Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2022 Written Update Prisha's truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2022 Written Update Prisha’s truth

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2022 Written Update Prisha’s truth Vaijayanti takes Saaransh’s name to call him inside the car. Prisha turns but fails to see Saaransh. She takes Ruhi home in the cab. Yuvraj is seen beating his hitman for killing Pandey instead of Rudra. Hitman tells Yuvraj that Pandey himself came in front pushing Rudra aside. Yuvraj tells his hitman that he could have stopped his truck and then they would have made another plan. Hitman says he had to run away because Pandey died there by getting hit by his truck. Yuvraj refuses to pay his hitman and makes him run away.

Rudra and Bunty reach a chawl in search of Badrinath Gupta. Bunty asks Rudra to let the police handle all this as it’s not safe. Rudra doesn’t listen to Bunty and asks him to leave if he doesn’t feel safe. He gets determined to search Gupta. Rudra and Bunty knock on the house they reach according to the address given by the bank official. Bunty shows Rudra the house locked. He requests Rudra to return home and let the police handle everything. Rudra asks Gupta’s neighbor about him. The neighbor tells Rudra that Gupta died 10 years ago. Rudra asks the neighbor about Badrinath Gupta’s family and relatives.

Neighbor tells Rudra about Badrinath Gupta’s son, Bhairav Gupta. Rudra asks the neighbor about Bhairav. The neighbor says that Bhairav hasn’t seen since 10 years. Bunty takes Rudra with him. Prisha asks Ruhi to have idlis. Ruhi tells her tummy is full as Saaransh brought so much food for her. Prisha gets shocked hearing Saaransh’s name. Prisha asks Ruhi about Saaransh. Ruhi tells Prisha that Saaransh is Rudra’s son whom she met in Rohtak. She also tells Prisha that she met Saaransh two times in Rohtak. Ruhi further tells Prisha that Saaransh got her enrolled in Khurana school.

Prisha tells Ruhi that a trustee of Khurana school got her enrolled and gave her a job in his school. Ruhi tells Prisha that the trustee who helped them is Saaransh only. She also tells Prisha that Saaransh told her that Rudra has become happy like old times because of her. Ruhi further tells Prisha that Saaransh also told her that Rudra loves her as much he loved Saaransh’s mother. She says Rudra loves her even more than Saaransh. Ruhi says Rudra broke down badly after Saaransh’s mother’s death. Prisha gets shocked when Ruhi tells her that Rudra even stopped talking to Saaransh but became like old times after her entry in his life.

She also tells Prisha that Saaransh brought her to Delhi for Rudra’s happiness. Prisha recalls talking to Saaransh on call. She wonders if she made a big mistake by returning to Delhi. At Delhi, Vaijayanti questions Sharda that why she didn’t tell her that Ruhi and Prisha are in Delhi and Ruhi got enrolled in Khurana school. Sharda asks when did Ruhi get enrolled in Khurana school. Vaijayanti asks Sharda to stop her drama. She asks Sharda till when everyone will hide the truth from her. Vaijayanti reminds Sharda that she told her that Rudra and Prisha won’t ever reunite as Ruhi is Yuvraj’s daughter.

She says that in reality, it doesn’t matter to Rudra whose daughter Ruhi is. Vaijayanti says only Prisha matters to Rudra as he still loves her. She also says that Rudra got Ruhi enrolled in Khurana school as he wants to with Prisha. Sharda requests Vaijayanti to trust her that she doesn’t know anything about this. Vaijayanti says that Rudra is hiding all this from everyone. Saaransh says he got Ruhi enrolled in Khurana school, not Rudra. This shocks Sharda and Vaijayanti. Sharda asks Saaransh when did he meet Ruhi. Saaransh tells Sharda about how Ruhi helped in Rohtak. He also tells Sharda that he brought Ruhi to Delhi as Rudra is fond of her.

