Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2022 Written Update Ruhi truth out

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2022 Written Update Ruhi truth out

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2022 Written Update Ruhi truth out Ruhi walks fast seeing a shadow following her. She gets scared and screams when someone taps on her shoulder. Ruhi turns around and Saaransh asks her to not scream like this as he may get scared too. Ruhi asks Saaransh why he tapped her? Saaransh tells Ruhi that he got lost. Ruhi tells Saaransh that she never saw him in this village. Saaransh tells Ruhi that he is new in Rohtak. He says he can’t find his way and wants to reach his school bus which broke down in the village. Ruhi asks Saaransh who he is? Saaransh keeps looking at Ruhi.

On the other hand, Rudra gets worried about sending Ruhi alone at night for his purpose. He says that he will never send Ruhi alone and wishes that Ruhi comes back safely. Rudra thinks to go and check where Ruhi is? Saanchi comes with a tiffin box for Rudra. Rudra asks Saanchi about Ruhi’s whereabouts. Saanchi asks Rudra to not worry as Ruhi went to drop injured Bunty to her mother’s clinic. Rudra gets worried for Bunty and asks Saanchi about his condition. Saanchi says that Bunty got a little wounded. She asks Rudra to not worry as Ruhi’s mother will heal his wounds properly.

Saanchi leaves after untying and saying bye to Rudra. Rudra hopes Bunty got to know something about Prisha. At her clinic, Prisha thinks that she has to return Yuvraj’s money anyhow. She gets shocked to hear Bunty’s voice asking for her help. Prisha turns and gets shocked to see Bunty. Bunty too gets shocked to see Prisha. Prisha drops the water glass. Bunty asks Prisha if she is really alive. He tells Prisha that Rudra remains adamant that she is alive, ignoring the whole world. Bunty asks Prisha why she didn’t go to Rudra if she is alive? He tells Prisha about Rudra’s worse condition in her absence.


Prisha cries hearing this. Bunty tells Prisha that Rudra drinks day and night. He also tells Prisha that Rudra is angry and in pain. Bunty tells Prisha that Rudra keeps remembering only her, ignoring the whole world. He again asks Prisha why she didn’t return to Rudra if she was alive? He says Rudra was correct about her being alive and told him that he saw Prisha. Prisha gets shocked on knowing that Rudra saw her in the concert. She recalls the concert night when Bunty asks her if she attended Rudra’s concert. Bunty repeats his question and understands the reality. He tells Prisha that since Rudra saw her in the concert he became adamant on finding her.

Bunty tells Prisha that Rudra is staying in Rohtak only to find her. Prisha gets shocked knowing that Rudra is in Rohtak and searching for her. Bunty tells Prisha about her and Rudra’s hit and miss at the Christmas and New Year party. He tells Prisha that Rudra got her bangle on New Year’s and kept the hand contest in the village to find her. Prisha gets more shocked. Bunty tells Prisha that Rudra would be very happy to see her. He tries to take Prisha to Rudra but she stops him. Bunty gets shocked. Prisha asks Bunty who Prisha Khurana is he talking about? She tells Bunty that Prisha Khurana died 5 years ago and she is Priya Sharma now.

Bunty gets more shocked when Prisha tells him that she has made a new life of hers in Rohtak. Bunty asks Prisha if Ruhi is her daughter? He tells Prisha that Ruhi has kept Rudra safe in this village in her house’s store room. Prisha gets shocked hearing it. On the other hand, Saaransh seeks Ruhi’s help to reach the market. He says he will manage to reach his school bus from the market. Ruhi asks Saaransh to say please if he wants her help. Saaransh shows an attitude to Ruhi. Ruhi too troubles Saaransh for showing attitude. Saaransh understands it and says he will find the way himself. Ruhi asks Saaransh to go and find the way himself. Saaransh says he will use GPS but finds the network missing on his phone.

