Bhagya Lakshmi 27th January 2022 Written Update Violent Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th January 2022 Written Update Violent Rishi

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Bhagya Lakshmi 27th January 2022 Written Update Violent Rishi Neelam tells Lakshmi that she shall come back home to stay with them, if she worries for Virender so much and regards this family as her own. Lakshmi replies that her relation with Rishi is over, that’s the reason that she can’t return home. She doesn’t think she has some rights on the family when she is not with Rishi now. Rishi arrives home. He hears Lakshmi’s statement. He falls into a big misunderstanding because of Rano, who has brainwashed him against Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi is right, if he relation with her husband is over, then all her relations are also done. He tells that her relation is still there with the money.

He angrily tells her that he frees her from his mind and heart, she is no longer his wife now, because she is the one who wanted the divorce just for the sake of alimony. She throws money at Lakshmi and asks her to take it and leave. Lakshmi gets humiliated by him. Karishma and Sonia are happy and find Rishi’s treatment right, while Neelam and Virender get angry on Rishi for his misbehavior. Neelam wants Lakshmi back to save Rishi from the upcoming problems. Lakshmi refuses to accept the money. She clears that she didn’t ask for divorce or the alimony. Virender believes her. She asks Rishi to return the love that she vested in their relationship. She leaves Rishi speechless by her demand.

Earlier in the show, Rishi runs back upstairs to get the car keys. Rano thinks Rishi got trapped today. She makes Rishi hear about Lakshmi’s plan to demand a big alimony. Rishi gets disheartened hearing this. He thinks Lakshmi really wants to end the marriage for the sake of alimony. She tells that Rishi is just a lottery for Lakshmi, he is really wrong, he has an affair with Malishka, and now he will pay a price for it.

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th January 2022 Written Update Violent Rishi:

Neelam and Virender argue about Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi can visit them anytime. He shouts on Sonia and asks her to stay out of their matter. Karishma asks him not to scold Sonia for anyone’s sake. Lakshmi doesn’t like him scolding anyone for her sake. He tells that Sonia is misbehaving a lot. She tells that they are family, they shouldn’t get upset. She knows that everyone is frustrated and upset because of the situation. She asks Virender not to get worried.

Neelam asks her to return home if she worries for Virender, and regards them family. She promises that she will make Rishi give love and respect to Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells that she didn’t mean to ask for love and respect, now she has no relation with Rishi, which means she can’t stay with the family. Rishi arrives to interrupt her. He tells that her relations end with everybody when her relation ends with him, but she still has a relation with money. Virender tells that Lakshmi isn’t greedy.

Lakshmi asks Rishi what does he mean to say. Rano arrives to create the misunderstanding. Rishi asks Lakshmi did she get the papers. Lakshmi hands over the papers to Rishi, but he runs to his room to get the money. Lakshmi doesn’t see the papers. She asks Rano what’s happening. Sonia tells that Lakshmi has come for the same purpose as Rano. Lakshmi is puzzled. Rishi loses his cool.

He comes back with the money filled bag. He tells Lakshmi that she saved his life many times. Virender asks Rishi to talk to her first. Rishi tells that he has to give money to Lakshmi. He tells them that he saved Lakshmi when the HR misbehaved with her, he has protected her and told the people that she has every luxury in her life. He tells everyone that she had gone to get a job to earn money, she fell into a trouble and needed his help. He asks Ayush not to interfere in their matter. He tells Lakshmi that she is also like other girls, who want money. She asks Rishi what does he want to prove.

He tells that she can also make mistakes. She thanks him for clearing the matter. She tells that she came to hand over his papers. She wants to leave. He asks her to read the papers for him. She refuses to read it. He reads the divorce notice for her. She is shocked to know about the divorce. Ayush sees Lakshmi’s shocked reactions. He thinks Lakshmi didn’t file the divorce. Rishi reads the notice that Lakshmi wants the divorce from him, she wants alimony to secure her future. He shows the papers to Lakshmi. Rano asks Virender to look at his son’s bad behavior. She tells that Lakshmi is asking for alimony peacefully.

Karishma calls Lakshmi greedy. Rano tells Lakshmi that she is with her. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he thinks she did this. Rishi congratulates her that she is getting the money. Virender tells that Lakshmi isn’t such greedy. Rishi tells them that Rano was getting the papers home and now Lakshmi has come herself. He tells that he can pay money to Lakshmi for saving his life, but he is hurt by her behavior, he was feeling guilty that he broke her heart, but he didn’t know that she wants to divorce him, she is selfish, she saved his life to ask for money. He didn’t expect this from Lakshmi.

He tells that she cheated him, he is hurt in their marriage because of her, she just wanted money. Rishi asks Ayush and Virender not to defend Lakshmi. Neelam asks Virender to give time to Rishi. Rishi asks Lakshmi how much money she wants. He is ready to give her any amount for the love and support she had faked towards him. He accuses her for cheat. He shows the money filled bag to her. He hands over the money to Lakshmi by reminding her favors on his life. He angrily pours the money in front of Lakshmi, causing a humiliating ruckus. Rano is glad seeing the cash.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he paid enough money, she should be happy with it. He tells that she ended everything. Rano asks him why is he doing a drama. She picks the money shamelessly. Lakshmi sheds tears. She returns the money to Rishi. She tells that life is precious and so is love. She asks Rishi is this the price for his life. He tells yes. She asks him to keep the money back. She asks him to return her trust and love, if he can return her innocent heart and caring moments. She asks Rishi to return the time when they meant joy for each other, when they were each other’s courage and peace, when she regarded him an identity for her. She asks him to heal her wounds some way.

Rishi tells that he is sorry, but the time is up, her drama is over now, she pretended really well but couldn’t pull off for long, her real greedy face is out now. He doesn’t trust her, when she herself got the divorce papers. She tells him that he is sensible, and should know her by now. She feels ashamed that she was proud of him before. She is happy that their relation is over, because its not worth it. Rishi asks Lakshmi why is she throwing tantrums. Ayush angrily takes Rano captive. He asks them to hear the truth from Rano. He makes Rano confess that she has sent the divorce papers.

Rano tells them that Lakshmi didn’t know anything, it was her plan that she sent the divorce papers. Ayush asks Lakshmi to see disgusting Rano. Lakshmi tells that Rano did the right thing, she should have not asked for money, but its good that she got to know Rishi’s thinking. She taunts Rishi for pricing everything, her care and love were for her marriage, but he priced every care. Rishi tells that he has hurt her and even she has hurt him. He tells that relations are made by heart, not any papers. He ends their marriage, reminding her that she already broke the marriage in the temple that day. Lakshmi tells that the relation never meant to him, he can’t break any non-existing relation, she will break the relation once again. Lakshmi leaves from the house in anger. She doesn’t want to trust Rishi again. Rishi and Lakshmi shed tears.

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