Udaariyaan 8th February 2022 Written Update Tejo returns

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Udaariyaan 8th February 2022 Written Update Tejo returns Jasmin defames Fateh, Khushbeer and entire Virk family by getting the marriage fraud news printed in the newspapers. Fateh gets troubled by the angry protestors outside the college. He faces a big humiliation. He doesn’t get an entry in the college and returns home to confront Jasmin. Jasmin tells Fateh that she has to snatch many things from him, and this is just a start. She angers Fateh and Khushbeer by her sharp statements. Tejo gets to witness the humiliation caused to Virk family. She tells Rupy and Satti that she can’t leave Virks alone in such times. She wishes she could find a way to be with Virks and support them against Jasmin. She meets Angad, and shares the new shocking drama put up by Jasmin.

She tells Angad that she can’t tolerate Jasmin troubling the Virks in this matter by ruining their hard-earned prestige. She tells that she will do anything, but not let Jasmin do this. Angad tells that he has told her that he will find a solution, he has found it, he has a good news for her. He adds that its time to give an answer to Jasmin now. Tejo returns to Virk house with courage and rights this time. She arrives there with Angad, and shocks Jasmin. Jasmin asks Tejo how dare she come inside the house again.

Angad brings Tejo’s bag there. He tells Jasmin that there is a surprise. He asks Tejo to reveal the surprise to Jasmin and everyone before they go mad thinking about her coming. Tejo breaks the suspense. She tells that Jasmin has the half share of the house, but the other share of the house belongs to Angad Maan, he is the owner of the half share of the house after Khushbeer mortgaged the property for loan amount. Angad tells Jasmin that Tejo will be staying in Virk house from now, as the owner. Jasmin is shocked, while Fateh and Virks rejoice. Angad unites Fateh and Tejo, and teaches a good lesson to Jasmin.


Udaariyaan 8th February 2022 Written Update Tejo returns:

Fateh tells the people that whatever is printed in the newspaper isn’t the truth. The faculty of the college demand Fateh to resign from his job right away. Fateh tries to convince them. Tejo gets to witness this and gets too worried. Jasmin watches the video. She tells that Fateh won’t get spared this time. Fateh tries to explain the principal that he isn’t wrong, he is a victim in this mess. Principal doesn’t believe him, knowing what he did with Tejo. Tejo tells him that she will talk to the principal, but he asks her to stay away. She asks him not to lose so soon. He tells that Jasmin has not left any option for him. He clarifies that his stained past is ruining his present.

She tells that he has changed and became a good person, he deserves a chance. He tells that its enough for him that she believes this. He wants to protect her from the bad shadows of his past. He asks her to take care. Tejo’s heart cries for him. She feels the pain when he is hurt. Jasmin troubles Gurpreet and Simran by her criticism. She asks Gurpreet why did she make such bland food. Gurpreet tells that she will make anything she wants. Jasmin tells that she will defame them as well, if they dare go against them. Mahi tells Tejo that Jasmin is troubling them a lot, they can’t help themselves. Tejo asks her if Fateh has come home. Fateh barges into the house to confront Jasmin. He vents his anger on Jasmin by yelling at her for the new drama. He asks her how many lives will she ruin. Mahi gets scared and disconnects the call.

Tejo worries thinking what’s happening in Virk house. Fateh tells Jasmin that he lost the job because of her, she already got what she wanted and even then she is troubling them. She tells that the people deserve to know the truth. She rejoices seeing him in tension. She wants him to always boil his blood. He tells that she should have shame. She tells that he lost the job because he is shameless. She takes revenge on him that he burnt her passport and her dreams. She reminds how he ruined her happiness. She tells that he is restless because he can’t meet his love Tejo in the college.

