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Balika Vadhu 18th January 2022 Written Update Anand loves Anandi Jigar asks Pinkesh to drop his parents at home. Premji leaves asking Jigar to be in his limits as his case is still pending. Jigar hides and hears Anandi and Anand’s conversation. Anandi blames herself for not understanding Jigar’s actual evil motive. Anand asks Anandi to calm down. He tells her that Jigar’s motive is to break her down. Jigar sees Bhairavi coming. He recalls that he himself called Bhairavi by threatening her. Bhairavi gets angry seeing Anandi and Anand together. Jigar stops Bhairavi from going to Anandi and Anand.

He asks Bhairavi to take Anandi away from Anandi, otherwise he will reveal her secret to Anand. Bhairavi gets shocked. Jigar tells Bhairavi that he knows that Anand is adopted. Bhairavi tells Jigar that Anand knows about his adoption. Jigar tells Bhairavi that Anand doesn’t know that his real mother is alive and she gives her money to hide something. Bhairavi gets shocked to the core. Jigar warns Bhairavi to keep Anand away from Anandi. Jigar leaves and Bhairavi asks Anand why he came to help Anandi when she told him not to do so.

Both son and mother argue about Jigar and Anandi. Jigar comes and indirectly asks Bhairavi to keep Anand in his limits and does not let him hurt her. Jigar leaves and Anand asks Bhairavi what Jigar meant. He tells Bhairavi that she is supporting wrong Jigar by not helping right Anandi. Bhairavi asks Anand if Anandi became more important than her for him. Usha tells Anandi that Jigar seems adamant to trouble her. She asks Anandi if she knows anyone who can testify her claims of her child marriage. Usha asks Anandi if she knows someone who attended her marriage and can support her in court. Anandi faints and Usha screams her name. Anand gets alert and worried for Anandi.

Anand runs to Anandi’s aid. Bhairavi tries to stop him but fails. On the other hand, Jigar and Pinkesh celebrate their win against Anandi by drinking alcohol. Jigar tells Pinkesh that till now Bhairavi would have been booking tickets to the US for Anand. He further says that he will make the next hearing of the annulment case last hearing. Jigar says he will take Anandi back to his house again anyhow and will teach her a good lesson. Bhairavi tells Diya that she is booking Anand’s tickets for the US.

Diya asks her how she can do that. Bhairavi tells Diya that she will do anything to keep Anand away from Anandi. Anand cries seeing Anandi’s condition. Doctor comes and examines Anandi. She tells Anand that Anandi suffered a panic attack. Doctor asks Anand to keep Anandi happy as it’s not her age to take so much stress. Anand agrees and feels worried for Anandi. Doctor leaves.

Anand overhears her words. Bhairavi tells Anand that he needs to return to the US. She tells him that she made arrangements for him at one of the US’s university. Bhairavi calls Anandi trouble and bad luck for Anand. Anand asks Bhairavi to stop her nonsense. He asks Bhairavi how she is so i different towards Anandi when she helps other girls in similar trouble. Bhairavi asks Anand why he stands for Anandi so much. Anand says he supports Anandi because he loves her a lot. Bhairavi angrily tells Anand that Anandi is a married woman. Anand tells Bhairavi that everyone knows that Anandi’s marriage is not valid as its a child marriage.

He further tells Bhairavi that he is breaking her promise as he will surely help Anandi by staying back in India. Anand reminds Bhairavi that she always did wrong with him. He reminds her that she kept him away from his real mother who died. He feels bad saying that he didn’t even meet his real mother. A servant comes and informs Anand that Anandi gained consciousness. Anandi finds Anand sitting beside her. Anand asks Anandi how she is. Anandi says she is fine. She thanks Anand for helping her a lot. Anandi also apologizes to Anand for troubling him a lot. Anandi tries to get up from bed. Anand stops her.

Anandi requests Anand to let her go as she needs to go to Devgarh. She tells Anand that she needs to find some witness of her child marriage for her case. Anand convinces Anandi and tells her that he would go to Devgarh to find a witness of her child marriage. Anandi agrees on Anand’s lot of requests. Anand instructs Anandi to not get up from her bed and rest. He asks her to not stress herself too much. Anandi sleeps and Bhairavi fumes hearing Anand’s words. Anand sees her outsider Anandi’s room. Diya comes and asks Anand about Anandi’s condition. Anand tells Diya that Anandi is fine. He requests Diya to take care of Anandi and keep Bhairavi away from her. Diya agrees and tells Anand that his love for Anandi is very deep.

In the next episode, Jigar will enter Anandi’s room like a thief. Anandi will get shocked seeing him but will feel unable to get up from bed. Jigar will confidently tell Anandi that she won’t be able to defeat him in her whole life. He will also tell Anandi that she won’t find any witness or way to get free from him. Anandi will get tense hearing Jigar’s words. On the other hand, a villager will tell Anand that a village woman told him about the type of marriage he is questioning him about. Anand will ask the man if the woman he is talking about still lives in this village. The man will tell Anand that that woman lives nearby, leaving four houses from their current location. Anand will be happy and will thank the man for his help and information.

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