Saaransh stops and requests Ruhi to help him. Ruhi scares Saaransh for showing attitude again. Saaransh apologizes to Ruhi and the latter gets ready to help the former. At the clinic, Prisha asks Bunty how can Ruhi and Rudra meet. She tells Bunty that she went away 5 years ago to keep Ruhi and Rudra away from each other. Shocked Bunty decodes that Ruhi is Rudra’s daughter. Bunty gives Prisha his swear. Prisha accepts that Ruhi is Rudra’s daughter. Bunty asks Prisha why she kept Ruhi and Rudra away from each other. He keeps questioning Prisha why she wants to snatch Rudra’s happiness from him? Prisha reminds Bunty that she is still considered Venky’s murderer. She tells Bunty that she went away and made a new life to keep Ruhi safe.

Prisha tells Bunty that Ruhi would have taken Birth in Prison and could have been grown in a Juvenile home. She tells Bunty that even if Rudra would have saved Ruhi from juvenile home, she would have been considered a murderer’s daughter. She says, she couldn’t have let Ruhi live with a stamp of murderer’s daughter. Prisha further tells Bunty that Rudra would have lost his career due to her living in prison. She tells Rudra that she also remembers Rudra a lot. Prisha tells Bunty about how Yuvraj saved her and advised her to live a new life forgetting her old life. She says she wanted to give a normal life to Ruhi and Rudra this way.

Ruhi questions Saaransh about his family. Saaransh gets emotional on telling Ruhi that his mother is no more and his father married someone else. Ruhi hugs Saaransh. She tells Saaransh that she doesn’t have a father and misses him a lot. Saaransh hugs Ruhi. He explains to Ruhi that some relations exist where one of the parents is not present. On the other hand, worried Rudra searches for Ruhi. He gets tensed for Ruhi and her mother. Rudra thinks to go to Saanchi’s house for information on Ruhi. At the clinic, Bunty asks Prisha to see how fate made Ruhi and Rudra meet even after her trials to keep them away. Flashback of Rudra saving Ruhi from the pond.

Bunty tells Prisha about how time and again Ruhi and Rudra helped and saved each other. He also tells Prisha that Ruhi and Rudra lived, enjoyed and spent the time with each other in the last few days like father daughter only, unaware of their true relationship. Prisha recalls Ruhi asking her for more food and taking Rudra’s name again and again. Bunty tells Prisha that even Rudra feels her nearby but doesn’t know that he is staying in her house only. He asks Prisha to not torture her and Rudra more and tell him that she is alive. Prisha refuses to tell Rudra that she is alive and Ruhi is his daughter.

She tells Bunty that if her truth comes out, she would have to return to prison, Rudra’s career and Ruhi’s image will get affected and she will have to stay away from Ruhi as she is still a criminal in law’s eyes. Prisha says she can’t put everyone’s life at stake for the truth. She gives Bunty her swear to not reveal the truth to Rudra. With Ruhi’s help Saaransh reaches his teacher. Saaransh apologizes to his teacher for getting lost. He tells his teacher that Ruhi helped him to find his way. Ruhi jokes and makes Saaransh laugh. Saaransh and his teacher thanks Ruhi for her help. Ruhi tells Saaransh that she will meet him the next day on hearing that his school children will be staying in the lodge till next morning.

Saaransh asks Ruhi to not meet him. Ruhi asks Saaransh to take her name if he feels scared. Saaransh feels good on meeting Ruhi. He thinks Ruhi looks cute but is naughty too. In the next episode, Ruhi will Rudra the audition camera. Yuvraj will try to know who is Ruhi’s secret friend and will follow her. Prisha will get emotional on finding Rudra’s sorry card in Ruhi’s room, while searching for her. Rudra and Ruhi will return to the store and get shocked on seeing something/someone.

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  1. Yes please, start fast tracking the stories, it’s too long and boring now. And please when Rudra meets Preesha don’t let them start arguing about Ruhi etc, etc. I really don’t understand the reason for the arguing all the time. Make change to the characters behaviour, we are now living in 2022 NOT 1950’s


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