She tells him that he shall stop meeting Tejo from now. She commands him to stay away from his lover. She is relieved that she has made Fateh and Tejo away. She threatens to snatch the leftover peace from his life by hurting his family. She asks him to just wait and watch what happens next. She treats everyone badly. Khushbeer watches the drama. He tells Fateh that he will file a case on that newspaper. Fateh tells that its no use, he already met the editor who told that Jasmin gave them the news. He adds that he got much insulted in the college. Tejo meets Angad and asks him to help her some way, Jasmin is hurting Virks a lot, she has insulted Fateh and defamed him even more by printing the wrong news.

She tells that she wants to help Fateh, but doesn’t know how. Angad asks her to come with him. She asks where. He asks her to trust her friend, its time to give an answer to Jasmin, he has found a solution to smash Jasmin’s plans. Jasmin stops Virks from having the food. She tells tat she will decide what they will eat in the house, because she is the owner of the house. She takes the food plates away from them. She tells that she will make whatever she wants, and have her own cook, because the kitchen is in her share. She asks them to order food and eat. Khushbeer tells that he won’t eat anything made in Jasmin’s kitchen. Jasmin gives them work tasks to trouble them. She asks Biji to take her orders.

Khushbeer shouts on Jasmin when the latter misbehaves with his mum. Jasmin doesn’t stop herself and troubles them more. She throws the clothes on the floor. She commands Khushbeer to fold the clothes and arrange it if he wants. Fateh reaches there to warn her. Biji tells that she will do the work for the family’s peace. Tejo walks in at the right time and takes a stand for the Virks. She stops Biji from picking the clothes from the floor. She tells Biji that she doesn’t need to do any work. Jasmin asks Tejo why is she so shameless that she came back. She shows the door to Tejo and asks her to get out. Tejo pushes her away with all the rights. She asks Jasmin not to dare touch her, because even she can call the police.

Tejo gets seated and gives a befitting reply to Jasmin. She reminds Jasmin that she will always be two steps ahead of her, being her elder sister. She tells that Jasmin can do any fraud and enter the Virk house to trouble them. She adds that she will not tolerate anything, she has come as a shield to protect Virks, she will stay here and nobody can oust her. She surprises the Virks. Jasmin asks Tejo is it her house that she has come to stay. Jasmin asks Tejo to come to the point and tell her how can she stay without any rights. Tejo tells her that Jasmin has the half share of the house, but the other half belongs to someone else, the owner has given her the right to stay here.

Jasmin stares at Khushbeer. Tejo tells that Khushbeer has no idea about him, she is talking about someone else, who owns the other half of the house. Angad makes a rocking entry that hits Jasmin hard. Angad asks Virks not to have tension now. He brings Tejo’s bag and hands it over to her. He asks her to break the surprise. Tejo tells them that Angad owns the other half share of the house property. Jasmin is shocked, and so are the Virks. Gurpreet realizes that Khushbeer had mortgaged the property. Angad asks Jasmin how did she like their surprise.

Tejo asks Jasmin to accept the truth, and now tolerate her in front of her eyes, being helpless. Jasmin gets speechless in shock. Angad tells that Jasmin will be happy to know that he is the owner of the beautiful house partly. Jasmin questions Angad and Tejo’s relation. She asks by what relation will Tejo stay in the house when Angad is the owner. Angad asks Tejo to answer Jasmin. Tejo produces the papers, asking Jasmin to read it carefully. Jasmin is shocked reading the document.

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  1. Too much of jasmin and she is getng too loud ..she can fool police ,sandhus, virks or anyone ….. only her mami could see what she was aftr …. what story line …… virks agreed to give everything to jasmin wothout even askng to give them evidence.. aftr agreeng to her …conditions ….who does that ???? she takes everything and they have no clue how to stop her…… except tejo all are scared and evn tejo’s character why again and again she gets soft corner for jasmin….. story is geting too monotenous …….just to keep show running ( which will not help further ) why turn all characters weak and dumb .and jasmin super smart .

  2. You are right, Nishi.

    We have stopped watching this ridiculous serial w that shrieking bi”##^&% Jasmin !!!!

    For heaven’s sake- Ravi n Shagun – u are both great TV actors – why are you digging your own grave – forgive me for saying this !!:-(


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