Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd February 2022 Written Update New revenge

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd February 2022 Written Update New revenge Bunty comes to Prisha’s house. Prisha asks Bunty if Bubbles is fine, as he suddenly has come to meet her. Bunty tells Prisha that Bubbles is fine and told him that she felt good meeting her after a long time. Prisha tells Bunty that she also felt good after meeting Bubbles after a long time. She also tells Bunty that she never expected that he would hide such a big thing from her and deceive her. Prisha asks Bunty why he didn’t tell her the truth even after meeting a lot of times. Bunty stutters and asks Prisha what truth she is talking about.

Prisha asks Bunty why he didn’t tell her about Bubbles’s worsening health. Bunty tells Prisha why he would tell her about the normal cough, cold and fever of Bubbles. Prisha asks Bunty why he is lying to her even after knowing that she is a doctor. She says that she knows that Bubbles is suffering from Kidney failure. Prisha tells Bunty that she saw Bubbles medical files at his house and went to hospital to confirm Bubble’s health condition. Flashback shows Prisha asking for Bubbles medical files from the hospital receptionist. Receptionist asks Prisha to take permission from Bubble’s doctor first. Prisha checks Bubble’s medical file in receptionist’s absence. She gets to know that Bubbles has an appointment with the doctor today and waits to meet Bubble’s in the hospital only. Flashback ends.

Prisha asks Bunty why he hid Bubble’s condition from everyone. Bunty says he doesn’t want to tell anyone and requests Prisha to not tell anyone else about it. Prisha asks Bunty why he came to meet her. Bunty asks Prisha if she got something when she came to drop Bubbles home, did she see some papers in his house. Prisha tells Bunty that she didn’t find anything. Bunty thinks he might have kept scholarship scam documents somewhere else in his house. He further decides to check the scam papers at home. Prisha asks Bunty if they were important papers. Bunty replies yes and starts leaving for home. He requests Prisha not to tell anyone, especially Rudra about Bubble’s health condition.


Prisha stops Bunty from leaving and asks him if he doesn’t want to know what she is going to do with his important papers. Bunty gets shocked hearing this. Prisha shows Bunty the scam papers. She asks Bunty if he came to know if she had scholarship scam papers or not. Prisha tells Bunty that she never expected that he would deceive his best friend Rudra for money. Bunty stutters and turns his face. He says he would never deceive Rudra. Bunty asks Prisha how she can even think of this. He keeps on lying and pretending to be innocent. Prisha shows Bunty a hospital recording of her and Bubbles. In the recording, Prisha makes Bubbles tell her that she is suffering from Kidney failure.

She convinces Bubble’s that she will help her and Bunty. Bubbles tell Prisha that she and Bunty got to know about her kidney failure a year ago. She also tells Prisha that she and Bunty needed a lot of money for her surgery, kidney transplant and medicines. Bubbles further tells Prisha that she refused for the kidney transplant knowing that she and Bunty didn’t have much money for it. She says that Bunty told her that he will arrange money from their investments and bonuses. Bubbles further tells Prisha whatever doctor told her and Bunty and continuously asked for money from them for her tests and dialysis which made Bunty tensed.

She tells Prisha that one day Bunty came and told him that he arranged a lot of money. Bubbles also tells Prisha that Bunty told her that he did a scholarship fraud in Rudra’s Khurana school. Flashback shows Bubbles questioning Bunty how he can deceive his own friend. Bunty angrily tells Bubbles that he has got tired of asking for money from Rudra. He also tells Bubbles that he doesn’t want money to create differences between him and Rudra. Bubbles tells Bunty that he already lost Rudra when he started deceiving Rudra. Bunty promises Bubbles that he would return all money to Rudra’s school without letting him know about it, once she gets fine. Flashback ends.

