Fanaa 20th April 2022 Written Update Hopeful Agastya

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd February 2022 Written Update Pakhi in love

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Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd February 2022 Written Update Pakhi in love Agastya and Pakhi are seen in a beautifully decorated place. Pakhi tells Agastya that she has been waiting for years to hear this from him. Agastya goes on his knees and proposes to Pakhi. Pakhi says yes to Agastya’s proposal. Both Pakhi and Agastya turn romantic. Suddenly, Agastya wakes up from his dream. He decides to propose to Pakhi in reality. On the other hand, Pakhi is seen waiting for a cab. She prays to the universe to arrange some help for her. Suddenly, Tanya comes there with a car. Pakhi smiles decoding that she is still the universe’s favorite child.

She sits and leaves with Tanya. On Tanya’s questions, Pakhi tells Tanya that Agastya can’t be angry with her for much time. She says she talked to Agastya. Pakhi feels weird on recalling her palace moments with Ishaan. She thinks she might have found something good in Ishaan that is making her remember him again and again. Pakhi thinks that Agastya told her to be behind the thing or person whom we start liking. She gets irritated on receiving a miser client’s call and gives her phone to Tanya. While Tanya handles the irritating client, Pakhi searches for Ishaan on google. She gets to know that Ishaan works in Trinity hospital. Pakhi makes an excuse and asks the driver to drop her to the Trinity hospital.

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Hoodie Man gives an envelope to Anup (Pakhi’s Paternal uncle). Inside the hospital, Pakhi informs Agastya that she reached the hospital to get her dressing changed. She disconnects the call. Ishaan taps on her shoulder and asks her what she is doing in the hospital he works in. Pakhi tells Ishaan that it’s not good to stock girls like this. Ishaan decodes that Pakhi is stalking him on hearing her stutter. He jumps in joy, knowing that a pretty girl like Pakhi stalked him. Pakhi smiles seeing Ishaan and feels shy. They become serious on seeing people watching them weirdly. Ishaan starts changing Pakhi’s dressing.

Pakhi asks Ishaan if he knows how to treat a heart attack, brain tumor surgery or to apply plaster on a fracture. Ishaan says no and reminds Pakhi that he is a Pediatrician. Pakhi says she watched in films that any type doctor knows all treatments. She says to Ishaan that he seems less talented. Both of them tease each other but become serious when a nurse enters Ishaan’s cabin. Nurse gets shocked on hearing Ishaan and Pakhi’s weird words. Nurse leaves and both of them realize that they were overacting. Ishaan asks Pakhi if she would take him for a coffee. Pakhi agrees to it. She disconnects Agastya’s call, being busy with Ishaan.

On the other hand, Agastya finds peace watching a kid playing with a ball. Kid’s mother takes him aside. Suddenly the same kid leaves his mother’s hand and runs towards the road to get his ball. His mother runs behind him to save him from getting hit by a car. Agastya runs and saves the kid and his mother from getting hit by the car. Kid’s mother thanks Agastya and asks him why he put his own life in danger for her and her kid. Agastya tells the woman that he did this seeing her putting her own life in danger for her kid. The kid’s mother leaves, thanking Agastya. Agastya calls his grandmother and tells her that some mothers put their own lives in danger for their kids. His grandmother asks him why he is suddenly talking like this. Agastya cries and asks his grandmother why can’t all mothers be good.

Agastya’s grandmother reminds him that the doctor asked him to think about something else when this thought arrives in his mind. Agastya asks his grandmother why a person feels his/her mother’s need even after growing up. Grandmother asks Agastya to calm himself. Agastya apologizes to his grandmother and informs her that he is going to Trinity hospital for some important work. On the other hand, Pakhi and Ishaan are seen drinking coffee in a cafe. Pakhi again disconnects Agastya’s call. Ishaan asks Pakhi to pick up if it’s an important call. Pakhi tells him that her and her friend’s (Agastya) call goes long. Ishaan asks her if it’s her very old friend. Pakhi says seven years.

