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Ziddi Dil Maane Na 4th January 2022 Full Written Update

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Ziddi Dil Maane Na 4th January 2022 Full Written Update Sanju tells Kundan that she will decide her priorities, not him. Kundan asks Sanju how she is talking to him? Sanju replies to Kundan that she said agreed for marriage, not slavery. She tells him that everything won’t work according to him. Kundan tells Sanju that she lies and then gives discourses too. He tells Sanju that this isn’t right. Sanju apologizes to Kundan for lying. Kundan tells Sanju that she is not doing him any favor. He tells Sanju that he isn’t saying anything new. Kundan says all this happens in married life.

He tells Sanju that she will handle his house, keep him and his mother happy. Kundan further tells Sanju that he will handle work as well as her. He asks Sanju what is slavery in this? Kundan says this is what goes on and will go on further. Sanju feels shocked hearing Kundan’s orthodox thinking. Kundan asks Sanju to return to academy carefully by herself as otherwise she will say that he is making her do slavery. Sanju stops Kundan from leaving. She tells Kundan that she is again apologizing for lying to him. Sanju asks Kundan to not think that a married woman’s responsibility is only to handle household work. She further says financial responsibility should not only be men’s responsibility.

Sanju explains to Kudam that marriage means togetherness, where two people together make a life. She says in marriage responsibilities don’t get distributed instead shared. Sanju further says that marriage is where men and women are equal and share equal responsibilities. She tells Kundan that a marriage gets successful when both partners respect their partner’s work, priorities and them. Kundan looks angry. Sanju tells Kundan that it is not right that she respects his work and he doesn’t. She says that her work and opinion matters to her a lot. Sanju makes Kundan angry by saying that he will have to respect her work even if he doesn’t understand it.

Sanju leaves saying she knows the academy’s way. Karan feels bad recalling Aneesh’s efforts to impress Monami and latter’s praises for the former. Faizi advises Karan to take Monami for dinner. Karan asks Faizi if he got this idea after thinking a lot. Faizi asks Karan if he has a better idea? Karan says he has a mind blowing idea. He tells Faizi that he is thinking of taking Monami to meet Baby. Karan says by this way he will get to spend quality time with Monami and the latter will meet Baby too. Faiz praises Karan’s idea. He says he was also thinking of a similar idea. Karan gives Faizi a glare when he says that family is there to take advantage of them.

Chitra praises Karan’s look. Karan thanks her and asks her about Monami. He gets angry, when Chitra tells him that Monami went out with Aneesh. On the other side, Sanju takes out her car tire angrily recalling Kundan’s orthodox thinking and words. Sid confusedly looks at angry Sanju. He goes and asks Sanju what happened? Why is she angry? Sanju angrily fixes the same tire to the car again. Sid asks Sanju to be careful otherwise she would get hurt. Sanju asks Sid to go away as she is not in mood to talk. She injures her hand recalling Kundan’s words. Sid runs to her and scolds her for not listening to her.

Sanju says she can’t tolerate forced marriage anymore. Sid asks Sanju whose marriage is she talking about? Sanju says Manju’s parents are forcing her to get married. She tells Sid that Manju said yes for marriage in compulsion but she can’t tolerate anymore. Sanju says she can’t see Manju in such a bad condition/state. Sid tells Sanju that he can’t see her tense. Sid asks Sanju to tell him more about Manju as maybe they can help her. Sanju asks Sid how they will help her. Sid says they will try to motivate Manju to speak for herself and not marry anyone without love. He tells Sanju that Manju is an adult and can make her own decisions and asks Sanju what is the problem?

Sanju tells Sid that society is a problem. She explains to Sid that if Manju’s marriage breaks, she will have to face slander and disgrace. Sanju further says Manju will never like to see her parents get embarrassed in front of everyone. Sid apologizes and tells Sanju that Manju seems like a coward. Sanju tells Sid that Manju is compelled to do this. Sid tells Sanju that if anyone doesn’t have the courage to stand or fight for their love, then he/she is called a coward. He tells Sanju that Manju doesn’t have the courage to fight for her love. Sanju tells Sid that he won’t understand where Manju comes from.

She explains to Sid that in Manju’s society she has to give answers to people of society and it’s not at all simple for Manju to fight for herself. Sid feels suspicious and asks Sanju why she is talking about herself as they were discussing about Manju. Sanju says she was talking about Manju only and blurts out that there is not much difference between her and Manju’s situation. Sid feels more suspicious. Karan recalls how he failed to confess his love to Monami because of himself and Aneesh’s entry. He recalls Faizi telling him that he got late to confess his feelings. Karan also recalls moments he witnessed between Aneesh and Monami.

Monami and Aneesh return to the academy. Karan scolds Monami for returning late and breaking academy rules. He asks Aneesh to not talk in between as he is talking to his cadete. Aneesh still speaks and says that he took Col. Batra’s permission to take Monami outside. Karan tells Aneesh to remember that everyone has to return to the academy before 8pm. He also asks Aneesh to take his permission before taking his cadate outside. Karan leaves saying that his cadate’s safety is his responsibility. As Karan leaves, Aneesh tells Monami that Karan is possessive for her. Monami refuses it and Aneesh says he was just joking.

Monami thanks Aneesh for the dinner. Aneesh tells Monami that he remembers that she has midnight cravings. He gives her a food package. He jokes, making Monami laugh. Karan feels bad seeing Monami and Aneesh’s hug. Karan asks Faizi, even being in love with him, can’t Monami see that he wants to talk to her. Faizi reminds Karan that Monami confessed her feelings but he rejected her. He tells Karan that Monami used to love him but it isn’t confirmed that she still loves him or not. Karan reminds Faizi that he told her that love never ends. Faizi again reminds Karan that he himself told Monami that he can’t fall in love.

Karan recalls his mistake of rejecting Monami’s love again and again. He also recalls Monami freeing him from her love. Karan asks Faizi why he always has to remind him of his mistake. Faizi advises Karan to destroy the enemy by secretly entering his base. Karan smirks and praises Faizi’s idea. Faizi tells Karan that it is love’s power that he praised his idea for the first time. Karan thinks love is not less than war. He thinks he will fight the whole world for Monami’s love. On the other side, Kundan’s mother talks ill about Sanju in front of her relatives. Kundan returns home and his mother asks him about Sanju. Kundan recalls Samjana’s words.

He tells his mother that Sanju got busy with some work and thus couldn’t meet them. Kundan’s mother again badmouths about Sanju. Kundan again recalls Sanju’s befitting replies to him. He feels angrier. Kundan also recalls that his mother said that she is thinking of talking to Sanju’s parents. He calls and greets Sanju’s mother. Kundan requests Sanju’s mother to get him and Sanju married as soon as possible. Sanju’s mother agrees with him. Sid thinks marriage will sort out everything. In the next episode, Sanju will receive Sid’s invitation for dinner date with him. Kundan will reach the academy and will ask Monami to call Sanju. Monami will get shocked on knowing that Kundan is Sanju’s fiance. Sanju will get shocked to know that Kundan exposed their relationship in front of Monami in the academy.

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