Udaariyaan 29th January 2022 Written Update Fateh faces havoc

Udaariyaan 29th January 2022 Written Update Fateh faces havoc

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Udaariyaan 29th January 2022 Written Update Fateh faces havoc Tejo cries for Fateh. Satti tells Rupy that Tejo just loves Fateh. He regrets that Fateh can just give sorrow to Tejo. He adds that Jasmin will never let them unite, they shall encourage Tejo to move on, else her pain will never end. He worries for his daughter’s future. He sheds tears. Satti tells that she knows that he loves Tejo a lot. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to give the entire house property to Jasmin, so that she spares her sons. He tells that he can’t give the property to Jasmin, when the entire house isn’t in their hands, its already a mortgaged property.

He tells her that he had mortgaged his own house to help some needy people, who were homeless. She asks him where did he mortgage the house. He doesn’t think she should know it. She argues with him that he never gave her any rights on his life. He tells that she can never understand, he doesn’t want his parents to know about the mortgaged property. He asks Gurpreet to give him some time to free the property back. Tejo begins her new day. She meets Angad. He tells her that he couldn’t wait all night, he was feeling guilty to help Jasmin in her plans. He tells that he was so insecure in his madness.

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He reveals how Jasmin had fooled him and made him help her. Jasmin also begins her new day by meeting the Virks. She spoils their day by her drama. She tells them that she has come to get the property share. She wants the half property on her name. Fateh gets angry seeing her. Angad tells Tejo that he realized her true love, he wants to see them united. He wants her happiness. He promises to end all her problems. She tells that its too late now and she accepted her fate. He tells that he will not let her lose.

She tells that Jasmin has planned the marriage in two days. She doesn’t think anything can happen now. Jasmin tells Gurpreet that Fateh is very clever, she can’t take a risk and wants the property on her name. Tejo wishes that Jasmin finds peace in her life and then gives peace to others. Angad regrets over his mistakes. Jasmin’s lawyer arrives and shows the papers to Virks. Jasmin irritates the family by her nonsense talks. She tells them that they shall not worry from now, she has divided the house fairly. Fateh asks Jasmin why does she want the house when she wants to become the Bahu. He doesn’t want to give her any property. Amrik worries. Gurpreet tells Fateh that they shall give Jasmin whatever she wants.

Fateh refuses outright. Jasmin asks Fateh what did Tejo teach him that he started shouting at her. Fateh warns her to not drag Tejo in the matter. She asks Fateh not to force her to do the worse with them. She scares him of the coming storm that will ruin them. Fateh tells her that she wants to see what worse can she do. He doesn’t feel scared of her threatening. The family worries. Amrik asks Fateh to listen to Jasmin. Fateh promises that nothing will happen to Jasmin. Jasmin tells that its a last warning for him. He asks her to show him what she can do. Jasmin tells that she will call the police and tell that she gave a wrong statement to save Amrik. She threatens them about Amrik. Fateh asks her to call anyone she wants.

Khushbeer and Gurpreet give up. Gurpreet asks Fateh to let this happen, else they will lose Amrik. Fateh turns helpless because of his family. Jasmin asks Khushbeer to sign the papers. Bau ji suddenly gets a heart attack. Khushbeer doesn’t sign the papers and runs to him. The family attends Bau ji. Jasmin asks them to just stop crying, Bau ji would have acidity. She gives a digestion pill to Bau ji. She asks them to call the doctor later, and sign the papers first. Fateh asks her to stop it. He taunts that she lost her humanity.

Khushbeer signs the papers. Jasmin congratulates herself. Bau ji gets treated by the doctor. He wants Amrik to stay fine. Khushbeer sheds tears of sorrow, while Fateh vents his sorrow by breaking things in his room. Amrik consoles Fateh. He apologizes for his mistakes. He tells that he wants to fix things. Fateh asks what is he saying. Amrik doesn’t want Fateh to marry Jasmin. Fateh tells that he has to marry her.

Amrik can’t see Fateh dying every moment. Fateh tells that she can do anything for her revenge, she knows he loves Tejo, so she is doing this to separate them. Amrik asks him to marry Tejo and go away somewhere. Fateh doesn’t want to listen to Amrik. He tells that everyone is bearing a punishment of his sins. He hugs Amrik and cries.

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