Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2022 Written Update Pranbir Wedding

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2022 Written Update Pranbir Wedding

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2022 Written Update Pranbir Wedding Prachi and Ranbir share a hug. She isn’t able to tell him the truth. He advises her to not tell anything and simply write it to tell him. He wants to know what is she hiding. She tells that she has no paper and pen to write. Ranbir gets it for her and asks her to just write down. Prachi writes an emotional letter for Ranbir. They both are intoxicated. They get close while she hands over the letter to him. Ranbir reads the letter. She writes about Ranbir’s three dreams, which she shared with her. One of the dream was her pregnancy, their parenthood.

She writes that his dream of marrying her was fulfilled, and then also his startup dream was accomplished, now the third dream is also getting fulfilled. She mentions about her pregnancy. She writes about her pregnancy. Prachi mentions that she is pregnant, and Ranbir is going to be a father. Ranbir can’t believe that his dream is coming true. He asks Prachi is this true. Prachi tells its true.


He decks up Prachi as his bride and lights some papers there to ignite the fire. He ties their gathbandhan. He tells that they will get married again. Ranbir and Prachi take the marriage rounds in their room. Rhea comes there looking for Ranbir. She is scared that Ranbir and Prachi can get close. Her fears turn true when she finds Ranbir and Prachi marrying. Rhea is shocked and feels helpless. What will Rhea do next? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir tells Prachi that he loves her a lot. He tells that her love heals his heart. He asks Prachi to swear on him and tell him what is he hiding. Rhea looks for Ranbir and Prachi. Aaliya asks are they together. Aaliya is worried. Rhea tells that Prachi challenged her that she will oust her from the house. Pallavi tells that Prachi is intoxicated, she will just remember the happy past and get close to Ranbir. Aaliya doesn’t think this can happen. Ranbir asks Prachi to just tell him the truth. Prachi agrees to tell him. He tells that if she can’t tell him the truth, then she can write a letter like a love letter.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2022 Written Update Pranbir Wedding:

Ranbir asks Prachi to write a letter and tell him the truth. She tells that she doesn’t have any pen or paper. He gets a paper and a pen for her. He asks her to write, he will read it. She tells that she will feel shy if he reads it while she writes. She asks him to go and turn around until she completes the letter. He reminds her the moments when they left in their old house, she used to write a letter in anger mode, now she is writing with love. He is excited to know what she will write. She writes a letter for him. She is happy that all his three dreams got completed. She writes that he is going to be a father soon. She also writes that she loves him. She gets tensed to handover the letter to him.

She smiles blushingly and gives him the letter. She tells that she is feeling shy. She asks him not to read it in front of her. He hugs her, understanding her feelings. He tells that he is feeling so good by her hug, when he reads, she will go away, so he won’t read the letter. She asks him to read it, the truth will bring them more closer and unite them. He reads the letter. He gets huge happiness on reading it.

He cries happily. She asks him isn’t he happy. He tells that he is the happiest man in the world right now, she has given him the biggest happiness. He tells that the letter is the most precious one for him, he will keep it really safe. He keeps the letter in his coat pocket, saying he will keep it close to his heart. He thanks Prachi and hugs her happily. Prachi makes him feel the baby. Ranbir gets emotional that his dream has come true. He is grateful to her for giving him such a big happiness in a moment. He tells that he wants to do something. He wants to hear the baby’s heartbeat and feel the baby.

He emotionally talks to his baby. He tells that the baby asked him to always love Prachi, and never leave her. He calls the baby smart to unite his parents. He tells that the baby loves both his parents. He thanks her for giving a life to the baby, while he can just give his name to the baby. Prachi cries a lot. She tells that the baby doesn’t know about his dad Ranbir, who has married Rhea. She tells that the baby will be confused about his parents’ marriage. She shows her disapproval about his marriage with Rhea. Shahana stops Rhea who is finding Ranbir and Prachi. They get into an argument. Rhea insults Shahana.

Shahana tells that very soon Prachi will oust Rhea. Rhea replies that Prachi will herself get ousted from the house. Shahana thinks Rhea is day dreaming. Rhea tells that her dream is already fulfilled. She wants to give a breaking news. Shahana doesn’t hear it out. Rhea wants Prachi to regret her coming. Ranbir consoles Prachi. She reminds him the promise he made to her. She asks him why did he marry Rhea. He tells that he was badly trapped, the marriage isn’t valid when he didn’t divorce Prachi.

She tells him that he can’t justify it with any reason. He asks her if she felt bad. She is hurt that he married Rhea. He wipes her tears and asks her if she will marry him again. He proposes her. She tells that she will marry him a hundred times. They share a moment. He tells that they will marry right now, the time is perfect, they will make the vows themselves. She tells that pandit isn’t there. He plays the mantras online. He tells that they want witness for the marriage, the moon will become the witness.

He tells that he will get the real fire. He asks her to wait. He gets a pot and burns papers to ignite the fire. He shows the chunri brought from the temple. She tells that Mata rani has sent it for her. He adorns her with love. He makes her wear the special chunri. They both are still intoxicated. He gets a cloth for gathbandhan. They prepare for the marriage. Rhea comes there and watches them together in shock.

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  1. Same roller coaster ride.Divorce remarry.ranbur marry prachi ,then marry rhea now remarrying prachi sinnce she signed divorce papers.Kumkum bhagya has thw biggest idiot arse fool,dunce for a writer.n zee tv just ahowing the shit end this serial now.Viewers are fed up of the sane dumb story line.


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