Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2022 Written Update Final meet

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2022 Written Update Final meet

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2022 Written Update Final meet Sharda asks Vaijayanti if she heard it right that Bunty took Prisha’s name. Vaijayanti tells Sharda that she really heard Prisha’s name from Bunty’s mouth. She asks Sharda to think carefully that Rudra is staying in Rohtak for a long time. Vaijayanti tells Sharda that Bunty also went behind Rudra and now suddenly took Prisha’s name. She tells Sharda that she feels something weird is going on which both Bunty and Rudra are hiding from them. Sharda asks Vaijayanti what she is thinking to do now. Vaijayanti says that she is leaving for Rohtak to find out what Bunty and Rudra are hiding.

On the other hand, Ruhi tells Rudra that she got scared hearing about Prisha’s accident. Rudra asks Ruhi why she got scared. Ruhi replies that she got scared because she has a mother only, not father. She says that she would have got alone if something would have happened to her mother. Rudra asks Ruhi to get this fear out of her heart and mind as he will always be there for her. Ruhi asks Rudra if he is telling the truth. Rudra tells Ruhi that he is telling the truth as best friends never get separated from each other. Ruhi asks Rudra if he could stay and celebrate Lohri with her saying that it’s her favorite festival.


She says she doesn’t want to remain alone on Lohri. Rudra asks Ruhi if she would be happy if he stays. Ruhi says that she would be very happy if he would stay. Rudra agrees to stay and celebrate Lohri with Ruhi. Ruhi hugs and says, “I Love You” to Rudra. Rudra also says, “I love you” to Ruhi and caresses her. Both father and daughter sleep in each other’s arms. Ruhi makes a wish after seeing a shooting star. She prays for something to happen that can make Rudra stay with her forever. Ruhi falls asleep and Yuvraj gets angry seeing that Rudra is still staying in Rohtak. He thinks to end Rudra.

Next morning, Rudra goes to Bunty. Bunty tells Rudra that they should return home before Village head’s goons catch them. He gets shocked when Rudra tells him that he won’t return with him. Bunty asks Rudra what he means. Rudra says he is staying in Rohtak for Lohri. He tells Bunty that Ruhi requested him to stay and celebrate Lohri with her and he failed to refuse her. Bunty asks Rudra to understand that they may land in trouble. Rudra apologizes to Bunty for continuously irritating him. He promises Bunty that after Lohri night, he would himself return with him. Rudra asks Bunty to understand that he considers Ruhi as his daughter. He further asks Bunty if he would refuse him for his daughter like this. Bunty gets shocked with Rudra’s words and gets convinced to accept his request.

Rudra leaves and Bunty thinks that he can’t even tell Prisha about this as she would get worried. Veena drops Prisha at her home. She asks Prisha to not take tension of anything. Veena excuses herself from Prisha and leaves for her home. Ruhi comes and gives Prisha a back hug. She asks Prisha if she is fine. Prisha tells Ruhi that she is absolutely fine. She caresses Ruhi and asks her what happened. Ruhi tells Prisha that she got scared. Prisha hugs Ruhi and tells her that she shouldn’t feel scared till they are with each other. Both mother and daughter say, “I love you” to each other. Ruhi makes Prisha eat the smiley sandwich she made for her. Prisha feels happy and emotional. Both mother and daughter eat the sandwich with each other.

Prisha tells Ruhi that made a very tasty sandwich with magic. Ruhi hugs and tells Prisha that God did the magic by curing her. Bunty receives Prisha’s call. Prisha asks him if he took Rudra with him to Delhi. Tense Bunty lies to Prisha to not worry her. Prisha thanks Bunty, saying that now Rudra won’t have to bear anything. She disconnects the call by asking Bunty to take care of Rudra. In her thoughts, Prisba apologizes to Rudra for keeping Ruhi away from him. She says that she can’t endanger Rudra and Ruhi’s life because of her past. In his thoughts, Bunty thinks it’s fine if his lies can give peace to Prisha and time to Rudra with his daughter. He thinks that he will take Rudra away from Rohtak forever after Lohri.

Prisha looks at her house’s store room and recalls Ruhi and Rudra’s moments. She feels weird thinking that Rudra went away from him. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is going to take a bath. Prisha leaves to feel Rudra’s essence in the store room thinking that he left Rohtak. Rudra returns to the store room and thinks that he didn’t find Prisha but a reason to stay in Rohtak. He thinks that Ruhi reduced the loneliness that he felt after Prisha left. He thinks that Ruhi became his reason to live life and would miss her a lot after returning to Delhi. Ruhi finds her bathing water cold but still plays in her pool. She gets tense seeing Prisha going towards the store room. Ruhi runs outside and calls Prisha. Prisha asks Ruhi why she came outside in a towel.

Ruhi asks Prisha why she left her alone in the bathroom. Prisha says she was going to get Lohri stuff from the store room. Ruhi asks Prisha to first help her in washing her hair. She takes Prisha with her. Ruhi goes to the store room dressed up in the Lohri outfit. Rudra scares her jokingly. Ruhi gets angry and refuses to give Rudra his gift. She makes Rudra close his eyes and scares him. Rudra gets scared and Ruhi laughs at him. Ruhi gifts Lohri outfit to Rudra. She tells Rudra that she and Saanchi bought it secretly. Rudra stands up to get ready. Prisha’s bangle falls down from his clothes. Ruhi asks Rudra what her mother’s bangle is doing with him.

Rudra gets shocked hearing it. Prisha is seen getting ready and recalls that her other bangle is with Rudra. She thinks Rudra and she would never be together. Prisha thinks she and Rudra would together with her bangles memories. She keeps the bangle back in her jewelry box. Rudra asks Ruhi if this bangle really belongs to her mother. Ruhi tells Rudra that Veena gifted this bangle to her mother. Rudra tells Ruhi that he wants to meet her mother. Ruhi tells Rudra that her mother went for Lohri. She asks Rudra to meet her mother when he comes for Lohri.

Ruhi instructs Rudra to come outside for Lohri seeing her torch signal from the window. Rudra agrees and Ruhi leaves. He thinks how can Prisha be Ruhi’s mother as he saw Ruhi’s mother himself. He thinks that Prisha may be a friend of Ruhi’s mother. Rudra gets determined to meet Ruhi’s mother at the Lohri celebration. Yuvraj gets angry overhearing this. In his thoughts, he says that he made such arrangements that Rudra won’t be able to get out of the store room even. Ruhi and Prisha meet Saanchi and her mother at Lohri celebrations. Prisha meets Veena also. They wish “Happy Lohri” to each other. Prisha gets angry at Yuvraj for arriving at the Lohri Celebration. Yuvraj tells Prisha that he would stay away from her and Ruhi during Lohri.

In the next episode, Village head, his goons and Yuvraj will light the store room to burn Rudra. Ruhi will reach inside the store room. She will cry and try to wake up Rudra. Rudra will come out of the store room with Ruhi saving both of them. He will fall on Prisha’s shoulder and faint.

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  1. Dragging on for too long, too much of Yuvraj and his old tricks of being evil, already did so much to Saaransh, seems like everyone forgets what he did but not what Preesha did in self defense, please let Rudra meet Preesha so Ruhi can be happy.
    Writers always create child abuse in this show, mental and physical. Also supports the wrongdoings and not the good


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