Choti Sarrdaarni 26th January 2022 Written Update New entry

Choti Sarrdaarni 26th January 2022 Written Update New entry

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Choti Sarrdaarni 26th January 2022 Written Update New entry Seher asks Khushi to talk to her brother in law. She gives her phone to Raj. Due to network issues, Khushi and Raj fail to talk to each other. Raj doesn’t let Seher call Khushi again. He takes her to their room for a surprise by closing her eyes. Seher likes the decorations made by Raj. Raj gives an outfit to Seher to wear as her belated Lohri gift. Seher opens it and gets shocked to see it. Raj sees it and gets shocked to see that by mistake a small showy dress came instead of a sophisticated gown.

Seher refuses to wear it, being shy. Raj requests Seher to wear it. After Raj’s many requests, Seher gets convinced to wear the showy dress. She goes to change. Seher asks Raj that he has become very naughty. She further asks Raj to close his eyes. Raj tells Seher he has practice to see everything without seeing anything. Seher comes dressed in Raj’s gifted outfit but is seen covered in a white cloth/sheet. They get romantic and a romantic song plays in the background. On the other hand, Khushi feels happy thinking that she would get to meet someone soon.

Next morning, Raj teases Seher telling her that Gills gave him a lot of gifts. He tells her that Gills love him more than her. Seher tells Raj that Gills love him because of her. Raj eats the halwa and teases Seher more. Seher leaves irritated. Raj discusses a surprise for Seher with Gills and Dhillons. He requests them to hide it from Seher. All of them agree with Raj. Seher comes there and everyone gets quiet. She asks everyone what is going on. Kulwant changes the topic.

Everyone leaves except Raj. Karan tells Param that he is the first groom who is working himself in his own wedding. Param smiles. On the other hand, Raj asks Seher for a kiss in exchange to reveal the family surprise to her. Seher asks Raj if he started to negotiate things. She gets ready to kiss Raj but stops and slaps him cutely. She tells him that she will find out about the surprise on her.

Raj leaves with an attitude. Seher thinks about what the surprise could be and about whom. She thinks no one’s birthday or anniversary is coming, then what surprise was being discussed. Seher finds Karan with a chunri and bridal stuff. Karan tells Seher that this is for Devika Bhaabi. Both Seher and Karan take the chunri to Devika. On the other hand, Devika’s fake father and brother are seen fighting for money. She gets angry seeing them like that. Devika reminds them that they can’t behave like this as they are pretending to be a royal family. She smells something bad. Devika finds her fake mother applying mustard oil. Her fake mother tells her that she is applying mustard oil to relieve her joint pain.

Devika reminds her fake mother that she is pretending to be a royal queen. She tells her fake mother that she should apply a good fragrance perfume instead. Devika’s fake father and brother start fighting again. She tries to stop them. Karan and Seher reach them and get shocked to see all that. Devika handles the matter by asking her fake brother to help her fake father get something stuck out of his neck. Seher and Karan help them. Seher sees a tied sack. Before she could ask Devika about it. Devika asks Seher why she came to meet her. Seher tells Devika that she and Karan brought a shagun outfit and jewelry for her. She asks Devika to come wear it at the evening function. Devika agrees and Seher and Karan leave.

On the other hand, Raj and Karan try to relieve Param. Param says he is nervous thinking he would have to become answerable to his wife after marriage. Initially, Karan and Raj teases him for forgetting to wear his pants. Then Raj tries to pacify nervous Param. He tells Param that he can easily keep control of his wife. Raj goes on giving marriage tips to Param. Seher comes there and overhears Raj’s tips to Param. She signs Karan and Param to be silent. They don’t let Raj know that Seher is overhearing him. Raj continues giving his marriage and wife controlling tips. Seher suddenly pulls Raj’s ears. She scolds him for giving nonsense tips to her brothers. Karan and Param jokingly tell Seher that Raj was saying she fears him.

Seher gets more angry and scolds Raj by running behind him to beat him. Karan and Param enjoy Seher and Raj’s cute and funny banter. Seher leaves the room and Raj runs behind her. Raj stops her and says he was just trying to pacify nervous Param and didn’t mean whatever he said. Seher tells Raj that he will yearn to hear her voice one day. Raj asks Seher to not talk like. He tells Seher that now no one can separate them. At the same time, Khushi reaches Amritsar. She gets irritated between a lot of traffic and people.

In the next episode, Khushi and Raj will meet at Gill Mansion’s main door. Khushi will get shocked and emotional on seeing Raj. She will call her RV. Raj will look confused. Seher will go to them. She will get confused seeing Khushi’s expressions towards Raj.

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