Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2022 Written Update Preeta's surprise

Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2022 Written Update Preeta’s surprise

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Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2022 Written Update Preeta’s surprise Sherlyn asks Prithvi will their plan work, will Preeta really get destroyed. He answers positively. He tells that their plan will definitely work, Preeta will be completely destroyed. Karan asks Preeta not to go too far from him. He tells that she shouldn’t make him away that he doesn’t come back to her. He adds that if he turns away for once, then he will never show his face to her. She gets worried hearing his words. What will be Preeta’s reply? Will Preeta understand Karan and patch up with him by ending their misunderstandings? Will they become Preeran again and fight their enemies together? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi goes to meet the MLA. He lies to them that he went to do social service, by leaving the important project event. He tells that he has a big heart, that’s why he can go to any extent to help his employees.

He tries to impress them. He asks them about Preeta’s presentation. He tells that the company name is Malhotra industries. The man calls him insecure and taunts him. He praises Preeta’s presentation. Prithvi tells that they will have big profits if they invest in his company. He tries to snatch the deal from Preeta. He asks them not to believe Preeta. MLA tells that Preeta’s presentation is so interesting and impressive that he is waiting to meet her again. Preeta arrives there to meet them. She tells that there is a surprise point in the presentation, she wants to disclose it to them first and then come for a discussion. Prithvi thinks to teach her a lesson.

Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2022 Written Update Preeta’s surprise:

Natasha tells Prithvi that Preeta will get electrocuted when she goes on the stage to gives the presentation, it will be her end. She goes to switch on the current. Preeta checks the presentation. Karan gets joyed to see Preeta in power. Sherlyn takes Natasha with her. Preeta goes on the stage. Sherlyn doesn’t think the plan will work. She fears that something will get wrong. Natasha tells her that the real fun will start now, Preeta will get the shock when she touches the mic.

Sameer hears Natasha’s confession and rushes to save Preeta. Preeta tells the guests about the big surprise element of the project, the hybrid electricity provided to the houses. The guests like her amazing ideas. Sameer informs Karan about Natasha and Sherlyn’s conversation. He tells that Natasha was telling Sherlyn about the danger on Preeta. He informs that the mic has current, Preeta will get electrocuted on touching it. He wonders why was Natasha asking Sherlyn to save Preeta if she can, as if they are not together in the plan. Karan sees the current sparks.

He runs on the stage and stops Preeta from touching the mic. He holds her in arms. He romances her and tells her that he is in a happy mood. He announces a dance performance. He tells the guests that he is really happy and wants to dance with his wife. Sameer plays the music for them. Karan and Preeta dance romantically. Rakhi gets happy seeing them. Prithvi hears the investor and MLA conversing about Preeta’s project, being too impressed with Preeta’s vision. He thinks to show them the big flaw of the project. He wants to end Preeta’s happiness in few minutes. Sherlyn and Natasha get bored up seeing Karan and Preeta’s dance performance. Natasha still thinks Preeta will be dying in some time.

Sameer gets the current unplugged from the mic. Preeta asks Karan why did he get her on the dance floor. He tells that he had come to save her from Natasha’s plans, she could have fallen in danger if she touched the mic. Sameer signals them. Karan asks her if she doesn’t trust him. They end the dance performance. Natasha runs to dance with Karan. Karan forgets what Natasha tried to do with Preeta, and dances with her to make Preeta jealous. Karan gets silly to instead thank Natasha. She tells that she loves him and the dance. He tells that he got to know that she wanted to save Preeta’s life and alerted Sherlyn. He gets mistaken and believes her.

He tells that he always wants to save Preeta. He expresses his love for Preeta. Natasha gets saved that Karan trusts her. Prithvi goes to Mahesh’s room to check if the snake charmer has dropped the snake there. Sherlyn asks him if Preeta will get ruined by this plan. He tells that nobody knows that the snake is not poisonous, Preeta will get ruined, because Mahesh is the face of the Luthra industries, when the people see Mahesh’s insane side, then they will lose faith in the Luthra industries, the shares will crash and the investors will not come to help. He sends her away. He meets Mahesh and frees him so that he sees the snake and runs out of the room. The man drops the snake there. He asks Prithvi to go out. Prithvi pays him.

Karan asks Preeta is she okay. She thanks him for saving her life. He asks if she would thank him for saving her. He tells that he will always be there to save her life, because she is his life. He reminds her their marriage vows. He tells her that he will always protect her life from every danger. Preeta gets emotional. She turns away. He asks her not to make him so far from herself that he doesn’t return to her. He warns her seeing her rude behavior. Natasha wants them to fight more and then get separated. Sherlyn pulls Natasha to take her aside. The snake awakens Mahesh from his sleep.

Mahesh opens his eyes. He is shocked to see the snake sitting over his chest. The man goes out of the room. Natasha tells Sherlyn that she was trying to hear Karan and Preeta’s talk. Sherlyn asks her to do some work, than hearing their talks. Natasha tells that she is proceeding in her plans, she danced with Karan, who thanked her. She wishes that Karan goes away from Preeta on her own. Sherlyn asks her to stop dreaming, Karan is getting close to Preeta again because of her. She calls Natasha’s plan failed. Natasha tells that she will not give respect to Sherlyn, when she is getting the humiliation.

She feels she has won Karan’s attention today, her plan didn’t fail completely, Preeta didn’t get electrocuted. Preeta gets the good wishes from the guests. Rakhi feels proud of Preeta, who bagged the deal for the family. Kritika tells that the hardwork is of Prithvi, he shall get the credit. Janki tells that Preeta has made the presentation by her efforts, Prithvi had the idea for the rich but Preeta thinks for the common people. Kareena tells that Preeta is really middle-class. She doesn’t want Preeta to ruin Luthras’ name. Prithvi tells that Preeta will lose the finance when the people know that Mahesh is insane.

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2 responses to “Kundali Bhagya 27th January 2022 Written Update Preeta’s surprise”

  1. Neeru Avatar

    This episodes is only about Luthra family what they want Karan is now reminding Preeta there wedding promises that he will save his wife what about two years ago when his family and him did not trust her and kicked her out from Luthra family and his criminal girl friends torture her so much including him his dadi and that stupid Karina and now all off sudden he remembers his promises he did not go back and look for Preeta and that stupid Preeta have no self respect and came back to help them and half of his family still do not trust her this is very stupid story instead of saying sorry to her and Karan threatening her that will leave her I think that will be better for her and now again he is dancing with that stupid new girl to make Preeta jealous what kind of husband you are you do not deserve Preeta she should find someone else leave this family

  2. Gauri bairagi Avatar
    Gauri bairagi

    Preeta jo kar rhi hai wo sahi kar rahi hai uski jagha koi bhi ladki hoti to shayad yahi karti aur agar mein bhi hoti to asahi karthi aur Acha hua ki karan ne preeta ko baacha liya par I think karan ab preeta par barosa karta hai meri ek baat yaad rakhna karan jaha pyaar honta hai waha shak nhi hota aur jaha shak hota hai waha pyaar ho hi nhi sakta so please trust preeta

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