Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 Spoilers Vedika harms Priya

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 31st January 2022 Spoiler Update Priya in danger

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Bade Acche Lagte Hai 31st January 2022 Spoiler Update Priya in danger Nandini wants to keep Priya away from Ram. She asks Vedika to do anything, but not let Ram and Priya come closer. Vedika gets puzzled with Nandini’s dual talks. She thinks Nandini is playing a safe game and isn’t letting anyone stay in Ram’s life. She doubts Nandini’s intentions. Nandini can’t tolerate Priya. She just wants Priya out of her life some way. Vedika has no idea that Ram’s life is in danger because of her jealous husband Shashi.

Vedika eyes Ram’s richness, while Shashi wants to kill Ram and compel Vedika to return to him. Shashi wants Ram’s business and properties, knowing Shubham isn’t qualified enough to handle the business alone. Shashi intentionally invites Ram and Priya for Lohri, and lays a deadly trap for them. Ram wants to tell Priya that their marriage will never end, he will always be with him and things won’t change ever. He helps Priya deck up for the Lohri party. Ram and Priya visit Shashi to celebrate their first Lohri after marriage.

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Shashi hires Ram’s dad Mahender to kill Ram. He wants Ram to die, so that Ram’s entire business comes into his hands. Ram and Priya meet with an accident. Priya hangs down the cliff. She shouts for help. Ram reaches her. He holds her hand and pulls her up. Ram takes Priya on the cart. He has to save her life. He lifts her in arms and runs on the road until he gets tired. He makes her sit taking the support of some tree. He tells her that he will arrange some help. He meets someone and asks help. He borrows the cart to take Priya to the hospital.

He runs madly to save Priya. Ram’s car breaks down when he needs it the most. Even his phone gets off. He lands into a terrible situation. He is hurt seeing Priya in trouble. He recalls the way she saved his life and fell into danger. He can’t lose Priya. He tells Priya that he loves her a lot. He wants her to stay conscious until they reach the hospital. Ram wants to find out the person who plotted their accident. Will Shashi’s truth gets known to Ram? Keep reading.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 31st January 2022 Spoiler Update Priya in danger


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