Bubbles tells Prisha that she always tried to ask Bunty to tell the truth to Rudra but he always hid everything for his self respect. She requests Prisha to not reveal anything to Rudra as Bunty never had intentions towards Rudra. Bubbles tells Prsiha that she will return Rudra’s money after getting fine and by joining service. Prisha tells Bubbles that she can understand her condition and situation but can’t hide such a big thing from Rudra. She convinced Bubbles to not reveal about their meeting to Bunty and asked her to have faith in God, that everything would get fine soon.

Recording ends and Prisha questions Bunty’s deeds and lies. Bunty accepts that he did a scholarship scam/fraud in Khurana school to save Bubbles. He requests Prisha to not tell Rudra anything about this. Prisha apologizes to Bunty and says she has to tell the truth to Rudra. Bunty requests Prisha to not do this as he won’t be able to return Rudra’s money at present as Bubbles treatment is going to start soon. He begs in front of Prisha. Prisha says she can’t do anything wrong with Rudra and starts calling Rudra. When Prisha doesn’t agree to Bunty, he tries to hit Prisha with a vase and apologizes to her. Rudra stops Bunty from hitting Prisha.

Bunty gets shocked seeing Rudra at Prisha’s house. He shouts at Prisha for deceiving him. Rudra punches Bunty and grabs his collar. He tells Bunty that he is the one who lied to him and deceived him. Rudra tells Bunty that he trusted him blindly. He also tells Bunty that he knows that he would have helped him in saving Bubbles by even selling everything that belongs to him, if he would have asked him to. Bunty shouts and tells Rudra that he knows that he would have done anything to save Bubbles. He tells Rudra that he didn’t want charity from him. Rudra asks Bunty if taking money from a brother is a charity. Rudra tells Bunty that charity was better than robbing. Bunty tells Rudra that he didn’t rob him and would return all his money.

Rudra asks Bunty if he would rob a bank to return his money. He grabs Bunty’s collar and asks him to think that he deceived him so badly. Bunty tells Rudra that he was compelled. Rudra tells Bunty that he didn’t need to deceive him to save Bubbles. He tells Bunty that his blind trust on him never made his mind strike that his surname Gupta matches the fraud’s surname. Bunty gets shocked when Rudra tells him that police will arrest him and punish him for his crime. He asks Prisha to make Rudra understand for Bubbles sake as she would die if she doesn’t get the kidney transplant done on time. Rudra says he doesn’t care about anyone. He says the person who would deceive him will get punished for sure.

Police come and Rudra asks Inspector to arrest Bunty. Bunty gets angry at Prisha and calls her a deceiver. Rudra gets shocked when Bunty reveals that he hid Prisha’s secret from him. Police arrest Bunty. Rudra refuses to hear Bunty’s requests and pleas. Bunty pushes the police and Rudra and escapes. Police inspector says they will catch Bunty soon. He asks Prisha to be careful as Bunty can harm her for exposing him. Rudra says he is with Prisha and nothing will happen to her. Inspector leaves and Rudra asks Prisha to not worry as Police will soon catch Bunty.

Prisha says she is just feeling bad for whatever happened. She tells Rudra that sometimes people do wrong things because of getting stuck in bad situations, not by their own will. Prisha further tells Rudra that she is sure that Bunty would be feeling bad for deceiving him. Rudra tells Prisha that nothing can change a person’s character as the person always has the option to choose either right or wrong. He says wrong is wrong done by anyone.

In the next episode, Rudra will tell Prisha that he gave her, her and Saaransh’s photograph in a locket because she is Saaransh’s mother. He will ask Prisha why she gave him a locket with his and Ruhi’s photograph in it. Prisha will reveal to Rudra that Ruhi is his daughter. Bubbles will request Prisha and Rudra to forgive Bunty. Rudra will ask Bubble to do whatever he tells her as she doesn’t have any option left. Bunty will get shocked seeing this secretly. He will be taking the disguise of Ruhi’s school bus driver. Angry Bunty will get determined to take Ruhi away from Rudra as he took his Bubbles away from him.

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