Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Update Prachi fights Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Update Prachi fights Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Update Prachi fights Ranbir Ranbir asks Prachi not to drag Shahana in between. Prachi tells that she will fight with Shahana. He tells that she only fights with loves ones. She agrees that she has anger on her loved ones. He asks her not to bring Rhea and Pallavi in between. He feels they can talk and sort their differences. Prachi tells him that there is nothing left between them to talk. Ranbir asks constable to put him into the other cell. Prachi also asks constable to shift Ranbir, who always runs away from problems. He asks her to solve the problems by becoming sensible. Shahana asks Prachi to stop it.

The lady who heard Prachi telling about her pregnancy reminds Shahana the same, that Prachi is pregnant. Ranbir asks what is she saying. The lady tells that she heard Prachi and Shahana talking that Prachi is pregnant. He grows happy, while Prachi is tensed. Aaliya tells that they have to stop Ranbir, he is married to Rhea now, he has Rhea’s responsibility. She asks Pallavi not to let Rhea know this truth. She tells that they shall make the Lohri a memorable one for Rhea. Pallavi tells that they shall go for shopping, Lohri must be made special for Rhea.

Rhea questions Pallavi about Ranbir, who didn’t come till now. Dida asks Pallavi didn’t she tell the truth to Rhea. Pallavi and Aaliya try to conceal the matter. Ranbir gets Prachi bailed out. They both get into an argument. Prachi tells him that she isn’t the same Prachi who he loved. Ranbir also feels the same thing. He tells that she isn’t the Prachi he loved, she has become such worse that nobody can fall in love with her.


Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Update Prachi fights Ranbir:

Ranbir asks about the pregnancy news. The lady tells that she just heard Prachi and Shahana talking. He congratulates Shahana. He tells that its a great news. He hugs Shahana and Prachi happily. Prachi gets emotional. Ranbir gets foolish to misunderstand the news. He tells that he is really excited. He asks why did they get emotional. He tells that they shall celebrate the good news, he will throw a party for them. The lady tells that Shahana is worried that she is not married, and got pregnant. Ranbir asks Shahana about her pregnancy. Prachi cries understanding his foolishness. Prachi gets bailed out by Ranbir’s lawyer Mr. Gupta.

Ranbir thanks Gupta for coming. Gupta tells that he got to know about Shahana’s arrest also, so he got her bail papers also. Ranbir sees Prachi. He borrows Gupta’s car to take Prachi and Shahana home. Aaliya and Pallavi come home from shopping. Rhea tells that Pallavi is planning a surprise for her. Pallavi thanks Aaliya for helping her finish shopping so soon. Vikram tells that he thought Pallavi has left the house and will never come back. Pallavi asks him not to wish so. He laughs. Dida waits for Ranbir and Prachi to come home. Ranbir asks Shahana to sit in the back seat for the baby’s safety. Shahana stays silent.

Ranbir tells that its better for the baby if the mum is safe. Prachi also sits in the back seat by remembering his words. Ranbir thinks she is sitting with Shahana to take care of her. He asks Prachi what’s the matter. He tells that Prachi is glowing more than Shahana. He taunts Prachi for changing like weather. Shahana asks him to talk something normal. He tells her that he is taking her home to look after her until Sarita comes home. He tells that Prachi will leave the fights and get busy in Shahana’s care. He invites her home for Lohri. He tells that he isn’t mad to fight with Prachi now.

Shahana wishes Prachi tells the truth to Ranbir. Pallavi asks Vikram not to check the surprise for Rhea. She gifts him and Dida. Rhea tells that she is excited for the Lohri. The Kohlis are happy to get a chance to celebrate. Pallavi tells that its Rhea’s first Lohri after marriage, it has to be special. Rhea is happy. Pallavi tells Aaliya about the Lohri celebrations. She tells that she is happy to remarry Vikram on Lohri. Vikram is also happy with Pallavi. He tells that their bond is unbreakable. Rhea waits for Ranbir. Dida asks them if they didn’t tell Rhea about Ranbir’s return. Rhea asks the matter. Aaliya hides the truth from Rhea.

Ranbir brings Prachi and Shahana home. He tells that he loves kids a lot. He tells about his life’s dreams. He adds that having a baby was his dream with Prachi. He tries to recall his conversation with Prachi on the night they got intoxicated and married. He gets dizzy recalling Prachi’s letter. Prachi asks him what is happening to him. She asks is he okay. He tells that he is okay. He tells Prachi that he felt that he told these words to her before, about his three dreams. She remembers about the letter.

She calls it nonsense. She asks Shahana to come with her. Ranbir asks Prachi how can she call it a nonsense. He shouts on her. He asks her to say it on his face, their equations will change completely. She tells that he told the same nonsense to her before. He asks is his dreams nonsense for her. She tells that he doesn’t work hard for his life. He tells that he has already fulfilled his two dreams. He asks her if she has no shame to hurt his heart. He calls her stone-hearted. She asks him not to talk about heart, when he respects none’s feelings. He tells that he loves her a lot, but he is feeling sorry that she is heartless.

She tells that she had a heart which he broke. He replies that even he can complain a lot about the past. She reminds him that he was wrong, it was his mistake. He asks her to forget the past and move on. He tells that she can stay in the past if she wants. He angrily tells that he will not care for her from now. She doesn’t long to get his care and love. He tells that she isn’t his Prachi, she has become such that nobody can fall in love with. They both hurt each other by their taunts.

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  1. prachi attitude irritating n annoying now.it her sister the sick one who manipulates n lies to everyone.deal withh her first .prachi fighting n arguing with everyone but rhea getting away scot free.

  2. I want Prachi to find someone who loves her a lot and importantly who trusts her. She should find that one and get married to him infront of Ranbir

    • This is complitly silly track going on
      She is so much irritaring that i feel why she is here in kohali house where she dont have her own respect she came to take revange when she is pregnant? She forgoten her duty as an mother for her child who is geting all mental torture when he is in is womb? She dont know simple thing she needs to take care of her child first than fighting like dog and cat? She dont know she could have complaint in ngo as she proved to pomice she is married and she could have complaind to police and ngo what reha did to her rather than this stuoid false tax inspecter drama? Wriiter is trying to mix up just famous sceens of hollywood movies and racklessly pouring in to drag the story racklessly and punlic is giving big trp to such stupid plot is this trp is manipulated stuff ? As knly big banners stupid plots can survive and many good takented actors and serials has to close down abruptly? Either we publicchoices are very poor tolerating all this nonsense stories without head and tail or these big banners are manipulating trp what ever this track is very very annoying

  3. I just those would come together and get married again I don’t like who has become she was always so sweet Rea and ugly aunt they are the same take them off the show is boring w

  4. I just those would come together and get married again I don’t like who has become she was always so sweet Rea and ugly aunt they are the same take them off the show is boring with those two I think your reating is down


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