Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj

Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj

Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj Raj tells Seher that she would have to give him a kiss as a sweet. Seher asks Raj to eat gulab jamun from the refrigerator. On the other hand, Khushi runs and hugs Abhi. Abhi asks Khushi to be decent in public. He also asks Khushi about Prince. Khushi says he is having the time of his life without his father. She also says that Prince would always enjoy his life being the son of a tigress/lioness. Abhi offers Khushi to drop her at her home. Khushi says she wants to dress up first to look the best among everyone.

At Gill Mansion, Kulwant performs Devika and Param’s tilak. She also wards off the evil eye from Param and Devika Devika and Param take Kulwant’s blessings. She blesses them with happiness in whole life. Harleen gives Devika, Meher’s family traditional bangles. She tells Devika that Meher would have made her wear the bangles, if she was alive. Everyone gets emotional remembering Meher. Harleen asks Devika and Param to take Meher and Sarab’s blessings. Then everyone, including Seher, Raj and Dhillons gives gifts and best wishes to Devika and Param for their future. Kulwant tells Seher that gold pajeb is not given to the daughter in law in the tilak ceremony.

Harleen tells everyone that it’s the Rajasthani ritual of Devika’s family. Seher gives Devika gold Pajeb. Soon Devika’s fake family starts performing their tilak rituals. Kulwant gets emotional and says that she is missing Meher and Sarab. After some time, Devika and Param’s family starts their Rajasthani and Punjabi dance. Devika feels angry seeing her fake mother in pain. She feels scared of getting exposed. After some time, a weighing machine arrives. Gills asks Devika’s fake family what it is. Devika’s fake family says that through this machine they weigh their to-be son in law with gold and give him those gold accessories as dowry. Everyone gets shocked hearing it.


Seher tells Devika’s family that neither they believe in crime like dowry nor they take or give it. Devika’s fake family tries to convince Gills but Seher refuses it continuously. Devika feels that the matter is going out of her hands. She starts requesting Seher to let her family do this. She emotionally tells Seher that it’s their very old ritual. Devia further tells Seher that the ritual contains their elders’ blessings. Unaware of the reality, Seher agrees and allows Devika’s family to perform their ritual. The ritual starts and the jewelry’s weight comes 15 KG less. Everyone gets shocked.

Devika’s fake father asks his fake son to bring their jewelry from the bank. Devika’s fake brother says that the bank would close right now. Devika’s fake father asks Devika’s fake brother to go and purchase new jewelry. Devika gets tense. Seher asks Devika’s fake family to leave it as the ritual happened which was important for them. Devika asks Seher to let her family do what they are doing. She says gold and money are nothing in front of her Param. Harleen offers to give her jewelry for the weighing ceremony/ritual. Devika’s fake family refuses initially but Harleen convinces them. She brings her jewelry.

Devika’s fake mother stops Harleen. She says that her family would accept Harleen’s Jewelry after paying its full amount. Harleen tells Devika’s fake mother to not think so much, it’s fine. Devika’s mother doesn’t agree and asks her fake son to bring her cheque book. But Harleen convinces Devika’s fake mother saying that they would take their jewelry back after the ceremony. Devika and her fake family recall their plan. Flashback shows Devika intentionally putting fake jewelry in the ritual jewelry. She tells her fake family that this way jewelry weight will come less during the ritual. Devika says emotional and ritual believing Gills will put their real jewelry in the ritual then. Devika’s fake brother and father ask her how they would get the real Jewelry.

Devika tells them that they would secretly take out Gill’s real jewelry and put their fake one in its place. They give each other a high five. Flashback ends. At Param and Devika’s tilak function, Raj gets romantic with Seher taking her aside. Seher continuously escapes him with her family’s help. Devika’s fake father tries to steal the real jewelry secretly. Seher and Harleen notice it and get shocked.

In the next episode, Gills will be seen welcoming Khushi at home. Khushi will enter the Gill Mansion with “Band Baaja”. Everyone will be seen dancing and enjoying themselves. Seher will run and hug Khushi. Khushi will smile seeing Raj. Raj will be seen taken aback seeing Khushi.

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