Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2022 Written Update Revelation

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2022 Written Update Revelation

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2022 Written Update Revelation Vasudha caresses Ruhi and tells her that she needs to meet her mother. Ruhi points out at Prisha and tells Vasudha that she is her mother. Vasudha and GPS turns and gets shocked to see Prisha alive. Flashbacks of Vasudha screaming and cursing Prisha for killing Venky are shown. Flashbacks also show Vasudha getting Prisha arrested. Ruhi tells Vasudha and GPS that Prisha is her mother and also the world’s best mother. Prisha asks Ruhi to go to her class. Ruhi hugs Vasudha and tells her that she is very good as she gave a lot of love to her. She asks Vasudha to surely meet her whenever she comes to her school.

Ruhi leaves hugging GPS. GPS also says bye to Ruhi and sends her. Prisha stops Vasudha and GPS by calling them Amma and Appa. At Khurana Mansion, Rudra burns in jealousy and betrayal recalling Prisha and Yuvraj’s closeness from last night. He also recalls Yuvraj’s Valentine’s plan for Prisha. Saaransh meets Rudra and tells him that he has planned a Valentine’s surprise for him. He tells Rudra that he has planned a date for him. Rudra gets angry and reminds Saaransh that he doesn’t like going on dates. Saaransh tells Rudra that he has planned a unique and blind date for him. Angry Rudra asks Saaransh to focus on his studies instead as he is very young now.

Saaransh asks Rudra why he forgot that he was young when he left him alone for 5 years. He reminds Rudra that he promised him that he would keep him happy. Saaransh asks Rudra why he is making him sad again. Rudra tickles Saaransh and calls him “nautanki”. He asks Saaransh to not play emotional blackmail games with him as it’s in their blood. Rudra agrees to go a blind date planned by Saaransh. Saaransh gets very happy. At school, Vasudha asks Prisha to not address her as her mother as she lost that right when she killed Venky. Vasudha calls Prisha a big liar. She taunts Prisha and asks her why she returned to Delhi. Prisha says she returned to Delhi for Ruhi’s good future.


Vasudha tells Prisha that she gave good values to Ruhi. She tells Prisha that she can’t give fake love to Ruhi or accept her. Vasudha tells GPS that she can’t breathe in Delhi with Prisha’s existence. She also tells Prisha that she is not calling the police only because she can’t make Ruhi an orphan. Vasudha asks Prisha to leave Delhi with Ruhi. GPS leaves behind Vasudha, teary eyed, being helpless. On the other hand, Saaransh takes Rudra to some room of Khurana school blindfolded. He takes Ruhi with her teacher’s permission by saying that the principal has some work with Ruhi. Outside the class, Saaransh tells Ruhi that she has a date today.

On the other hand, the PT teacher brings an injured student to Prisha in the medical room. Prisha sends the teacher away and treats the kid’s wound. Saaransh takes Ruhi to Rdura. Rudra runs and hugs Ruhi. Both father-daughter decodes that they are each other’s date. Rudra hugs and thanks Saaransh for such a beautiful surprise. Father-Son-Daughter sit together for a movie. All three of them have popcorn and milkshakes while enjoying a movie together. Saaransh asks Rudra to enjoy and receives Bunty’s call on his phone. Bunty relaxes when Saaransh tells him that Rudra is busy in spending time with Ruhi. He thinks it’s good that Rudra is spending time with Ruhi as he (Rudra) may forget everything about Scholarship scam this way.

Prisha calls the injured child’s father and asks him if he is coming to pick up his child. The child’s father tells Prisha that his bike broke down near Rajendra Nagar and thus he would get late. He also tells Prisha that he got late because he was coming from the office, otherwise his house is only 5 minutes away from school. Prisha offers to drop the injured child to his house and the child’s father agrees. Prisha tells the child about this to the child and leaves to drop him to his house. On the other hand, Ruhi, Rudra and Saarsnh’s movie ends. Ruhi calls Rudra “nautanki” for crying, seeing an emotional movie. Both Saaransh and Ruhi tickle Rudra to make him smile and happy. Rudra hugs his children.

Ruhi and Rudra thank Saaransh for such a beautiful date. Rudra takes Ruhi outside. He asks Ruhi about Prisha and Yuvraj’s relationship indirectly. Ruhi tells Rudra that Prisha hates Yuvraj and has no relation with him. Rudra sends Ruhi with Saaransh. He wonders why Prisha is keeping Ruhi and herself away from Yuvraj. Injured child’s mother thanks Prisha for dropping her child home. Prisha collides with Bubbles outside the injured child’s home. She hugs Bubble and asks her what she is doing in delhi. Bubbles tells Prisha that she shifted last month. Prisha tells bubbles that Bunty didn’t tell her about her. Bubbles cough, Prisha takes Bubbles to her house. Prisha wonders why Bubbles is not ready to take her to her home.

Bubbles show Prisha her home. Someone rings the bell and Bubbles asks Prisha to sign and take the courier. Prisha searches for a pen in Bubbles drawer and gets shocked to see many Khurana school scholarship forms in it, signed by Rudra. She wonders what so many scholarship forms are doing in Bubble and Bunty’s home. Prisha recalls Rudra signing Saaransh’s report card and both of them discussing the “R” design that Rudra uses in his signatures. Prisha sees that the scholarship form has a different “R” design. She wonders if Bunty was the person deceiving Rudra with Pandey since long.

Prisha thinks of telling Rudra about it. She sings the courier receiving and leaves informing Bubbles. Prisha tries to call Rudra but the latter doesn’t receive her calls. In the next episode, Bunty will think of burning all the documents related to scholarship kept at his house. He will get shocked on knowing that Scholarship documents are missing from his home. On the other hand, Prisha will tell Rudra that she got to know who is behind the scholarship scam. Bunty will ask Bubbles if someone came to their house. Bubbles will shock Bunty by telling him that Prisha came. Rudra will get shocked when Prisha will tell him that Bunty is behind the scholarship scam.

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  1. First of all, too many lies by Preesha.
    For 5 years Preesha showed no concern for Saaransh, who previously she claimed was her life and cannot live without.
    Preesha allows Yuvraj to manipulate her, seems she forgot all what he did with Saaransh in the past
    Yuvraj has always turned everything on Preesha and she believed him stupidly
    GPS is ruled by Vasu who seems very toxic, no wonder her children are criminals.

    First time the got beautiful children, the present Saaransh and Ruhi
    Please dont ever change them, they are making a huge difference in this show.
    Don’t drag on this separation for too long, get Yuvraj and Vaiju out quickly
    Also why make Bunty a negative character now, Bunty is super cool


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