Ziddi Dil Maane Na 6th January 2022 Full Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th January 2022 Full Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 6th January 2022 Full Written Update Kundan tells Sanju that he brought a surprise for her. Sanju asks what type of surprise. Kundan points towards a car. Sanju’s parents come out of that car. Sanju takes her parents blessings. Sanju’s mother asks why she looks so shocked? Kundan smirks. Sanju’s father tells that Kundan called them here and sent a ticket too. Sanju looks at Kundan and the latter smirks. Sanju’s mother says casually they meet at the end of the year but Kundan made them meet early. Kundan asks Sanju to meet her parents comfortably and peacefully.

He leaves Sanju with her parents and moves ahead towards his car. Sanju asks her parents why they came suddenly? If everything is fine? Her parents look at her with an angry look. Kundan smirks. Sanju’s mother takes her aside and tells her everything would be fine if she lets it be fine. She scolds Sanju and tells her that she can’t let them live peacefully. Sanju’s mother scolds Sanju more for not attending satsang kept by Kundan’s mother. She tells Sanju that it’s good that Kundan is a nice person and didn’t complain even a little. Sanju tells her mother that Kundan has not done any favor for her.

Sanju’s mother asks Sanju to shut up. She tells Sanju that she is darn lucky that she is going to marry a good person like Kundan. Sanju’s mother scolds Sanju and tells her that she should keep respect for her to-be in-laws. She tells Sanju that they have to hear a lot of taunts due to her. Sanju’s mother orders Sanju to reach and meet her in-laws in the evening to make her to-be mother in law happy. She says she will send her the address. Sanju gets shocked hearing this. Her father doesn’t let her say anything else. He asks Sanju to decide what is important to her; her work or their reputation. Sanju’s father requests Sanju to come, otherwise they would have to listen to her to-be in-laws’ taunts.


Sanju gets lost into thinking. Her mother hugs her and leaves asking her to wear something good. Kundan leaves telling Sanju that he will wait for her. Sanju recalls Sid’s invitation for dinner tonight. She also recalls her mother’s request to come and meet her in-laws tonight. She feels worried. Monami sees Sanju in their room and asks her why she didn’t tell anyone that she is already engaged. She asks Sanju if she knows that Sid loves her. Sanju asks Monami if she told Sid anything about her engagement.

Monami says not yet but she is finding Sid to tell him this. She says she can’t find Sid anywhere. Monami tells Sanju that it’s important to tell Sid everything. She reminds Sanju that Sid is very much connected to her. Sanju requests Monami to let her tell the truth to Sid as she is at fault here. She tells Monami that she is meeting Sid today and wants to tell him everything herself. Monami asks Sanju why she gave false hopes to Sid? She asks Sanju why she didn’t tell Sid about her engagement if she knew everything already. Sanju asks Monami what she would have told Sid? She asks Monami if she should have told Sid that the person whom she is going to marry is orthodox and doesn’t consider women capable of the outside/professional world.

Monami gets shocked to know Kundan’s reality. Sanju tells Monami that she being the special agent of the country would be handling just household chores. She tells Monami that according to Kundan her work is just time passing. Sanju further tells Monami that according to her in-laws, the woman should just live at home and handle it, forgetting her ambitions. Monami feels shocked. Sanju tells Monami that Sid would not let her marry an orthodox Kudan, knowing his reality. She also tells Monami that Sid respects her work and identity.

Monami asks Sanju how she can marry orthodox Kundan instead of modern thinking Sid. Sanju tells Monami that nobody would understand this decision of hers. She explains to Monami that the place and background from where she comes, prioritizes family’s respect over human life. Sanju tells Monami that her family doesn’t understand women’s ambitions and happiness over their orthodox thinking. She cries a lot while sharing her pain with Monami. Sanju tells Monami that she will have to marry Kundan for her family’s reputation.

Monami asks Sanju if love doesn’t have any value in her life? Sanju recalls her moments with Sid and also her father’s request. She turns and tells Monami that love doesn’t have any value for her? Monami asks Sanju if she didn’t fall for Sid even for a minute. Sanju reminds Monami that she already told Sid in the beginning that both of them come from very different backgrounds and can’t be with each other. She says she made just one mistake of not telling Sid that she is already engaged. Sanju tells Monami that she is ready to suffer any punishment Sid would like to give her for her mistake.

Sanju says she is going to clear all misunderstandings between her Sid forever. Monami feels bad for both Sid and Sanju. Sid explains to musicians how they have to welcome Sanju. Sanju reaches and Sid gets mesmerized seeing her. Sanju feels surprised and guilty seeing Sid’s preparations for her. She gives her hand to Sid and hugs him tightly. Sid also hugs Sanju tightly. Sanju cries and Sid wipes her tears. She tells Sid that she has fallen for him. Sid gets happy when Sanju says, “I love you” to him. Sanju asks Sid to become her life partner too. This turns out to be Sid’s imagination. His imagination ends as Kundan taps on his shoulder.

Sanju feels bad thinking that she is going to break his heart today. Bala comes to receive Sanju. He gives her the bouquet as Sid instructed him to. Sanju takes the bouquet with Shivering hands. Bala and Sanju leave to meet Sid. On the other hand, Kundan wishes all the best to sid for his proposal date. Kundan reveals he came to meet his fiance. They feel shocked knowing that their choice is the same in some things. Sid thinks two love stories will blossom today. Sid asks the manager to arrange a nice table for Kundan and his fiance. Sanju reaches Sid and gets shocked seeing Kundan with him.

Kundan reaches Sanju before Sid. He tells Sanju that he was waiting for her only. Sid gets shocked on knowing this. Kundan introduces Sanju as his fiance in front of Sid, unaware of their relationship. Sid gets shocked to the core with the truth. In the next episode, Sid will ask why she didn’t tell him about her marriage. He will further ask her when is her marriage. Sanju will reply that her marriage is after 6-7 months. Heartbroken, Sid will ask Sanju what if she falls for someone else in 6-7 months. Kundan will feel shocked on hearing this.

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