Fanaa 4th February 2022 Written Update Madness begins

Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya's love

Fanaa 4th February 2022 Written Update Madness begins Pakhi is seen sitting inside the cafe where Tanya left her. She gets with someone’s tap on her shoulder. Ishaan comes in front of her. She asks Ishaan how he got to know that she is in this cafe. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he came to drink coffee, not to meet her. He further tells Pakhi that he thought of giving her company to make his life a little less sad. Pakhi asks Ishaan if she should thank him for this. Ishaan jokingly tells Pakhi that it was his duty and she doesn’t need to thank him. Pakhi smiles and asks Ishaan if they will always meet in this cafe only.

Ishaan asks Pakhi if she has so much belief that he will meet her again. Seeing Pakhi angry, Ishaan handles the matter. Ishaan tells Pakhi they will have the best pizzas in DLF as dinner here. Pakhi gets happy but recalls her promise to Agastya. She tells Ishaan that she has to meet Agastya in some time and thus won’t be able to have dinner with him. Ishaan says it’s fine, they will have dinner together next time. He asks Pakhi where she is going to meet Agastya. Pakhi replies Kundan Mahal. Ishaan asks her if he could drop her, to which Pakhi agrees. On the other hand, Agastya smiles seeing the proposal ring he bought for Pakhi.

In the car, Pakhi tells Ishaan about Agastya’s care towards her. Ishaan asks Pakhi if she takes her life decisions asking Agastya. Pakhi says it’s like she doesn’t trust anyone more than Agastya in her life. Ishaan asks Pakhi if she would have to take Agastya’s approval to have a boyfriend too. Pakhi replies that it will be her decision at the end but Agastya’s opinion matters to her a lot. Ishaan asks Pakhi if there is someone whom she likes. Pakhi replies that she likes someone but isn’t sure that he also likes her or not. Ishaan asks Pakhi if the person she likes, likes coffee, kids and talking a lot. Pakhi says yes. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he is sure that the person she likes, likes her too.


Pakhi asks Ishaan what type of logic is this. Ishaan says that logic doesn’t exist in matters of the heart. Both of them get shy. On the other hand, Agastya gets the chopper and flower petals ready. He asks Natasha on call to not make any mistakes as it’s his life’s most important day. Ishaan and Pakhi reach Kundan Mahal. Ishaan calls Pakhi a princess and tells her that her palace came. Pakhi thanks Ishaan and gets out of his car. She thinks why Ishaan isn’t anything to her. Ishaan comes out of the car and stops Pakhi. He asks her how he would get to know if some girl will start something more than liking him. Pakhi tells Ishaan that he would get his answer in the girl’s just one hint. Again both of them get shy and awkward.

Pakhi walks towards the palace door. Flower petal showers on her from the sky. Pakhi feels good and walks forward smiling. She alerts Agastya of her arrival. Agastya takes a deep breath and turns towards Pakhi. Pakhi tells Agastya that his event will go fab as he chose a beautiful palace (venue) for it. Both of them tell each other that they want to say something to each other. Agastya signs Pakhi to speak first. Pakhi tells Agastya that she never said this to anyone. She asks Agastya whether anything will change between them after what she is going to say. Agastya thinks many things would change as their friendship would turn into love.

Pakhi tells Agastya that she has fallen in love. Agastya smiles and thinks that he has fallen in love too. Pakhi tells Agastya that the universe has finally introduced her to the person she had dreamed of since childhood. She also tells Agastya that she couldn’t tell him earlier as she didn’t know that her feelings are actually love. In his thoughts Agastya says “Late as always”. Pakhi asks Agastya if he doesn’t want to know whom she has fallen for. Agastya feels happy thinking that Pakhi would take his name as her love. He gets shocked on hearing “Dr. Ishaan Tondon” from Pakhi. Pakhi keeps on praising Ishaan unaware that she has hurt Agastya.

Pakhi requests Agastya to let her have dinner with Ishaan as she is very excited to spend time with Ishaan. Hurt Agastya asks Pakhi to go. Pakhi excitedly runs to meet Ishaan after Agastya asks her to go. Agastya recalls Pakhi’s words and feels very hurt. Pakhi reaches outside the palace and asks Ishaan why he didn’t leave till now. Ishaan tells Pakhi that he was waiting for her only. He forwards his hand towards Pakhi. Pakhi moves forward and gives her hand in Ishaan’s hand. On the other hand, Agastya asks Pakhi to not make this mistake. He runs outside the palace towards Pakhi. Agastya gets very hurt seeing Ishaan taking Pakhi away from him.

At Agastya’s home, Agastya’s grandmother gets worried seeing Agastya’s bad condition. Agastya cries and tells his grandmother that Pakhi failed to recognise her true love. Agastya’s grandmother asks him to give some more time to Pakhi. Agastya angrily gets up and leaves telling his grandmother that he would have to get habitual of being alone. Later on, a hoodie man is seen walking towards broken and angry Agastya. He opens his hoodie and sits in front of Agastya. Hoodie man calls Agastya boss. He apologizes to an angry Agastya for whatever happened. Hoodie man asks Agastya to trust him that he used to keep a proper watch on Pakhi. Flashback shows a hoodie man keeping a watch on Pakhi and updating Agastya about it as per Agastya’s orders.

Hoodie man tells Agastya that he lost his watch on Pakhi when Pakhi got stuck inside the hira kothi with Ishaan. He says he thought Ishaan is Pakhi’s client. Hoodie man tells Agastya that he knows what Pakhi means to him. He says he will do something. Angry Agastya drags the hoodie man to his secret room. In this secret room, Pakhi’s recordings and images from her childhood till present time can be seen. Agastya tells the hoodie man the number of times Pakhi has smiled since the last 15 years. He says even Pakhi doesn’t know this. Agastya behaves like a mad lover and tells each and every detail about Pakhi’s behavior and her whole life. He says he kept records of each and every moment of Pakhi’s life.

Agastya says he did everything because he considers Pakhi as only his. He blames the hoodie man for making him lose Pakhi and her moment with Ishaan in hira kothi. Agastya tells everything changed in just 9 hours of his carelessness. He says he loves Pakhi a lot since years and became her universe who fulfills all her wishes. Angry Agastya asks how Pakhi wished for someone else from her universe. Agastya behaves like an obsessed lover of Pakhi. He says his life changed forever as he couldn’t become Pakhi’s first love, even after doing so much for her. Agastya tells the hoodie man he is feeling like his reason to live got snatched away from him. He accuses the hoodie man for his condition. Agastya asks how he let Pakhi meet Ishaan regularly. He tells the hoodie man that his punishment is to die. Agastya hangs the hoodie man to a noose in anger.

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