Choti Sarrdaarni 13th January 2022 Written Update Raj insulted

Choti Sardaarni 21st January 2022 Written Update Miracle for Raj

Choti Sarrdaarni 13th January 2022 Written Update Raj insulted Seher gets tense seeing the traffic. She tries to call Raj and ask him to handle everything. At Gill Mansion, Raj follows an upset Karan. He asks him to listen to him. Raj tries to assure Karan that Seher will return home soon. While running behind Karan, Raj collides with things. Karan hears it and saves Raj from falling and hurting his eyes more. Karan tells Raj that he will go to the stage if he wants him to. Raj asks Karan not to do it for him but for himself, his parents and Seher. Karan reminds Raj that Seher ditched him last time too. Raj reminds Karan that he knows why Seher got late last night.

Raj asks Karan to trust that Seher would always be there to support him and stand for him. Raj announces Karan and Param’s entry in front of guests. He feels tense and thinks that Seher was the one who should have introduced her brother. On the other hand, Seher thinks she will not ditch Karan this time. She hopes Raj and Kulwant would handle everything in her absence. Karan tells the guests that he believes that one should not just talk, but also do something that makes people talk about them. Param tells guests that he believes that a person gets left with nothing, if he says something and does something else.

Tension seems to be growing between Param and Karan but both of them stay silent. Harleen goes on stage and asks the girls that came for swayamvar to fill their forms. Raj hears a balloon burst and gets scared. Ranna and Bittu ask him if he is tense because of something? Raj hides his tension about the nightmare. Kulwant with Ginni and Jeeto asks the girls whom they liked out of Karan and Param. Each and every girl says they liked Param. A girl named Amreen gets angry with another girl for liking Param. She shouts and asks her to not show off. Amreen exposes the girl by showing that her “GUCCI” bag is made in Ludhiana and is not really branded.


Kulwant asks Amreen her name. Amreen tells Kulwant her name and says that she likes “P” for Param. Kulwant gets surprised with Amreen’s way of talking and questions her, if she knows Param. Amreen replies No and says she talks like this since childhood. Kulwant likes the girl for Param. This angers Harleen. She thinks how Kulwant can get Param married to a middle class girl. Param asks Harleen to let Kulwant do what she wants to. Harleen refuses to stay silent. This leads to an argument between Harleen and Kulwant. Kulwant akss Param doesn’t she has the right to select a girl for him. Harleen says the same. Param tries to close the matter by asking Kulwant to understand Harleen.

Karan gets angry hearing this. He asks Param to respect Kulwant’s decision too, not just Harleen’s decision. Everyone separates Kulwant and Harleen to finish their argument. Ginni and Jeeto take Kulwant away. On the other side, Seher tries to reach her home soon. At Gill Mansion, Raj smells gas. He gets tensed that a blast could happen. Raj gets worried for guests, Gills and Dhillons. With a kid’s help he gets the location of the gas cylinder. He sends the kid away. Cooks start putting food on gas. Raj calls for someone to help him with the gas leak issue. No one hears his screams for help. Raj feels helpless. He suddenly recalls Seher’s advice to smell things, if he can’t see them.

On the other hand, Seher’s car breaks down. She seeks for a lift. Seher gets a lift from a woman on a scootie. She wishes to reach home soon. At Gill Mansion, Raj falls in front of some staff. He asks the staff to close all the things to use the cylinder. Staff runs to follow Raj’s advice. The kid who helped Raj find the cylinder runs and hugs him, being scared. Guests and family come smelling gas leak and Raj’s screams. The mother of the kid who hugged Raj, takes her kid back. Guests insult Gills for their carelessness in party arrangements. Harleen puts all blame on Raj and insults him. Seher reaches home at the same time and gets shocked seeing the situation there.

In the next episode, Seher will go to an upset Raj. She will tell Raj that they went through many difficulties today. Seher will further tell Raj that by God’s grace everything is fine now. Tense Raj will tell Seher that everything isn’t fine. Seher will look on at Raj with worried expressions.

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