Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein Upcoming Dhruv drunken drama

Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein Upcoming Dhruv drunken drama

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Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein Upcoming Dhruv drunken drama Dhani’s life faces a new trouble. She gets rebuked by Dhruv on their wedding night. She had to sit in the mandap and marry him when her sister Shrishti ran away to avoid the marriage. Dhruv vents anger on Dhani. He asks her about her faith on her sister. He asks why did she listen to Shrishti and take her place. He hates Dhani. She tolerates his anger. He angrily burns her bridal dupatta. She gets terrified. He tells that she has come in her sister’s room, but she can never enter his life.

He declares that she can never win him. He shouts on her in drunk state. Dhani knows that she has invited problems herself. He regrets to marry a wrong person. Dhani feels blackmailed by everyone. Dhruv’s dad Kashinath realizes that Dhani has done right to support them and save their respect. He accepts her as his Bahurani. He asks everyone to accept Dhani as his bahu.

He tells that Dhani’s Mu-dikhai rasam will happen. He threatens of dying if they dare to challenge him. Dhani is relieved that Kashinath is favoring her. Dhani wants to win Dhruv’s faith. She gets much insulted by the guests, who comment on her family and values, for the cheat that happened with Dhruv. Meanwhile, Dhruv meets Arjun after deciding his divorce with Dhani. He doesn’t want his dad or anyone else to know about his decision. Arjun tells that divorce is a big thing and everyone would be coming to know about it soon. Will Dhruv divorce Dhani? Keep reading.

Rang Jau Tere Rang Mein is a Hindi serial airs on Dangal TV Youtube Channel at 8pm IST.

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