Choti Sarrdaarni 12th January 2022 Written Update Seher troubled

Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj

Choti Sarrdaarni 12th January 2022 Written Update Seher troubled Param enters Karan’s room late at night. Karan asks Param what is he searching in his cupboard? Param says maybe servants kept his blue tie in his cupboard. Karan asks Param if Harleen didn’t get his clothes ready for the next day. Param asks Karan to not hate Harleen so much. Karan asks Param to say this to Harleen. He gives Param his clothes from his cupboard and asks him to take care of them. Param recalls Seher’s words when she advised him and Karan to try to be together like a “closed fist” whom no one can break. Param leaves asking Karan to sleep.

Seher wakes up early in the morning for her task. Hearing her Alarm Raj gets up and makes tea for her. They drink tea together. Raj asks Seher to take care of herself. Seher reaches Guruji’s ashram. Guruji asks Seher if she is sure that she wants to do it. Seher says she has faith in herself and her god. Guruji reminds Seher about her task. Seher says that she knows that she has to climb the holy tree and bring leaves from it on which the sun’s first ray comes. She climbs the holy tree with confidence but falls initially. Raj gets scared of Seher on the other side. He prays to God for Seher’s safety.


Guruji tells Seher that she isn’t strong like her mother Seher. Seher tells Guruji that she would prove to him that she is just like Meher in every way. Seher tries climbing the holy tree again. On the other side, Ranna tells everyone that girls will come by 10 for Param and Karan’s swayamvar. Seher falls again and Guruji scolds her and insults Meher too. Seher again climbs the holy tree to prove herself. Guruji reminds her that he won’t give her the chance to participate in his second task if she fails in the first one. Seher takes God’s name and completes her task by breaking leaves before sunrise.

At Gill Mansion, Raj tells Seher in his thoughts that he would fulfill his given promise. Seher gives the leaves to Guruji. She asks Guruji will Raj get fine. Guruji asks Seher to not question and puts the leaves on fire. Seher asks what she has to do next? Guruji asks Seher to return the next day at the same time. Girls and their families start arriving at Gill Mansion. Karan and Param ask Raj about Seher. Raj tells them that Seher is busy in introduction preparation. He asks the brothers to go and get ready for their Swayamvar. Raj sees two kids fighting. He solves the kids’ fight about chocolate and asks them to never fight with each other. Raj asks them to always remember that sharing is caring.

He asks for time from the kids and prays for Seher’s safety. He wonders why he is feeling scared for Seher, what is going to happen. On her way home, Seher prays that everything goes fine at home. She finds her way occupied in work. Seher gets tense thinking that she would get late for Param and Karan’s swayamvar. Kulwant tells Raj that Karan seems tense. She takes Raj to a tense Karan. Raj asks Karan why he isn’t ready for swayamvar. Karan says he won’t go to stage without Seher. He tells Raj that Seher may break her promise to be with him again like before. On the other side, Seher feels tensed thinking what will happen if Harleen would create trouble/mess in her absence.

At Gill Mansion, Karan says he doesn’t want Harleen to insult him again due to his illegitimate identity again. Seher on the other side gets more worried and takes the long way. Raj and Kulwant tried to calm him but Karan leaves saying he won’t go to stage without Seher. Kulwant asks Raj what should they do now as Param is ready to go on stage for swayamvar. Raj tells her to not worry as he would take care of everything. Raj in his thoughts promises Seher that he won’t let anything bad happen to Karan. Kulwant sees guests waiting. She discusses something with Ranna, Ginni, Jeeto and Bittu.

Kulwant goes on stage and announces a song and dance. This angers Harleen. Robbie jokes, making Harleen more angry. Harleen tries stopping guests and Kulwant. She asks Param to give some brain to his Kulwant. Param tells Harleen that Kulwant is just keeping the guests happy and leaves. Harleen thinks that she will have to do something now. In the next episode, Harleen will start Param and Karan’s swayamvar in Seher’s absence.

Harleen will ask Karan and Param to tell the guests what is their belief in life. Karan will say that he believes that a person should not only talk but should do something in their life which will make the whole world talk about them. Param will say that according to him a person gets left with nothing, if he says something and does something else. Kulwant and Raj will get tense seeing tension between Param and Karan. On the other side, Seher will still be seen stuck and worried on the road alone.

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