Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2022 Written Update Revealed

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2022 Written Update Revealed

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2022 Written Update Revealed Rudra starts performing for the kids of Rohtak in a Sardaar get up. Kids surround Rudra. They dance, jump and enjoy themselves. Rudra finishes his performance. Everyone claps for him. Rohit tells Rudra that he performed really well. Happy Rohit asks him who he is? Ruhi asks the same question, unaware of the fact that it’s Rudra only. She also asks where the magic and surprise is? Rohit calls Ruhi a small goat. He asks her why she is questioning as she herself called this “performer”. Rohit asks Ruhi to tell who he is?

Ruhi says she didn’t call this performer. Rohit gets confused. Rudra asks Ruhi why she is lying as she only called him. Rudra comes in his original avatar. The Kid gets surprised and screams in happiness seeing Rudra. Saanchi shuts Ruhi from calling Rudra “Laal Tamatar” in front of everyone. Kids again scream in happiness. Rudra tells Rohit that Ruhi called him for him (Rohit). He tells Rohit that he came again as he left the concert hanging on his birthday. Rudra signs at Ruhi with a wink and tells everyone that he came only because Ruhi called him. Bunty finds a shop and thinks to get contest posters printed from it. He doesn’t find the shop owner nearby and thinks to wait for some time.

On the other hand, Prisha treats an ill kid. She leaves giving an injection. Bunty and Prisha have a hit and miss. Rudra tells all the kids that Ruhi is very special to him and came on her special request. Shocked, Rohit asks Rudra if Ruhi called him for him (Rohit). Rudra replies yes. He tells Rohit that Ruhi thought of him even after he made fun of her at school. Rohit feels guilty and thanks Ruhi for such a big surprise. He also apologizes to Ruhi by holding his ears. Other Kids laugh at Rohit and they also apologize to Ruhi. Ruhi forgives everyone.


Rudra starts another performance. Kids jump, dance and enjoy Rudra’s performance. Rudra too enjoys it with the kids. Rohit cuts the cake and makes his friends eat it. Rudra gives his autograph to the kids on their wrists. He takes a leave from the kids again telling them that he came from Delhi only on Ruhi’s insistence. Rudra tells them that he is leaving for Delhi now. Kids say bye to Rudra. Outside, Rudra walks with Ruhi on his shoulders. He asks Ruhi if she is happy now and has forgiven him? Ruhi forgives Rudra. She gets down from Rudra’s shoulders and gives him a kiss on his cheek. She calls Rudra “the best” and thanks him for everything.

Rudra tells Ruhi that she is the best. He tells her that she will get everything best as he has come now. Ruhi twirls and expresses her happiness to Rudra. Rudra gets happy. Ruhi asks what will happen if everyone tells their parents that he came to Rohtak. Rudra tells Ruhi that because of this risk he told the kids that he is returning to Delhi. Rudra says this way no one will search for him now. Ruhi tells Rudra that he became smart living with her. She asks Rudra to live with her forever. From a distance, Yuvraj sees Ruhi with someone. He follows them to see who Ruhi’s secret friend is?

On the other hand, excited Rohit tells his father (Village head) that Rudra came and completed his performance that he left incomplete on his birthday. Rohit also tells his father that Ruhi called him for him. Village head asks Rohit about Rudra’s whereabouts. Rohit tells him that Rudra told that he is returning to Delhi and came for some time. Village head makes his goons call Rudra’s family in Delhi to know if he reached Delhi or not? Saaransh picks up the phone and unaware of the situation tells them that Rudra has been living in Rohtak from some time. Village head decodes that Ruhi has kept Rudra hidden somewhere in the village only for some days.

He thinks of finding Rudra and his reason behind living in Rohtak. Yuvraj follows Ruhi and Rudra till Ruhi’s store room. Ruhi calls Rudra her best friend. Yuvraj tries to find out what is happening. Rudra asks Ruhi to never get angry with him as he loves her and cannot live without her. “Pyaar Ka Ye Bandhan” plays in the background. Ruhi hugs and tells him that she loves him too. Rudra caresses Ruhi like his daughter. Prisha stops Yuvraj from entering her store room. She pushes Yuvraj to the floor. Prisha scolds Yuvraj for coming to her house. She tries to oust him.

Yuvraj tells Prisha that he came to see what Ruhi is doing inside the store room. Prisha asks Yuvraj how it concerns him as it’s the part of their house. She tells Yuvraj that Ruhi plays in the store room and asks how it concerns him what Ruhi does in the store room? Prisha warns Yuvraj to not dare to follow Ruhi. Yuvraj says he follows Ruhi because he cares about her. Prisha tells Yuvraj that he doesn’t need to care about Ruhi. She asks him to get out. Ruhi interrupts Yuvraj and Prisha’s conversation. Prisha sends Ruhi inside the house.

Yuvraj makes Prisha count the things he did for her in Rohtak, saved Ruhi, paid her rent and also got beaten by goons. Prisha tells Yuvraj that it is his fault that he thinks that he can buy her love with money. She tells Yuvraj that she will return his money in 3 days. Prisha tells Yuvraj that she would never let him enter her and Ruhi’s life. She leaves and Yuvraj thinks he will not let his future investment go easily like this. On Prisha’s questioning, Ruhi reveals to Prisha that she sometimes meets Yuvraj. Ruhi requests Prisha to accept Yuvraj’s apology. Prisha explains to Ruhi that Yuvraj’s mistakes can’t be forgiven. She also requests Ruhi to understand that Yuvraj (Raj) can never become her father.

Prisha further explains to Ruhi that she doesn’t feel anything for Yuvraj. Ruhi also reveals to Prisha that she tried to make her jealous by asking Yuvraj to bring a woman to the party. She lies to Prisha when the latter asks her who gave her this jealousy idea. Prisha feels guilty for making Ruhi feel the lack of her father. She explains to Ruhi that God will decide who will come in their fate and when. On the other hand, Rudra yearns for Prisha. Rudra thinks he organized an advertisement campaign to find Prisha. Prisha tells Ruhi that the person will himself find them whom God has selected for them (as Ruhi’s father and Prihsa’s husband).

In the next episode, Bunty will execute Rudra’s plan. Villagers and Prisha will hear the contest announcement. Prisha will decide to participate in the contest. Village ladies will show their hands. Prisha will reach the contest venue too. Rudra and Bunty will get shocked.

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