Ziddi Dil Maane Na 5th January 2022 Full Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th January 2022 Full Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 5th January 2022 Full Written Update Sanju walks here and there tensed. She feels worried thinking what will happen if Kundan troubles her parents by calling and telling them everything she said to him in anger. Sanju recalls her words to Kundan. She recalls how she explained to Kundan the meaning of marriage and asked him to respect her work. Sanju’s inner soul comes out and talks to her. She praises Sanju for how she explained Kundan the meaning of marriage in one go. Sanju tells her inner soul that she explained to Kundan her opinion about marriage. She says it will be revealed today if Kundan understands her opinion or not.

Sanju says till now her opinion about marriage would have reached her whole village. Sanju’s inner soul disappears as someone knocks on her room door. She opens the door and receives a beautiful and cute sorry card. The person who sent the card apologized to Sanju for his mistake. He writes to Sanju that she can take out his jeep’s tires too and requests her to not be angry with him. Sanju smiles while reading it. She turns the page of the card and smiles reading it too. The page reads that she has thought of forgiving the sender as well as the writer. The sender of the card asks Sanju to come to the canteen as he has a surprise for her.

Sanju’s inner soul appears again and sarcastically asks Sanju who she will choose finally; her love Sid or obligation Kundan? Sanju gets lost into thinking. Kundan reaches SAF academy, while Sanju reaches Canteen. She gets surprised seeing the decorations Sid made for her. Sid goes on his knees with a pair of earrings and asks Sanju if she would like to go on a dinner with him, wearing these earrings. Sanju recalls that last time also, Sid asked her for a date by gifting her the same earrings. She recalls scolding Sid for it. Sanju feels confused. Sid asks Sanju to say no if she wants to and requests her to not hit him. Sid randomly guesses that it’s Sanju’s yes as she didn’t say no.


Drill bell rings and Sid leaves telling Sanju that he and his car will wait for her at 8 PM. Sanju’s inner soul asks Sanju if she will choose to go on a date with Sid, rejecting marriage with Kundan. Sanju grows more confused and emotional. She gets tensed seeing Kundan’s call. Sanju runs in the corridor, crying and recalls Kundan’s orthodox thinking. Kundan asks the academy’s staff to call Sanju as he wants to meet her. Staff calls Sanju. Sid tells Monami that he officially proposed to Sanju for dinner with him tonight. Monami asks Sid if got beaten again. Sid says no. Monami gets very happy knowing that Sanju said yes to Sid. Sid and Sanju jump in joy. Ustad ji asks Sid and Monami to reach for the drill quickly.

Sid tells Monami that his and Sanju’s date is tonight. He further happily tells Monami that he feels nothing would go wrong this time. Kundan fails to see Sid near him. Staff says Sanju’s phone is unreachable. Kundan asks the staff to tell him her room no. as he would find Sanju himself. Staff stops Kundan and tries calling Sanju again. On the other hand, Sanju feels very much compelled with her situation. He recalls her conversations with Kundan and Sid from the past. She cries feeling her inclination towards a good hearted person Sid. She imagines Sid telling her that if she will reject him, she will reject herself, her life, her dreams and her happiness. He further asks her to accept her love if she is really courageous.

Sanju’s imaginary Sid continues asking Sanju to either follow her heart or mind. Sanju also imagines her parents asking her to make a decision after thinking about their image and reputation in society. She gets scared hearing voices asking her to make a final decision. She breaks the mirror into pieces to end her imagination and voices troubling her. Sanju decides to do what her mind says as it is originally set above the heart in the human body. She decides to meet Sid and break his as well as her heart. On the other hand, Karan explains his cadates to train themselves well for the betterment of their country. Sid runs to help fallen Bala. Aneesh laughs and apologizes for doing so.

Karan asks Aneesh if he thinks their training is a joke? Faizi asks Karan to make Aneesh understand that they and their cadets have cleared difficult tasks to enter this academy. Karan asks Aneesh to choose any trainer and compete with him/her. Aneesh asks Karan if he should really compete with someone? Faizi tells Aneesh that he won’t be able to complete all the tasks. He asks Aneesh to compete with push ups. Aneesh says bring it on! Faizi tells Aneesh that they will make him compete with the best trainer of the academy as he seems very confident.

Faizi shocks everyone by saying that Karan will compete with Aneesh. Ustad ji asks Karan to be careful as Aneesh is just a doctor. Aneesh smiles with confidence. Monami comes forward and tells Faizi that competition is fun when it happens between equal people and thus his decision is unfair. She says it would also be unfair if Karan is asked to compete with Aneesh on the operation table. Karan agrees with Monami. Faizi asks Monami to not underestimate Aneesh and let him decide. Aneesh agrees to compete with Karan. Everyone gets surprised seeing Aneesh’s body when he removes his t-shirt. Karan too removes his t-shirt. Sid teases Monami and she gets shy.

Karan and Aneesh start push ups with Ustad Ji’s whistle. Aneesh feels pain in his shoulder. Worried, Monami runs to him. Aneesh explains to Monami what exactly happened in medical terms. Monami runs to bring spray for Aneesh. Karan helps Aneesh stand up. Faizi tells Karan that he got defeated even after winning the competition as Monami is caring for Aneesh the most. Kundan tells the staff to call Sanju quickly as he has been waiting for a long time. Staff sees Monami and asks her if she could call Sanju? He tells Monami that this person has been waiting for Sanju for a long time. Monami introduces herself to Kundan as Sanju’s roommate.

Kundan asks Monami to tell Sanju that her fiance Kundan has come. Monami gets shocked hearing Kundan’s introduction. Sanju gets shocked seeing Kundan talking to Monami. Sid’s date invitation falls from Sanju’s hands. Kundan sees Sanju and scolds her for working at a nonsense place. He asks Sanju to tell everyone that he is her fiance. Kundan further asks Sanju to tell her academy staff to behave properly with him. Monami feels confused and shocked hearing Kundan’s words and orthodox thinking. With teary eyes Sanju asks Monami to go from here. She assures tensed Monami to not worry.

Kundan takes Sanju outside for a conversation. Monami picks up Sid’s date invitation card and the earrings he gifted to Sanju. She recalls how Sid happily told her that he officially invited Sanju for a dinner date. Monami feels worried for Sid. Outside the academy, Kundan tells Sanju that he wanted to see the academy which is very precious to her. Sanju feels confused and worried with Kundan’s behavior. Kundan tells Sanju that he brought a surprise for her. Sanju gets shocked to see her parents outside the academy. Kudan gives a smirk to Sanju.

In the next episode, Sanju’s mother will tell her that she is darn lucky that she is going to marry a person like Kundan. Her father will ask her to choose between their reputation and her work. With a heavy heart Sanju will tell Monami that she will marry Kundan. Monami will tell Sanju that Sid loves her truly. Sanju will tell Monami that she will clear all the misunderstandings with Sid. Monami will feel worried and bad for Sid.

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