Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2022 Written Update Rudra appeals

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2022 Written Update Rudra appeals

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2022 Written Update Rudra appeals Rudra tells Sharda that he made very yummy cookies for Saaransh. Sharda tells him that Saaransh will be very happy with this. Vaijayanti tells Sharda and Rudra that Saaransh went to his friend’s house. Rudra asks which friend. Vaijayanti says Saaransh didn’t tell her which friend’s house he is going to. Rudra asks Vaijayanti at what time Saaransh left home. Rudra shouts and repeats his question to Vaijayanti. Vaijayanti says Saaransh left home 1 hour ago. Rudra angrily asks Vaijayanti why she didn’t tell anyone.

He asks Vaijayanti if she will take care of Saaransh like this, without questioning him where he went exactly. Rudra doesn’t hear Vaijayanti’s words and shouts at her for not taking care of Saaransh properly, which is her only one responsibility in the house. Sharda asks Rudra why he is getting angry over a small thing. Rudra tells Sharda that it isn’t a small thing as Saaransh went to Rohtak yesterday. He says he has to know where Saaransh went today. Rudra calls Bunty to bring the car home as he has some work. On Saaransh’s insistence, Mr. Batra calls Prisha and asks her where she reached.

Prisha tells Mr. Batra to send his location as she will reach Delhi in 15-20 minutes. Ruhi gets happy hearing that she reached Delhi. On the other hand, Rudra tells Bunty that they need to find Saaransh. He tells Bunty that Saaransh has started lying and they need to find him. Bunty hopes that Rudra finds Saaransh at his friend’s house only as otherwise he (Saaransh) may have to face Rudra’s anger. On the other hand, Saaransh decides to wait for Ruhi and her mother at their new home. He receives Rudra’s call and lies to him that he is at his friend Harsh’s home. Rudra disconnects the call telling Saaransh that he is coming to pick him up.


Saaransh calls Bunty for help. Bunty ignores Saaransh’s call being with Rudra. On Rudra’s insistence Bunty picks up Saaransh’s call secretly. He lies that it’s their song writer’s call. Saaransh tells Bunty the situation he is stuck in and asks for his help. Bunty somehow explains to Saaransh that he is coming to pick him up with Rudra. He doesn’t let Rudra know that he was talking to Saaransh. Saaransh leaves for Harsh’s house asking Mr. Batra to handle Ruhi and her mother’s needs. On the other hand, Prisha reaches her new house and covers her head. In her words, Guard calls Mr. Batra and tells him that Dr. Priya Sharma has arrived. On Mr. Batra’s words, Guard asks Prisha to wait outside.

Saaransh and Prisha have a hit and miss here. Saaransh feels bad for not being able to meet Ruhi’s mother. Mr. Batra welcomes Prisha. Prisha says thank you. Mr. Batra shows Saaransh as Khurana School’s trustee to Prisha. Prisha and Saaransh fail to see each other due to Prisha’s stuff unloading from the truck. Mr. Batra takes Prisha and Ruhi to show their new home. Bunty tries to stop Rudra from entering Harsh’s house. This way he tries to save Saaransh from Rudra’s anger. Rudra and Bunty enter Harsh’s home. Servant tells Rudra that Saaransh is not here. Rudra says his suspicion turned out to be true.

Saaransh calls Rudra from behind. While Rudra gets shocked, Bunty feels relaxed seeing Saransh at Hasrh’s house. On Rudra’s question Saaransh lies to Rudra that Harsh opened the door for him. He also says that the servant may not know about his arrival as he was in Harsh’s room the whole time. Flashback shows Saaransh entering Harsh’s room through his window. Saaransh also told Harsh that he lied to Rudra and needs his help in getting saved. Flashback ends. Saaransh leaves with Rudra and Bunty for his home. Ruhi finds the home very beautiful and runs with Prisha here and there.

