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Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2022 Written Update Twist for Prithvi

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Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2022 Written Update Twist for Prithvi Prithvi hands over the puja plate to Shrishti and sends her away. Karan asks Shrishti to patch up with Sameer for a day. She tells that she will consider his request. He thanks her. Prithvi gives the puja plate to Karan instead Preeta. Preeta asks why did he give the plate to Karan. Prithvi tells that he forgot that she is the house owner now. He hands over the coconut bomb to her. He tells that everyone has perform their own puja. Karan wants to perform the puja with Preeta. Prithvi thinks Preeta will die, she will be out of his life on Lohri night. Shambu speaks to his mother on call.

He gets to see a coconut lying on the ground. He asks his goon about the other coconut. He tells that he has given the coconut bomb to Prithvi. The goon tells that the coconut with the red mark is the one with bomb. Shambu realizes that he has taken the wrong coconut to Prithvi. He thinks to take the coconut to Prithvi at any cost. Prithvi keeps an eye on Preeta. He awaits the blast. Shambu calls him to inform him about the wrong coconut delivery. He tells that the blast won’t happen, he has the real coconut bomb with him. Prithvi yells at him in anger. He asks for some solution.

Shambu tells that he is coming in ten minutes. He asks Prithvi to delay the puja some way. Shambu takes the coconut bomb in the bag. The ladies are ready for the puja, but the pandit stops them stating the mahurat time delay. He tells that they can start the puja after half an hour. Prithvi is glad to buy time by fooling the pandit. He recalls bribing the pandit to change the mahurat. He tells that time will pass soon if they play some games. Everybody likes his idea. They make teams to play games.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi what happened to him now. He tells that Preeta didn’t get the coconut bomb, Shambu has made a mistake. He reasons out that he delayed the puja until they get the explosive. Preeta suggests that they will play individually, without making teams. Bani tells that they shall play truth and dare. Shrishti kickstarts the game. Sameer plays the game with her to make Shrishti know his feelings. He asks Shrishti if she will forgive someone who can’t live without her, and has realized his mistakes. Everyone understands that Sameer is taking about himself. Shrishti doesn’t want to answer him.

He wants to know if she has forgiven him. Shrishti also understands that he wants to know if she has forgiven him. She tells that she will never forgive that person who has hurt her, because she is a determined person. Sameer gets upset. He tells that he doesn’t believe her truth, she is lying about her feelings. Sherlyn thinks Kareena isn’t reacting to Sameer and Shrishti’s love story. Kareena thinks to talk to Sameer.

Karan supports Sameer. Sameer tells that Shrishti is showing him attitude. Shrishti tells that she doesn’t care for Sameer now. Sherlyn goes for the game and plays it with Natasha. She asks Natasha to do something that brings a smile on everyone’s face. Natasha thinks Sherlyn wants her to impress Karan. Sherlyn knows that Natasha is smart to understand her plan. Natasha asks Karan for dance. The family asks Karan to dance with Natasha.

Natasha dances with Karan closely and makes Preeta upset. Preeta is jealous, while Shrishti and Janki make plan to make Natasha away from Karan. Shrishti brings Preeta close to Karan. Karan deliberately falls in Preeta’s arms to create a moment. He tells that he was just checking if she will save him from falling down, and she passed the test.

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