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Choti Sarrdaarni 18th January 2022 Full Written Update

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Choti Sarrdaarni 18th January 2022 Full Written Update Seher asks everyone what happened to Mitali. They tell her that they gave her some medicine shots. Mitali’s father calls an ambulance. Seher asks someone to bring alcohol, a knife and a pen. Mitali’s father blames Gills and their hotel for his daughter’s condition. Seher does some emergency first aid on Mitali using the things she asked for. A lot of Blood oozes out of Mitali’s neck and she gets fine. Doctor and an ambulance arrive and take Mitali for her treatment. Devika wishes to go with Mitali to the hospital but her father stops her.

He tells Devika that Mitali’s parents went with her and she doesn’t need to go. Seher asks Mrs. Bhalla to take care of everyone else and sends Mitali’s hospital bill and condition updates. Seher returns to Gill Mansion and informs everyone about Mitali’s condition. Harleen is seen talking to Mrs. Bhalla on call. Both of them discuss how they got Neha out of the competition. They think now Mitali got out herself according to their plan. Harleen tells Mrs. Bhalla that now Param will choose Devika over Amreen. Everyone goes to sleep. Kulwant sees Seher in tension. She asks her what made her sad. Seher tells Kulwant everything about the fallen seeds.

In the morning, Kulwant helps Seher find the purple seeds. Kulwant asks Seher to not worry as nature does its own miracle. Both Granddaughter and Grandmother find the purple seeds with hard work. Seher gives Param and Karan’s swayamvar responsibility to Bittu and Ranna in her, Kulwant and Raj’s absence. They leave for Guruji’s ashram in the morning. Guruji scolds Seher for coming after sunrise and not according to his instructions. Kulwant tells Guruji the reason why Seher got late. She tells Guruji that Seher did her duty as a sikh woman by saving a girl in trouble by risking her husband’s treatment at stake. Param and Karan get ready for the final round of their swayamvar.

Harleen and Robbie praise Param’s look. All girls reach Gill Mansion for the final round. Devika says a person can be identified by his/her personality and goodness not by his/her clothes. She requests Gills to keep another round of kite flying to make girls see the bonding of Karan and Param with their family. Harleen and Karan refuse to do so but Bittu, Ginni and Ranna convince everyone to do so. They ask Karan to not say that he and Param have no bonding as they share the best bond together. At Ashram Guruji asks Seher to throw all eight purple seeds she found in the bonfire. This shocka Kulwant. Kulwant asks Guruji how he can ask Seher to throw all her hard work in fire. Seher says she can even walk on fire for Raj. She tells Kulwant that Guruji would do everything right. She throws the seeds in the bonfire and returns to Guruji.

At Gill Mansion, Bittu and Ranna organize a kite flying competition. Karan taunts Param. Param reminds Karan that they are in the same team. Devika says that she doesn’t have the habit of standing under the sun for long. This behavior of Devika irritates everyone except Harleen. Ranna jokingly asks Devika to sit under the table. Jeeto says this woman’s tantrums got started. A person asks the staff to bring an umbrella for Devika. The staff stands with an open umbrella behind Devika. Bittu and Ranna introduce two guys they brought as Karan and Param’s competitors in the kite flying competition.

At Ashram Guruji will agree to help Seher. This will make Kulwant happy and hopeful. Their happiness doesn’t last long as Guruji throws his ring in the bonfire. He asks Seher to bring his ring from the bonfire. Kulwant asks Guruji what he is asking Seher to do. Guruji again asks Seher to bring his ring from the bonfire. Seher walks towards the bonfire. Kulwant tries to stop Seher but fails. Seher reaches the bonfire and tries to take out Guruji’s ring. Kulwant asks Seher to stop. Guruji asks Seher to prove her love for Raj and dedication of service. Seher continues searching for a ring in fire, recalling how everyone taunts Raj and calls him a liability for being blind. She also recalls Raj’s trust in her and his wish to start a family with her after getting well.

On the other hand, Amreen brings Kanji drinks for Karan and Param. Harleen tells Param that she would bring an energy drink for him. Robbie takes a glass of Kanji drink from Amreen. He drinks it and spits it out suddenly. Robbie asks Amreen if she added a lot of mustard oil in it. Bittu and Ranna laugh and make fun of Robbie. Harleen feels irritated. She thinks soon the competition will end and Devika will become Param’s wife and daughter in law of Gill family. Harleen also thinks after all this she will get peace from other girls.

In the next episode, Seher will be seen requesting Guruji to heal Raj. She will tell Guruji that she would do anything he says for Raj. Guruji will tell Seher that now everything is in her hands. He will tell Seher that she has only 6 hours left to do something for Raj, so that he can heal Raj with his treatment. Guruji will further tell Seher that if she fails in her task, then all his efforts for Raj’s treatment will go to waste.

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