Vaijayanti asks Saaransh if he knows who Ruhi’s mother is. Saaransh says he knows that Ruhi’s mother is Dr. Priya Sharma. He asks Vaijayanti what the problem is. Vaijayanti asks Saaransh if he has ever met Ruhi’s mother. Saaransh says he tried to meet Ruhi’s but failed. He says Ruhi’s mother would be kind and good like Ruhi. Vaijayanti asks Saaransh why he brought Ruhi to Delhi. Saaransh says he brought Ruhi to Delhi for Rudra’s happiness. He tells Sharda that Ruhi made Rudra like old times. Saaransh says Rudra has stopped drinking, smiles, plays with him and showers his love on him, because of Ruhi.

He asks Vaijayanti to leave her worry as they would get their old Rudra back as Ruhi has entered their lives. Saaransh runs happily to his room. Vaijayanti tells Sharda that Rudra changed because of Prisha, not Ruhi. She asks Sharda if she ever thought how Saaransh will feel when he will get to know that Prisha is alive. Sharda gets into thinking. At night, Prisha is seen making Ruhi sleep by narrating a bedtime story to her. Ruhi tells Prisha that the princess got a happy ending but what about her (Ruhi). Ruhi says to Prisha that she wonders if she would get her mother and father or not.

Ruhi asks Prisha to not be sad as she isn’t blaming her. She tells Prisha that she has matured now. Ruhi says she got to know that there are many kids in her school who have a single parent like her too. She tells Prisha that even Saaransh doesn’t have a mother and his father remains away from him. Ruhi says Saaransh is very sad. Prisha asks why. Ruhi tells Prisha that Saaransh didn’t have his mother and father in the last 5 years. Prisha asks Ruhi why she is saying all this as Rudra was with Saaransh. Ruhi tells Prisha that Rudra broke so badly that he didn’t used to talk to anyone and remained away, due to which Saaransh got alone.

Prisha feels guilty. Ruhi asks Prisha if she can call Saaransh for dinner at their home as he can become her best friend and make up for Saanchi in her life. She tells Prisha that she sees an elder brother in Saaransh. Prisha tells Ruhi that they would discuss this the next day. She puts Ruhi to sleep and leaves her room. Prisha recalls the time she spent with Saaransh and breaks down into tears. She feels guilty towards Saaransh and apologizes to him in her thoughts. Prisha caresses and kisses Saaransh’s pic and feels sorry for making him endure so much alone. She says she didn’t wanted anyone to call Saaransh, son of a murderer and thus left him with Rudra.

Prisha says she didn’t know that Rudra will break down so much that he will make Saaransh feel alone. She says that she didn’t ask Rudra about Saaransh as she didn’t want to disturb his and Rudra’s life because of her. Prisha says fate made Saaransh call her and his younger sister back to Delhi. She says she feels desperately like meeting Saaransh. Prisha gets determined to go to Khurana Mansion to meet Saaransh. Prisha tries to meet Saaransh secretly by entering Khurana Mansion through a window. Rudra catches her and stops her. He questions Prisha, the reason behind her entering his house like a thief.

Prisha tells Rudra that she wants to meet Saaransh once. Rudra claps and asks Prisha if she finally remembered her son Saaransh. Prisha tells Rudra that she would obviously remember Saaransh as he is her son. Rudra asks Prisha didn’t she remembered that Saaransh is her son, when she left him 5 years ago. He also asks Prisha why she didn’t think about Saaransh earlier. Rudra tells Prisha that everything would have got alright 5 years ago only. He doesn’t let Prisha speak anything else. Rudra asks Prisha to let Saaransh think that she is dead. He tells Prisha that Saaransh won’t be able to endure this big lie of her’s. Tears fall from Rudra and Prisha’s eyes.

In the next, Prisha will hug Rudra tightly. Rudra will also hug Prisha back in some time. Vaijayanti will get shocked and worried seeing this from a distance. She will tell Vasudha and GPS that Prisha is alive. Prisha and Rudra will say, “I love you” to each other. Ruhi will be seen asking Vasudha if she is fine. Vasudha will politely tell Ruhi that she is fine. Ruhi will tell Vasudha that she is just like her mother as her mother also calls her “Bachha”. Vasudha and GPS will get shocked to see that Prisha is Ruhi’s mother.

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