Ruhi asks Prisha to give her a pink room. Prisha feels good seeing Ruhi happy. Ruhi and Prisha thanked Mr. Batra for helping them. Mr. Batra tells Prisha that she and Ruhi have to join school from the next day. Prisha agrees. Mr. Batra leaves, telling Prisha that their trustee will soon meet her. Ruhi decides to give a surprise to Rudra by meeting him face to face. At the signal, Rudra questions Saaransh about what his friend’s project was about. Saaransh stutters while replying to Rudra. He sees GPS and Vasudha and runs to them. Vasudha gets happy seeing Saaransh. Rudra too meets GPS and Vasudha. He asks them how they are. Vasudha and GPS ignore Rudra.

Saaransh stops them and asks the reason for separation of both Khurana and Srinivasans. He asks GPS and Vasudha to live together, forgetting everything from the past. Vasudha tells Saaransh that some things can’t be forgotten. She says if Prisha would have been alive then their situation would have been worsened. Vasudha and GPS leaves. Rudra thinks if he would reveal Prisha’s being alive truth then the situation would worsen. Rudra asks Saaransh to not spoil his mood. Saaransh asks what will Vasudha and GPS get by being angry for so many years. He asks if they will get Prisha back by all this. Rudra and Bunty look at each other.

Ruhi and Prisha enjoy their new house with each other. They hug, kiss and caress each other. Ruhi sends Prisha to make food for her, so that she can call and inform Rudra that she has come to Delhi. Rudra, Bunty and Saaransh return to Khurana mansion. Rudra goes to bring his surprise for Saaransh. Saaransh tells Bunty that he has called Ruhi and her mother to Delhi. He says Ruhi is joining their Khurana school the next day. Bunty asks what is happening. Saaransh tells Bunty that he will explain everything to him later on. Rudra gives cookies to Saaransh. He tells her that he has made cookies for him just like Prisha used to make for him.

Saaransh tells Rudra that he can start a cookie business too. He also tells Rudra that he can be a rockstar in the cookie business too. Rudra hugs Saaransh. Saaransh asks Rudra if he made cookies to make up for the time he lived away from him. Rudra says yes and asks Saaransh if now he isn’t angry with him. Saaransh asks Rudra if he will always stay away from him and then again will try to convince him by making cookies for him. He asks Rudra if he thinks that this will work everytime. Rudra tells Saaransh that now he will do whatever he says. Saaransh asks God- Promise. Rudra says God-Promise. Saaransh tells Rudra that he will ask him to fulfill his wish, when the time arrives. Rudra tells Saaransh that he will surely fulfill his wish, whenever he will ask him to.

Everyone gets happy seeing the father-son bond. Vaijayanti picks up Rudra’s call to not disturb his and Saaransh’s time. She gets shocked when Ruhi tells that she has come to Delhi. Vaijayanti thinks that Rudra shouldn’t know about it as Prisha would have also come with Ruhi to Delhi. She disconnects the call saying, wrong number. Vaijayanti intentionally puts Rudra’s phone on airplane mode. Ruhi fails to contact Rudra. She says she has another idea to meet Rudra. After dinner, Prisha goes to change. Ruhi uses search engine’s help to get Khurana mansion’s address. Next morning, Prisha brings Ruhi to Khurana school. Ruhi gets impressed and says to Prisha that it’s a very big school. Prisha tells Ruhi that it’s Delhi’s one of the top schools.

Ruhi doesn’t let Prisha drop her to her class. She is seen studying in her class. Ruhi sees the clock ticking 13:15. She wonders when the lunch break will start so that she can go to meet Rudra. In the next episode, Ruhi will enter Khurana Mansion. Rudra will be both surprised and shocked to see Ruhi at his home. He will ask Saaransh why he brought Ruhi to Delhi. Saaransh will tell Rudra that he met Ruhi on his school trip to Shimla. Rudra will ask Saaransh if he met Ruhi’s mother too. Ruhi will pick up Rudra, Prisha and Saaransh’s family photo frame from under the bed. Rudra will get shocked seeing this.

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