Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj

Choti Sarrdaarni 17th January 2022 Written Update Test of Love

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Choti Sarrdaarni 17th January 2022 Written Update Test of Love A person from guests says that Raj speaks a lot. Flashback shows that according to Harleen’s plan, Mrs. Bhalla provoked the same person against Raj. She told the person that she heard Raj telling Karan that his daughter Neha is not worth being the part of Swayamvar. Flashback ends and each and every guest supports Raj. Karan also supports Raj. Upset and tired Raj leaves saying that he needs to rest. Harleen’s necklace falls out of Neha’s bag. Harleen calls Neha a thief. Neha cries and says that she didn’t steal the necklace.

Neha’s father says that his daughter doesn’t need to steal any necklace as she handles business of about 100 crores. Harleen says some people suffer from “Kleptomania”. She explains that “Kleptomania” is a disorder in which a person gets in the habit of repetitive stealing. Harleen further says that she doesn’t want a thief daughter in law in her family. Seher supports Neha. Devika asks Harleen to forgive Neha. She says that the person who forgives is bigger than the person who commits a mistake. Harleen eliminates Neha from swayamvar. Neha’s father leaves with his daughter saying that they too don’t want to be part of this Swayamvar too. Harleen tells Param that she will surely get him married to Devika only. Devika and Param look at each other and smile.

Seher announces that the next round of competition will be held the next day. Seher and Kulwant worry about Guruji’s task. At night all Dhillions help Seher and Raj with Guruji’s task. Jeeto asks Kulwant to not worry as they will surely get 8th and final seed. Everyone wishes for Raj’s good. All of them enjoy their time with each other and their Punjabi voice assistant, while working on Guruji’s task. Raj makes black coffee for everyone. Kulwant wishes to spend time with Karan and Param’s wife. While feeling sleepy Bittu gives hope to everyone saying that he found the purple seed. Seher feels bad seeing the white seed in Bittu’s hand. Bittu apologizes to Seher.

Seher goes outside. Raj cheers up Seher and brings her back. Kulwant starts saying different Punjabi quotes. Everyone says some punjabi quotes for each other’s wives and husbands. Raj enjoys his time with everyone. Khushi calls Harleen and asks her to accept her son. Harleen refuses to accept Khushi’s son Diljit. She asks Khushi to not give false hopes to her son. Harleen tries to make Khushi understand that Diljit’s father won’t return. She disconnects the call. Robbie tells Harleen to understand that they can hate their daughter and grandson for someone else’s mistake. Harleen tells Robbie that she will bring Khushi to Gill Mansion anyhow. She says that she recalls the person who deceived Khushi seeing Diljit.

Last seed is seen left in Guruji’s task. Seher starts praying to God. Guruji’s student/devotee asks him if Seher would be able to get 8 purple seeds. Guruji tells his students that hard work can help anyone. He says keeping the seeds safe is more difficult than finding them out. Everyone gets happy when Jeeto says that she found the purple seed in the last seed. All of them jump in joy. Tears of happiness gleam in everyone’s eyes. Everyone wishes for Raj’s recovery. Kulwant prays to God to keep her kids always happy.

Seher feels happy thinking that she got all 8 seeds. When she thinks she will go to meet Guruji, she collides with some furniture. All the seeds fall down in the dark. This worries Seher. She thinks now Guruji won’t help her in Raj’s matter. She desperately searches for them. Seher receives Devika’s call. Devika cries and Seher asks her the reason for crying. Devika profusely cries and tells Seher that Mitali suffered a serious allergic attack. She seeks Seher’s help. Seher disconnects the call asking Devika to wait till she reaches. Seher gets more worried, feeling herself stuck in two works.

She goes to a room and cries a lot. Seher prays to God to keep her seeds safe till she returns helping Mitali and Devika. She tells God that now everything is in his/her hands. Seher prays to God to take care of everything. In the next episode, Seher will be seen requesting Guruji to heal Raj. She will tell Guruji that she would do anything he says for Raj. Guruji will tell Seher that now everything is in her hands. He will tell Seher that she has only 6 hours left to do something for Raj, so that he can heal Raj with his treatment. Guruji will further tell Seher that if she fails in her task, then all his efforts for Raj’s treatment will go to waste.

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