Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th January 2022 Written Update Restless Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th January 2022 Written Update Restless Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th January 2022 Written Update Restless Rudra Rudra reaches Saanchi’s house. He tries to call Saanchi to him carefully. Rudra throws the stone near Saanchi to hint her about his arrival. Saanchi asks Rudra what is he doing near her house? Rudra tells Saanchi that Ruhi didn’t return home. Saanchi gets shocked. She asks Rudra what if Ruhi landed in some trouble? He asks Saanchi what if Village head’s goons caught her? After some discussion, Saanchi and Rudra leave to search for Ruhi. Yuvraj sees Ruhi and Prisha’s home locked. He thinks both mother-daughter think of him as a use and throw product.

Yuvraj thinks he will not leave till Ruhi and Prisha return. He thinks that he will let Prisha and Ruhi go when he will get money from Rudra as per his plan. Yuvraj looks at the doll in his hand and thinks that he will use the expensive doll to convince Ruhi to support him again. He hides and waits. Saanchi and Rudra finally find Ruhi. Ruhi scolds Rudra for coming out of the store room. Saanchi tells Ruhi this time she is wrong. She asks Ruhi where was she? Rudra tells Ruhi that he got worried for her thinking that goons caught her. He asks Ruhi to never scare him again and hugs her. “Pyaar Ka Bandhan” plays in the background.

Ruhi tells Rudra that he has started loving her like her mother. Rudra asks Ruhi why he got so late in returning? Ruhi tells Rudra that she found a child just like him in behavior. She says she stopped to help him find his way. Saanchi asks Ruhi who was that boy. Ruhi realizes that she forgot to ask his name. She gives the audition camera to Rudra and says that she did his work. Rudra takes the camera and leaves for home with Ruhi and Saanchi. Rudra and Ruhi drop Saanchi to her home. Yuvraj sees Ruhi alone in the dark and tries to convince and manipulate her using the expensive doll. Before he proceeds further, he finds Ruhi with some man. Yuvraj thinks it’s Ruhi’s secret friend and follows her to find who he is?


He follows Ruhi and Rudra till the store room. Rudra and Ruhi get shocked to see Bunty in the story room. Rudra asks Bunty what is he doing in the store room? He continues asking Bunty who told him about his hiding place. Bunty tells Rudra that Ruhi told him about his hiding place. Rudra asks Bunty if he is fine and why he didn’t return to Delhi. He understands Bunty’s awkwardness and sends Ruhi to her home. Ruhi leaves, telling Rudra that she will bring dinner for him. Yuvraj sees Ruhi left alone for her home. He goes towards the store room to see who is Ruhi’s secret friend. Rudra asks Bunty if he found Prisha?

Tense Prisha searches for Ruhi at home. She finds Rudra’s sorry card to Ruhi and recalls her past moments with Rudra. Prisha feels emotional. She thinks she can’t believe she didn’t get to know that Rudra was near her and Ruhi till now. Prisha feels bad thinking that she can’t see Rudra even being so near to him. She cries thinking why they are not together according to their fate? Prisha wishes to be with Rudra, hugging him, to feel, touch and saying, “I love you” to Rudra. Ruhi interrupts Prisha’s thoughts. Prisha asks her to freshen up and get ready for dinner. Rudra continuously questions Bunty about Prisha’s whereabouts.

Bunty lies to Rudra that he didn’t find Prisha. He recalls Prisha giving him her swear. Prisha asked Bunty to promise her that he won’t tell Rudra anything about her and Ruhi. Bunty also recalls that he told Prisha that he can’t lie to Rudra. He further recalls that Prisha convinced him to lie to Rudra by saying that she can’t ruin everyone’s life with the truth. It is shown that Prisha cried and requested Bunty to keep her secret as she doesn’t want to be away from Ruhi in Prison. In the present time Rudra refuses to believe Bunty’s words. Bunty tries to convince Rudra that Prisha doesn’t exist anymore. He asks Rudra to check in audition footage himself. Bunty asks Rudra to leave his madness and return to Delhi.