Ishaan tries to know the depth of Pakhi and Agastya’s friendship. Pakhi tells Ishaan that Agastya is more than a friend to her but they don’t have any romantic relationship between them. She says that Agastya will always remain her best friend. Both of them feel awkward. She thinks Ishaan is stupid because he can’t think why would she meet him if she had something with Agastya. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he has to return to his OPD duty. Pakhi and Ishaan both think that they would sound desperate if they would ask each other to meet each other again so soon. Ishaan starts talking, desperate Pakhi interrupts asks Ishaan when he wants to meet her again. Both of them get shy and laugh.

Hoodie person on a bike keeps a watch on Pakhi and Ishaan. He tries to hit them outside the cafe with his bike but a girl comes in between. Pakhi and Ishaan get a little scared but walk on. At the Trinity hospital, Agastya plays with the kids and makes them laugh inside a clown’s get up. Ishaan asks the nurse who called the clown. Nurse tells Ishaan that the person in the clown’s get up is the one who funded this ward. Ishaan finds it good that a rich person is making his hospital children happy and funding for them. Nurse fails to reveal Agastya’s name to Ishaan. Agastya snatches Ishaan’s phone on which Pakhi’s call is seen ringing. Ishaan runs behind Agastya and the latter returns his phone. Ishaan leaves, thanking Agastya.

Doctor thanks Agastya for funding for ill children. Agastya gets doctor’s permission to meet the children every week. Tanya asks Pakhi where she was so busy the whole day. She tells her that she had to attend meetings with both the clients. Tanya gets scared seeing someone torturing her mother. She disconnects Pakhi’s call and requests the hoodie man to forgive her. Hoodie man asks Tanya why she left Pakhi alone in the palace when he asked her to be with Pakhi as her shadow. Tanya apologizes to the Hoodie man and tells him that she won’t repeat her mistake. She cries and requests/begs the Hoodie man to not hurt her mother.

Next morning, Agastya’s grandmother tells him that his secretary Natasha came to meet him and is waiting. Agastya tells his grandmother that he is going to fulfill her wish. Agastya’s grandmother gets happy when he tells her that he is going to propose to Pakhi. Agastya says he will surely soon bring what belongs to him only. Grandmother says Pakhi is hers too as she has got bored living alone in such a big mansion. She says she will get the whole mansion painted with Pakhi’s favorite color and then change all of his wardrobe’s clothes. Agastya tells his grandmother to change everything according to Pakhi’s liking. He lies in his grandmother’s lap and asks her if his belief isn’t wrong. Agastya asks his grandmother if Pakhi would say yes to him for sure.

Grandmother tells Agastya that Pakhi would surely say yes to his proposal. She decides to change her status. Both Grandmother and Grandson feel happy. Grandmother leaves. Natasha watches Agastya taking off his shirt. Agastya stops feeling Natasha eyeing him. He angrily asks Natasha to leave and wait outside. On the other hand, Pakhi asks Shanaya to watch Sidhharth Malhotra movie with her outside. Shanaya says she can watch movies on OTT and moreover doesn’t want to watch Hindi movies. She asks Pakhi to pass grapes to her. When Pakhi refuses, Shanaya throws Pakhi’s green teddy bear (Mr. Snuggles) on her. Pakhi gets angry and refuses to give grapes to Shanaya.

She receives Agastya’s call. Agastya asks Pakhi to meet him at Kundan Mahal to discuss some company event at 5 PM. Pakhi agrees and disconnects the call. Agastya feels happy thinking that he would propose to Pakhi and make her his own today. On the other hand, Pakhi asks Tanya to handle the baby shower on her own. Tanya agrees and asks Pakhi why they are meeting in this particular cafe only. Pakhi stops before revealing anything about Ishaan to Tanya. She asks Tanya to go and bring the fee amount cheque from their miser client. Tanya asks Pakhi to come with her. Pakhi tells Tanya that she has to meet Agastya can go with her.

Tanya tells Pakhi that she doesn’t want to leave her alone after the haunted palace incident. Pakhi asks Tanya to not be so worried about her and go to the client. Tanya gets scared seeing the Hoodie man watching her and Pakhi. Pakhi notices Tanya’s tension. She asks her if she is fine. When Tanya says yes, Pakhi asks her to not start any work of the miser client before receiving any payment from him. Before leaving, a scared Tanya asks Pakhi if she is sure that she won’t go anywhere from this cafe. Pakhi tells Tanya that she will be fine. As Tanya leaves, someone comes behind Pakhi. Pakhi gets shocked seeing this person.

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