Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2022 Written Update Union

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2022 Written Update Union

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2022 Written Update Union Unaware of the reality, Prisha thanks God thinking that Yuvraj didn’t get to know about Rudra’s presence in Rohtak. She feels apologetic thinking that she didn’t let Rudra meet her. Prisha thinks Rudra would have reached Delhi till now. On the other hand, Rudra is seen running to meet Ruhi. Bunty stops Rudra on his way towards Ruhi. He tells Rudra that his presence in Rohtak is dangerous for Ruhi and her mother. Bunty asks Rudra why he wants to meet Ruhi. Rudra says his heart isn’t able to understand the situation. He tells Bunty that he wants to meet Ruhi once before leaving as they both become sad without each other.

Bunty agrees to make Rudra meet Ruhi. They decide to leave for Ruhi’s school to meet her. Bunty again asks Rudra why he wants to meet Ruhi. Rudra tells Bunty that he has got attached to Ruhi and feels incomplete without her. He tells Bunty about the sacrifices that Ruhi made for him. Rudra tells Bunty that he feels some connection with Ruhi and thus can feel her sadness around him. He tells Bunty that he failed to stop and save Prisha and doesn’t want to see Ruhi sad. Rudra says Ruhi wouldn’t be able to understand her sadness and will cry profusely. He tells Bunty that he can feel that Ruhi is crying and yearning for him.

Rudra tells Bunty that he will leave, making Ruhi smile. Bunty feels helpless thinking that he can’t tell Rudra that Ruhi is daughter (his blood). He thinks that Prisha took the right decision for Rudra’s good. Ruhi collides with Yuvraj, while running to meet Rudra. Yuvraj asks Ruhi why she is crying. Ruhi tells Yuvraj that her secret friend is leaving and wants to meet him. She ignores Yuvraj and leaves him behind. Ruhi gets shocked when Yuvraj asks her if she is going to meet Rudra. She asks Yuvraj how he got to know about Rudra being her secret friend. He tells Ruhi that he saw her and Rudra while hiding in the store room.

Ruhi asks Yuvraj if he would tell her mother about it. Yuvraj initially scares Ruhi but then tells her that he will keep her secret. From Ruhi, Yuvraj gets to know that Rudra is leaving. He gets happy thinking about it. To see Rudra leaving, he accompanies Ruhi in search of Rudra. Rudra reaches Ruhi’s school and bumps into Saanchi. Saanchi tells Rudra that Ruhi didn’t come to school. Rudra tries to meet Ruhi at her home, thinking the latter would be crying. Prisha calls Bunty and asks if he took Rudra to Delhi. Bunty asks Prisha if she really thinks Rudra would leave Rohtak easily. Prisha tells Bunty that she thought Rudra left as she saw Ruhi crying with Rudra’s letter. Bunty tells Prisha that he and Rudra are still in Rohtak.

Prisha asks Bunty why he and Rudra didn’t leave from Rohtak yet. Bunty tells Prisha that Rudra was yearning for Ruhi and went to meet her. On Prisha’s questioning, Bunty tells her that he didn’t tell Rudra anything. He tells Prisha he and Rudra came to meet Ruhi and will leave after that. Prisha asks Bunty if he and Rudra will get caught by Village head’s goons. Bunty gets tensed seeing Vaijanti calling him. He tries to disconnect her call. Thinking that he disconnected Vaijanti’s call, he asks Prisha to not worry. From the other side of the call, Vaijanti asks Bunty why he is calling her Prisha. Bunty gets shocked by his mistake and disconnects the call by excusing himself.

Vaijanti gets suspicious and calls Rudra’s manager to find out about Bunty’s current location. She gets to know that Bunty is in Rohtak. Vaijanti thinks to find out if Bunty and Rudra found Prisha alive in Rohtak. Bunty thinks Vaijanti didn’t get to know about Prisha being alive. Rudra and Bunty decide to go and meet Ruhi at her home. Bunty texts about it to Prisha, before leaving for her home. Prisha thinks why God is not making Rudra away from her and Ruhi. Prisha reads Bunty’s message and worriedly leaves to search for Ruhi. Yuvraj gets shocked to know that Ruhi left the efforts to convince Prisha to marry him. Ruhi tells Yuvraj that her mother told her that they would get husband and father when God will send him for them. Yuvraj asks Ruhi to think God sent him for her and her mother.

Ruhi tells Yuvraj he isn’t the person God sent for her and her mother. She further tells Yuvraj that the person God sent for her and her mother will search for them himself. Yuvraj gets angrier when Ruhi tells that she wants Rudra to become her father and Prisha’s husband. Ruhi leaves Yuvraj to search for Rudra. Yuvraj thinks about why Rudra, Ruhi and Prisha get closer when he tries to separate them. He thinks about doing something before Prisha gets to know that Rudra is Ruhi’s secret friend. Yuvraj runs behind Ruhi to keep her away from Rudra. Rudra and Ruhi yearn to meet each other.

Rudra sees Ruhi and calls her to him. Both father and daughter desperately run to reach each other. They don’t care about the traffic in between their way and run to each other. Both Ruhi and Rudra hug each other tightly. “Pitah” song plays in the background. Ruhi asks Rudra why he is leaving her. She reminds him that she said “I love you” to him and asks him why he didn’t meet her before leaving. Rudra apologizes to Ruhi and tells her that he is an idiot. He tells Ruhi he came to her as he couldn’t live without meeting her. He says, “I love you” to Ruhi. Ruhi tells Rudra that she was crying a lot and asks him if he was crying too.

Yuvraj gets angry seeing Rudra and Ruhi emotional together. He clicks Ruhi and Rudra’s picture to make Village head make Rudra leave Rohtak, if he doesn’t leave himself. Yuvraj gets shocked to see Prisha reaching near Rudra and Ruhi. He gets scared thinking that his game plan will get over if Prisha and Rudra meet each other now. Yuvraj steals a bike and hits Prisha leading to her accident. Prisha gets injured badly, Rudra feels something strange.
He and Ruhi sees that someone met with an accident. They move forward to help the victim but Bunty stops them. He reminds Rudra that he can’t wander openly knowing that Village head goons are searching for him.

Bunty takes Rudra and Ruhi away and they fail to see that Prisha is the accident victim. Yuvraj feels happy thinking that he separated Rudra and Prisha again. He thinks that now Prisha will agree to marry him thinking that he saved her. In the next episode, Saanchi will inform Ruhi that her mother met with an accident and is admitted in the hospital. Ruhi, Rudra and Bunty will get shocked hearing this. Rudra and Bunty will take Ruhi to the hospital to meet her mother. Rudra will be shocked to see that Prisha is Ruhi’s mother. Sitting besides Prisha, Yuvraj will get shocked to see that Rudra saw Prisha alive.

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