Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 Written Update Upsetting news

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 Written Update Upsetting news

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 Written Update Upsetting news Preeta learns about Mahesh’s condition. She grows worried. She suspects Prithvi and Sherlyn for wronging Mahesh when she was away from the house. She blames Prithvi for torturing Mahesh. Prithvi asks Preeta why does she always finds a reason to fight with him. He tells that she seriously has some problem with him. He thinks he has to act neutral and not indulge in any fight with Karan or Preeta, else the family will suspect his involvement. He doesn’t want to get caught for planting the coconut bomb. Karan has saved Preeta’s life from Prithvi’s evil plans and knows what Prithvi was attempting to do. He has sworn to protect Preeta from all the enemies. Prithvi asks what did he do that she is blaming him.

Karan stops him from yelling at Preeta. He asks Prithvi to keep his tone low. He asks Prithvi to respect Preeta, as she is the owner of the house and also Karan Luthra’s wife. He demands respect for Preeta. Preeta gets pleased seeing Karan taking a stand for her. Mahesh’s doctor warns the family to keep Mahesh in the basement, else he will be helpless to send Mahesh to the mental asylum. He tells that Mahesh has turned too dangerous, he can harm anyone, they will be troubled if he gets violent again. Rakhi cries for Mahesh.

Karan assures Rakhi that they will not send Mahesh to the mental asylum. Preeta decides to find out what had happened with Mahesh in her absence that his condition got worse suddenly. Prithvi wants to make a new plan to get Preeta out of his life. What will Prithvi plan next to remove her from his life? Keep reading.


Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 Written Update Upsetting news:

Prithvi asks the family not to worry, he will not send Mahesh to the mental asylum, but he will shift him to the basement like the last time. He acts concerned for Mahesh to fool them. Preeta accuses him for being responsible for Mahesh’s condition. Prithvi tells that he loves Mahesh and has proved it always. He asks her what did he do that she always blames him. Karan asks him to respect Preeta as she is the owner of the house and his/Karan’s wife. Prithvi tells that he doesn’t love Preeta, who accepted that she just came here for the sake of money, who doesn’t care for relations anymore. Karan tells that even if Preeta came for her greed, she deserves the respect. He doesn’t want Prithvi to speak a word against Preeta. Kareena is disappointed to see Karan favoring Preeta so much.

Kritika takes a stand for her husband. She tells that Prithvi is her husband and deserves respect too. Karan asks what did she say. Preeta asks them not to fight. She knows how to get the respect from everyone. Doctor warns the family. He asks them to keep Mahesh in the basement, else he has to send him to the asylum. Preeta tells that Mahesh should be with the family to recover soon. Doctor tells about the attack on Mona, which was too dangerous. He adds that Mahesh should be away from the family. Preeta and Karan can’t believe it. Prithvi tells that he will assure that they keep Mahesh in the basement. Preeta calls it a daily drama in the house and excuses herself.

Kareena gets outraged over Preeta’s misbehavior. Karan gets upset. On the other hand, Natasha tells that Karan will fall for her innocence, she will trap him and then win him. She praises herself that she has kept her reality hidden. She wants to shock the by revealing her true face. Preeta cries for Mahesh. She tells that Mahesh is okay, something went wrong. Janki and Shrishti console her. They testify that Mahesh’s condition isn’t right. Preeta suspects something is wrong. Karan comes to the room. Preeta asks Karan about the doctor, if he can be trusted to take up Mahesh’s responsibility. Karan tells that he is a responsible person and chose a good doctor for his dad.

He asks Sameer to drop Shrishti and Janki home. Shrishti refuses to take help. Karan and Sameer insist. Janki convinces Shrishti to come. Shrishti argues with Sameer rudely. She refuses to sit in the front seat. Karan asks them why didn’t they leave till now. Shrishti tells that Janki is insisting her to sit in the front seat. He asks Sameer not to trouble Shrishti. Sameer tells that he didn’t say anything. Karan asks Sameer to talk to Shrishti with love, and start a good conversation on the way. He advises Sameer to keep patience. Sameer drops Janki and Shrishti. Shrishti thanks him and goes home. He fails to talk to her. Janki explains him that he broke Shrishti’s faith and she is heartbroken. She advises him to win her faith now. He understands. He tells that he will try his best.

Shrishti hides and sees Sameer. He turns upset that she didn’t speak to him. He leaves. Preeta wonders how did Mahesh react so violently, when he was calm in the Lohri event. She tells that she never felt Mahesh has any behavioral disorder, the incident happened yesterday, Mahesh has no problem, he is okay, but something is done to him that he gets provoked to do this. She wants to bring Mahesh back to the family. Stay tuned.

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  1. This is really becoming too monotonous and boring. I am tired of seeing Privti and those useless tricks. Why are you troubling Mahesh? Don’t you have better ideas to keep the play going? We are sick of this Privti and Shelyn, please find more creative things to present. It must not be negativity all the time

  2. Why is Privti still in the house if he so insulted Mahesh during that event. Preeta has consolidated her claim on the property, so I would have expected Preeta with the help of Karan to kick him out of the house.

  3. The 2 shows kum kum bhagya and kundali bhagya Should really be canceled, it’s boring now and the storyline is repetitive p
    because Sherlyn and prithvi keep trying Everything they can think of to Get rid of the family or do bad things in general and nothing has succeeded so far,

  4. Preeta now it’s time ti involve Karan and Sameer and Srishti with her also makers should bring Rishab back bring some other character for his role to finish of Sherlin and Prithavi drama it’s now too much we are sick and bored with this stupid story


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