Fanaa 21st February 2022 Written Update Dramatic twist

Fanaa 2nd March 2022 Written Update Pakhi shocks Agastya

Fanaa 21st February 2022 Written Update Dramatic twist Pakhi’s parents welcome Naveli and Agastya’s grandmother. They also welcome Ishaan’s family and Ishaan. Pakhi’s mother introduces Ishaan and his family to Agastya’s Grandmother (Neelima) and Naveli. Ishaan takes everyone’s blessings by touching their feet. Neelima blesses Ishaan. She hopes Agastya doesn’t do anything evil with Ishaan. On the other hand, Agastya helps Pakhi in getting ready, with her jewelry and dupatta. He praises Pakhi’s look. Pakhi sees Ishaan’s voice note and plays it.

Agastya gets angry hearing that Ishaan is asking Pakhi to come downstairs soon as he can’t wait to see her. Pakhi smiles and feels shy hearing this. Agastya snatches Pakhi’s phone and tells her that everybody is waiting for her downstairs. Tanya sees Shubham talking to Naveli. Naveli praises Shubham’s startup idea. Scared Tanya collides with Shubham and leaves apologizing to him. Ishaan sees Pakhi upstairs and performs a special dance for her. Pakhi feels happy seeing this. Agastya takes her downstairs. Pakhi dances with Ishaan happily. Their family and siblings also dance with them.

Ring ceremony starts. Ishaan asks Shubham to take out the ring. Shubham fails to find the ring with him. Everyone decodes that Shubham and Ishaan lost the engagement ring. Pakhi’s aunt taunts Ishaan and his family for this. Pakhi tells Ishaan that he should have kept the ring with himself. Agastya smirks and Tanya recalls stealing the engagement ring while colliding with Shubham. In her thoughts, Tanya apologizes to Pakhi for stealing her engagement ring as it would have cost her mother’s life by the blackmailer Yug. Agastya takes out the ring from Neelima’s hand. Neelima asks Agastya what he is doing. Agastya asks Neelima to remain quiet and recalls how he planned to perform every marriage ritual with Pakhi.


He pushes Ishaan aside and makes Pakhi wear the engagement ring. Agastya tells Pakhi that it’s his symbol of love. Everyone gets shocked by Agastya’s move. Agastya kisses Pakhi’s hand. All this turns out to be his imagination. Agastya says he found the ring. In a low voice, Agastya asks Ishaan to make Pakhi wear this as no one will get to know that it’s not the ring he bought for Pakhi. He also asks Ishaan to do as he says; otherwise, Pakhi would get upset. Ishaan makes Pakhi wear the ring given by Agastya. Everyone claps in happiness, except Neelima and Tanya. Pakhi also makes Ishaan wear an engagement ring. Again everyone claps for the couple. Pakhi praises the ring’s beauty. Agastya tells Pakhi that the ring is beautiful because it is made for her with love.

He stops Ishaan from telling the truth to Pakhi, telling him that his truth can snatch smiles and happiness from Pakhi’s face. Pakhi thanks Ishaan for it and says she won’t be able to sleep tonight. She says this ring would be in her finger forever by becoming the symbol of her love. Agastya feels very happy. Next morning, Neelima is seen applying haldi on Agastya’s face. She tells Agastya that she fulfilled his demand as always. Neelima asks Agastya why he is doing all this. Agastya tells Neelima that he can’t bring her daughter in law Pakhi home without any rituals. Agastya tells Neelima that according to his promise, Pakhi will become Raichand family’s daughter in law.

He asks Neelima to take his remaining haldi to Pakhi’s house. On the other hand, Ishaan’s haldi ceremony commences. Ishaan tells Shubham that he was wrong about Agastya’s intentions towards Pakhi. Shubham says it’s good to have clarity. Pakhi’s mother worries why haldi didn’t come from Ishaan’s home. Agastya reaches Pakhi’s home. Shubham also reaches Pakhi’s home with Ishaan’s haldi. Tanya recalls Yug’s orders to vanish Ishaan’s haldi from Pakhi’s haldi ceremony. Agastya takes Pakhi for a dance according to his plan. Tanya takes Ishaan’s haldi to the kitchen and Agastya smirks. Pakhi’s mother wonders where the haldi bowl went. Pakhi gets tense. Tanya feels guilty for doing wrong with Pakhi. She leaves the haldi in the kitchen hearing someone’s footsteps.

Agastya mixes something in the haldi that came from Ishaan’s home. He makes Pakhi’s mother take haldi to Pakhi. Neelima also reaches to Pakhi’s haldi ceremony. Pakhi’s mother applies haldi to Pakhi. Everyone gets shocked seeing blood instead of haldi. Tanya wonders who did this. Pakhi smells the Haldi and tells her mother that detergent fell into haldi. Pakhi’s mother wonders how this happened. Pakhi’s aunt says something wrong is happening in every ceremony of Pakhi’s marriage. Neelima asks everyone to not as she would make haldi for Pakhi. Pakhi’s mother says only haldi applied on the groom is applied to the bride as per the rituals. Neelima asks Pakhi’s mother (Prema) to not take stress saying that it’s just a ritual. She leaves to prepare haldi for Pakhi giving an angry glare to Agastya.

Tanya thinks someone else also wants to ruin Pakhi’s marriage. In the kitchen, Neelima makes a haldi for Pakhi by mixing the haldi she applied to Agastya. Prema scares Neelima by asking her what she is doing. She asks Neelima why she is doing her household work by being their guest. Neelima says to Prema that she is also a part of her family. She asks Preema to not worry as all this happens in marriage. Prema takes the Haldi outside and applies it to Pakhi. Shanya and the rest of Pakhi’s family also apply Haldi to Pakhi. Tanya gets scared seeing Yug calling her. She goes and applies haldi to Pakhi when the latter calls her. Agastya takes Pakhi’s mother’s permission and applies haldi to Pakhi.

He showers flower petals on Pakhi in real and his imagination both. Agastya also romances Pakhi in his imagination. He comes into reality and applies haldi to Pakhi. Pakhi’s aunt tells Agastya that he had to apply haldi to the bride, not make her bath in haldi. Pakhi laughs hearing this. Everyone dances in the ceremony. Later, Tanya feels like telling everything to Pakhi but feels worried for her mother’s life. Pakhi sees Tanya worried and asks her why she seems tense since days. She asks Tanya to share her worry with her. Tanya cries and hugs Pakhi. She tells Pakhi that she was feeling scared to tell her earlier. Pakhi asks Tanya if she is stressed about her mother’s health. She also asks Tanya to not take any stress.

Pakhi gives her two jewelry boxes to Tanya and asks her to get her mother treated. She asks Tanya to not feel stressed about returning money to her. Tanya refuses to take Pakhi’s marriage jewelry. Pakhi tells Tanya that her mother is like a mother to her and her marriage is not more important than her (Tanya’s) mother’s health. She hugs Tanya and convinces her to take her jewelry for her mother’s sake. Later, Tanya decides to take her mother away using the money and jewelry given by Pakhi. She also decides to not follow Yug’s orders anymore. Tanya makes a decision to tell Ishaan everything before going away.

On the other hand, Shubham is seen telling Ishaan whatever happened at Pakhi’s haldi ceremony. Ishaan and his father wonder why all this is happening. Someone rings Ishaan’s house doorbell. Ishaan can be seen shocked and confused seeing something/someone/no one at his house door.


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