Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th December 2021 Written Update Twist in Christmas

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th December 2021 Written Update Twist in Christmas

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th December 2021 Written Update Twist in Christmas Prisha collides with Saanchi and apologizes to her. She asks Saanchi for Ruhi. Saanchi points towards Ruhi. Ruhi sees Prisha and thinks that Prisha’s date failed. She asks Prisha how her date was. Prisha says the date is finished. She starts leaving the Christmas party with Ruhi. Ruhi thinks that it’s good Rudra went away early. She thinks that Prisha would have scolded her, seeing Rudra. Ruhi makes a washroom excuse and runs away. Saanchi’s mother asks Prisha to join the party. Prisha agrees and praises the decoration.

Rudra thinks it’s weird that he changed a lot after coming to Rohtak and meeting Ruhi. He feels weird and proud thinking that he is living in a small store room of a small village, eating simple food and sleeping on a cot. Rudra also feels good thinking that he didn’t even drink for many days and wandering in Santa’s costume. He thinks it should have been the worst time of his life but instead feels that it is the best time of his life. Rudra thinks he is feeling very happy with Ruhi which he hasn’t felt since 5 years. He thinks he is feeling happy and peaceful with Ruhi’s smile and words.

Rudra feels he has some connection with Ruhi and Rohtak. He doesn’t feel like returning to Delhi. Rudr thinks why is he feeling like this. Ruhi tells Rudra that she is returning home with her mother. She asks Rudra to return home through the back door. Prisha leaves to search for Ruhi. Electricity goes off. Prisha collides with Rudra. They feel each other’s touch. Rudra doesn’t let Prisha leave. Prisha thinks about how Rudra came here. She thinks that Rudra shouldn’t know that she is alive and living here (in Rohtak). Taking advantage of the dark, Prisha pushes Rudra and runs away. Rudra thinks he felt Prisha’s touch only. He thinks it was really Prisha, who came to his concert. Rudra feels happy thinking that Prisha is alive and runs to search for her.


Prisha hears Rudra’s yearning screams for her and runs away with Ruhi. Rudra thinks he has to find Prisha anyhow. Prisha thinks how Rudra can be here till now as he left after the concert. She thinks it’s only her imagination. Prisha tries to make herself believe that it’s her love who imagines Rudra everywhere. She tries to make herself understand that Rudra now can never return to her life. She breaks down crying. Next morning, Prisha and Veena get shocked seeing the former’s clinic burnt. Prisha thinks why the village head did this as she always gave rent on time. Village head’s goons tell Prisha that they took revenge for what her husband did to them. They show Prisha their wounds. Prisha recalls that Yuvraj beat them.

Goons tells Prisha that the Village head has asked her to give rent in two days. They tell Prisha that the Village head asked how she will pay rent as now her clinic got burnt too. They threaten Prisha of throwing her out of her house if she fails to pay rent in two days. At her house’s store room, Ruhi meets Rudra. She scolds Rudra for catching a cold due to his carelessness.

Ruhi says to Rudra that she will have to live her whole life with him to take care of him. Rudra feels good hearing it. Ruhi checks Rudra’s fever, “Yeh Hai Chahatein” title song plays in the background. She asks Rudra to rest till she returns. Ruhi leaves to get medicines from Prisha’s clinic. Prisha tells Veena that she isn’t able to think about how she will get out of this trouble. She refuses Veena’s son’s help as it can endanger their lives.

Prisha asks who will help her now. Veena offers Prisha’s monetary help. Prisha refuses it, reminding Veena that she is saving that money for her children. Veena reminds Prisha that she has no jewelry left to give rent as she already sold them for villagers treatment. Ruhi overhears Prisha saying that she has to arrange rent money anyhow in two days. She returns to Rudra and gives him medicine. Rudra asks Ruhi why she is so sad? Ruhi tells Rudra that the Village head is taking revenge from her mother because Raj beat them. She further tells Rudra that goons burnt and destroyed her mother’s clinic and is asking to give rent in two days. Ruhi says goons will throw her and her mother out of their house if they don’t give rent.

She says that she is worried about how her mother will arrange the rent amount in two days. Rudra asks how much rent they need to pay. Ruhi says 30,000 and thinks what will happen if they get late. On the other side, Bunty is seen talking to clients. Rudra thinks to call Bunty to arrange money to help Ruhi in paying rent. He calls Bunty through a std phone and asks him to bring 1 lakh rupees to him in Rohtak. Bunty asks Rudra if everything is fine. He asks Bunty to not question much and meet him with money outside the village. Yuvraj waits for Ruhi near a shop. He meets Ruhi and lies to her that he was waiting for her for a long time.

Ruhi tells Yuvraj about the village head’s goons’ threat. She asks Yuvraj about his date for her mother. Yuvraj says the date failed. Ruhi says she will think of something. She ignores Yuvraj and leaves in sadness and worry. Rudra tells Bunty that they need to send some money to the village head in the name of Priya Sharma’s house rent. He asks him to inform the Village head that it is the rent of Priya Sharma’s house of last 3 months plus advance of next 7 months. Rudra tells Bunty that he can’t go and give rent himself as their name may get involved. He tells Bunty that Priya is Ruhi’s mother and he wants to help them in their troubled time. Bunty asks Rudra why he is getting involved in all this even after knowing how dangerous Village head is? Rudra tells Bunty that he has got attached to Ruhi and can’t see her in worry.

Bunty gets convinced to help Rudra and Ruhi. Rudra tells Bunty that he is living in the village and searching for Prisha as he touched and felt her last night. Bunty tells Rudra that he has gone mad and reminds him that Prisha is dead. Rudra asks Bunty to trust him that Prisha is alive. He sends Bunty to somehow send Ruhi’s house rent to the village head. On the other hand, the Village head laughs saying that he will throw Prisha out of the village now. His goons laugh with him too. A man gives village head Ruhi’s house rent. Village head asks the man how he is related to Priya. The man leaves, asking the Village head to not trouble Priya anymore and send her the receipt of rent. Village head gets angry and feels that something is weird.

Village head asks his goons to keep an eye on Prisha. He also asks his goons to find out who the man is? who gave Prisha’s house rent. Village head gets determined to know what the truth is? In the next episode, Rudra will get shocked to know that Ruhi thinks Raj gave her house’s rent. Prisha’s clothes will get dirty. She will leave for her house to take a bath. Ruhi will send Rudra to take a quick bath in her house. Rudra will enter the bathroom where Prisha will be taking a bath and get shocked to see her. With her face covered with foam, Prisha will get shocked too.

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