Yeh Rishta 21st February 2022 Written Update Savior’s entry

Yeh Rishta 21st February 2022 Written Update Savior's entry

Yeh Rishta 21st February 2022 Written Update Savior’s entry Akshara tells Kairav that she tried to scream out her anger and pain by punching the punching bag like Sirat but nothing changed. Kairav hugs Akshara. He tells Akshara that this is the feeling of first love. Kairav also tells Akshara that a caring and loving life partner like Abhimanyu is every girl’s dream. He says he wonders why their family can’t understand their true love and considers them wrong in all this. At the police station, the inspector asks Manish to read papers and make a decision. Harshvarshan and Anand request Manish to not do this with Abhimanyu and sort their differences outside.

Parth apologizes to Manish on Abhimanyu’s behalf. At Goenka Mansion, Kairav is seen caressing Akshara in his lap. Akshara wishes that Manish doesn’t punish Abhimanyu for loving her. At the Police station, Abhimanyu folds his hands in front of Manish and tells him that he just loved Akshara, not done anything wrong. He asks Manish to torment him, not Akshara. Abhimanyu requests Manish to do something that will make Akshara feel that her grandfather doesn’t love her. Being angry, Manish signs on some register. at Goenka house, Aarohi makes Suhasini have tea. Manish returns home and Akshara runs to him. She doesn’t let Manish go without telling her about Abhimanyu. Manish gives her an angry glare.

At the police station, Harshvardhan asks Abhimanyu what he got out of loving Akshara. He reminds Abhimanyu that he told him to leave and forget Akshara. Harshvardhan tells Abhimanyu that his arrest can affect his career and Birla hospital’s reputation. He asks Abhimanyu to forget Akshara as she is relaxing at home after sending him to the police station. Abhimanyu tells Harshvardhan that he is sure that Akshara would be fighting for him right now. Harshvardhan tells Abhimanyu that he is sure that Akshara would do nothing for him. Abhimanyu keeps his faith in Akshara. At Goenka house, Akshara is seen fighting for Abhimanyu with Manish. She tells Manish that Abhimanyu didn’t do anything wrong for which he needed to call police for that.


Akshara tells Manish that no one except her saw that Inspector fell from Abhimanyu’s shoulder hit as he was trying to save her from falling. She says it was an accident, not an attack. Seeing Manish leaving, Akshara asks Manish why he isn’t understanding that Abhimanyu is innocent. Suhashini, Swarna, Vansh and Kairav support Akshara in Abhimanyu’s innocence. Akshara folds her hands and requests Manish to not punish Abhimanyu for what he didn’t do. Manish tells Akshara that Abhimanyu forced him to do this. At the police station, Abhimanyu prays to god to handle everything as it’s about his true love. He wonders what Akshara would face at her house. Manjiri reaches Goenka house.

She tells Manish that she knows that Abhimanyu can’t do anything wrong. Manish tells Manjiri that being Abhimanyu’s mother, she would find all his wrong things right. He asks Manjiri to not force him to say anything bad to her as she is a woman and his guest. Manjiri asks Manish to vent out his anger on her as she is ready to hear anything. She tells Manish that after this he will have to hear what she will say. Manjiri tells Manish that being elders they can punish their children for their mistakes but he punished Abhimanyu very severely for no reason. Manish tells Manjiri that Abhimanyu barged inside their house and defamed them in front of the whole society. Manjiri tells Manish that he could have slapped or shouted at Abhimanyu in front of everyone, being an elder.

She also tells Manish that he has no right to ruin Abhimayu’s life by sending him to the prison. Manjiri tells Manish that if he is punishing Abhimanyu for celebrating Valentines with Akshara then nothing wrong had happened there as per his assumptions. She says she is saying this because she was there too and witnessed everything. Manjiri asks Manish to get her arrested too as she was also celebrating valentines with Abhimanyu and Akshara. She tells Manish that he also knows that Abhimayu’s whole life can get ruined after going to prison. Manjiri tells Manish that he is ruining Abhimanyu’s career and separating her from her son in his ego.

Manish tells Manjiri that he and his family also have their respect in society and Abhimanyu tries to ruin their respect with his actions. He also tells Manjiri that this tension wouldn’t have been between them if she would have taught Abhimanyu to behave properly, instead of them. Manish asks Manjiri how he can forgive Abhimanyu for defaming his granddaughter and family in front of society. Manjiri tells Manish that due to his grandson Kairav their daughter Anisha attempted suicide. She asks Manish if she should also send Kairav to prison by filing a complaint against him.

Manjiri tells Manish that being decent people they should fulfill enmity in limits. She asks Manish how he would feel if Harshvardhan files a complaint against Kairav. Manjiri folds her hands and requests Manish to not consider children wrong. Akshara also requests Manish to take his complaint back as they would regret it, if the case goes to court. Swarna, Suhasini, Kairav and Vansh also request Manish to take his complaint against Abhimanyu back. Manjiri pleads and continues requesting Manish.

Akshara stops Manjiri from pleading and tells her that Manish might not be understanding their pain. She says to Manjiri that they need to do something else. Akshara says she won’t let “her Abhi”go to prison, irrespective of what someone does. Manish recalls Naira fighting for Karthik in a similar way. Suhasini calls Akshara as Naira’s junior version. She apologizes to Manish and leaves with Manjiri to save Abhimanyu. Akshara’s huge stand for Abhimanyu shocks everyone but makes Suhasini happy. She leaves with Manjiri on her bike for the police station. Manish calls Akhilesh and warns him about Akshara’s arrival at the police station.

Everyone at the police station gets shocked seeing Akshara and Manjiri coming on bike. Akhilesh shows everything to Manish on video call. Manish wonders what Akshara isn going to do now. Akshara runs to Abhimanyu with Manjiri. Abhimanyu asks Akshara and Manjiri what they are doing at the police station. He asks them to return home. Akshara asks the inspector to arrest her too as Abhimanyu did everything for her. She asks the inspector to call his female constable and arrest her too. Akshara’s words shocks everyone. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to stop Akshara. Manjiri asks the inspector to arrest her too as she was too involved in Abhimanyu and Akshara’s crime.

Abhimanyu assk Manjiri and Akshara if they have gone mad. Both Manjiri and Akshara together ask Abhimanyu to be quiet. Akshara asks the inspector if he is arresting her or should she too raise her hand on him. She also asks the inspector if he needs her to accidentally push him like Abhimanyu, to force him to arrest her. Manish says he did all this to save Akshara from all this mess in which she is getting herself involved and everything is going reverse. He asks Akhilesh to take their complaint against Abhimanyu back. Akhilesh tells the inspector that they want to take their complaint against Abhimanyu back.

Inspector asks Akhilesh why they waste police’s time. Manjiri hugs Abhimanyu in happiness. They involve Akshara too in their hug. Manjiri kisses and caresses Akshara and Abhimanyu. In the next episode, Aarohi will inform Akshara that something has happened to Manish. Abhimanyu will shock Akshara by telling her that Manish got a heart attack. Harshvardhan and Goenkas will prepare for Manish’s heart surgery. Harshvardhan will taunt Akshara by telling her that her love story made Abhimanyu away from hospital and has cost everyone heavily. Akshara will see a doctor arriving for Manish’s operation. It will be Abhimayu returning to Birla hospital.

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