Rudra gets angry and shuts Bunty. He continues to tell Bunty that he knows Prisha is near him. Rudra gets violent and tells Bunty that he won’t return without Prisha. Bunty asks Rudra how he can explain to him that Prisha is not here? He asks Rudra if he found Prisha after so many efforts? Bunty tries to convince Rudra that Prisha is dead. He asks Rudra to return Delhi to his family. Rudra refuses angrily. Bunty asks Rudra if he would waste his life in Ruhi’s store room. He asks Rudra to at least think about Ruhi and her mother. Bunty tries to convince Rudra and tells him that his presence can put Ruhi and her mother in danger from Village head’s goons.

He asks Rudra if he wants something bad to happen with Ruhi? Bunty continuously asks Rudra if he wants Ruhi to be in trouble due to him? Yuvraj gets shocked to see Rudra in Ruhi’s store room with Bunty. He thinks about what Rudra is doing in Rohtak. Yuvraj realizes that Rudra is Ruhi’s secret friend whom she is hiding from everyone. He laughs thinking that Rudra doesn’t know that Ruhi is his own daughter. Yuvraj thinks he won’t ever let Rudra know that Prisha is Ruhi’s mother and living in Rohtak as Dr. Priya Sharma. He thinks of getting Rudra out of the village. Yuvraj plans to use some man to get Rudra out of his way and village too.

Bunty tells Rudra that Saaransh and Sharda don’t express or say but miss him badly. He asks Rudra if he realizes his responsibility towards his family or not? Bunty asks Rudra to at least think of Ruhi as Village head’s goons could hurt her if they found her helping him to hide. Rudra says he will kill the one who tried to hurt Ruhi. Bunty tells Rudra that Village head goons will leave Ruhi only if he returns to Delhi. Rudra gets convinced to return to Delhi next morning. He tells Bunty that he will inform Ruhi and spend some time with her before leaving as Ruhi is just like his daughter. Bunty gets emotional and thinks that Ruhi is Rudra’s daughter not just like his daughter. He feels apologetic thinking he can’t tell Rudra the truth as Prisha gave him her swear.

Bunty thinks that Rudra felt right that Prisha is alive but can’t tell him due to Prisha’s swear. He feels apologetic thinking Prisha asked him to take Rudra away from Rohtak. Next morning, Prisha and Ruhi are seen having breakfast. Prisha secretly sees Ruhi secretly hiding paranthas for Rudra and feels happy. She asks Ruhi if she ever hid something from her or lied to her? Ruhi feels shocked and asks Prisha why she is asking such questions. Prisha handles the matter and repeats her question to Ruhi. Ruhi wonders if Prisha got to know about her secret friend Rudra. She leaves telling Prisha that she isn’t hiding anything from her.

Prisha feels guilty for hiding Rudra and Ruhi from each other and keeping them away from their biggest happiness. She apologizes to Ruhi and Rudra in her thoughts. Ruhi gives Rudra his share of food. On Rudra’s question she tells him that she is sad because she is lying to her mother because of him. Rudra apologizes to Ruhi for troubling her. Ruhi tells Rudra that she doesn’t like seeing him sad. Both father and daughter, unaware of their relationship hug each other. Rudra thanks Ruhi for coming into his life and becoming his life too. Ruhi asks Rudra to tell him why he is sad. Rudra shocks Ruhi by telling her that he is returning. Ruhi and Rudra feel restless thinking about getting separated from each other.

In the next episode, Rudra and Bunty will leave the store room. Rudra will leave an emotional letter for Ruhi. Ruhi will get restless reading Rudra’s letter. She will leave to meet Rudra informing Prisha. Prisha will read Rudra’s letter to Ruhi and get emotional. She will tell Rudra in her thoughts that Ruhi is his daughter and thus connected to his soul. Rudra will also leave Bunty to meet Ruhi before leaving Rohtak. Both father and daughter will restlessly run to meet each other.

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