advertisement for Priya Sharma not Prisha. Yuvraj accepts his lie and tells Prisha that he has kept a private investigator behind her for the last 5 years. He says that Private investigator was giving her each moment’s news to him. Prisha angrily calls Yuvraj a cheater/rookie. Yuvraj asks Prisha how and when he cheated her? He says he was away from her for 5 years. Yuvraj says he can’t convince his heart to stay away from her. He tells Prisha that he kept a private investigator behind her to keep an eye on her and to reach her in any problem.

Prisha asks Yuvraj why he came into her life now. Yuvraj says he came to her for Ruhi. He fakes being worried for Ruhi’s feelings of being alone. Prisha asks Yuvraj to shut as Rudra is Ruhi’s father and no one can take his place. She further tells Yuvraj he can never take Rudra’s place in Ruhi’s life and asks him to shut his nonsense. Yuvraj calls Prisha selfish for snatching Ruhi’s right to have a father. He asks Prisha if she ever thought about Ruhi’s feelings. Prisha asks Yuvraj to not try coming into her and Ruhi’s life. Yuvraj asks Prisha why she didn’t go to Rudra after the hospital fire incident. Prisha tells Yuvraj that she didn’t want to ruin Rudra’s life.

Prisha says that she didn’t want Rudra to live secretly from the world for her and Ruhi. Yuvraj calls Prisha stupid emotional fool. Prisha says Rudra is a Rockstar and would have lost his career for her and Ruhi. She asks Yuvraj to understand that only Rudra will be Ruhi’s father. In the next episode, Ruhi will tell Rudra that an uncle beat the goons troubling her and her mother. Prisha will be seen searching for missing Ruhi in and outside the house. Rudra will ask Ruhi if she knows who beat the goons. Ruhi will reply it was “Raj” uncle, her mother’s old friend. Rudra will get shocked hearing it. Prisha will be seen walking towards the store room/out house in search of Ruhi. On Village head’s order, his goons will kidnap Ruhi to get revenge from Prisha.

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