Udaariyaan 24th February 2022 Written Update Jasmin exposed

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Udaariyaan 24th February 2022 Written Update Jasmin exposed Janjua calls off Buzo and Simran’s wedding, leaving Simran alone in the marriage altar. Buzo gets helpless when his dad doesn’t permit him to marry Simran because Candy is her illegitimate child. She pleads to Janjua to forgive Simran and accept her as his Bahu. She wants Simran’s happiness and can do anything for it. Tejo requests him to let the marriage happen. She knows that Jasmin is behind the conspiracy. She fears of Virk family losing their name again. Janjua angrily raises hand on Tejo to make her out of his way. He doesn’t want Tejo to block Buzo’s way. Fateh shouts on him to limit his move.

Fateh and Angad come forward to defend Tejo. Jasmin makes sure that Simran’s marriage stops. Simran is left crying, while Gurpreet, Nimmo and Mahi shoulder her. Simran apologizes to Gurpreet and Khushbeer for hiding the truth from them. Jasmin has bribed the magistrate and broke the truth out. Buzo finds out Jasmin’s planning. He calls up Fateh. Tejo and Fateh get a big proof against Jasmin. Fateh tells Buzo that it’s a solid proof. He thanks Buzo. Tejo tells that Jasmin’s game will be over now. She asks Fateh to come with her before Jasmin knows their plan. Jasmin comes in front of them and stops them.

She tells that they appear in a hurry, she will drop them in her new car. She forces them to sit in the car, and then commands Amrik to drive the car in speed. Fateh and Tejo ask Amrik to drive slow. Jasmin asks Amrik to speed up. Fateh asks Amrik to see the truck coming and just hit the brakes. Amrik fails to control the speed. Tejo screams. Jasmin shows her madness. Will they meet an accident? Will Jasmin succeed to exploit Amrik’s trauma further? Keep reading.


Udaariyaan 24th February 2022 Written Update Jasmin exposed:

Jasmin cleverly makes Fateh, Khushbeer and Buzo’s dad fight between Simran’s marriage. Buzo’s dad Janjua doesn’t want to accept Simran, knowing about her child born without marriage. He is thankful to the person who had called the marriage registrar home in time before the marriage. He doesn’t listen to Tejo and rebukes her for convincing him for the alliance when she knew the entire truth. He asks Tejo how could she get Khushbeer to his house to apologize. He suspects that Khushbeer knew the truth and deliberately wanted to get rid of Simran by Buzo’s alliance.

Tejo defends that Khushbeer had no idea about Simran’s past. She tells that she was the only one who knew it. Khushbeer asks Tejo why didn’t she tell him. She tells that she lacked the courage to break their happiness and turn it into sorrow, so she had to hide the truth until she found a right time to disclose it. She apologizes to them that she didn’t let Simran share the past truth as well. Fateh defends Tejo when she gets targeted by anger of Janjua. Fateh and Tejo get into an argument with Janjua, who is determined to reject Simran. Simran takes a stand for her son Candy, while Buzo defends his pure love for Simran. Buzo believes that Simran is a gem and wants to marry her. His parents don’t permit her.

They want Buzo to come with them. Simran fears the worst. The family cries for Simran. Tejo seeks Angad’s help in stopping Jasmin some way, because she is sure that Jasmin is the mastermind of the entire disaster. Angad uses the medicine to upset Jasmin’s stomach and stops her from going outside in the lawn, where Virks and Tejo are trying hard to convince Janjua for Buzo and Simran’s marriage. Khushbeer begs Janjua to accept Simran, whose future will be ruined if the baraat returns. Fateh and Tejo feel shattered seeing Khushbeer keeping his Pagdi in Janjua’s feet.

Angad succeeds in blocking Jasmin from spitting poison around. He doesn’t want Jasmin to provoke Janjua. He informs Tejo that he has taken care of Jasmin and kept her away. Tejo finds the family arguments going non stop. Fateh tells that he will not tolerate his sister’s insult, though he does respect Buzo’s parents. Janjua asks him to keep Simran in Virk family forever. Fateh tells that Buzo loves Simran as well, and won’t be happy without her. Janjua doesn’t pity Virks. Tejo takes Buzo to convince him. She reminds their mistake of hiding the truth. She asks Buzo to take a stand for Simran and fight for his love, else he will lose Simran forever.

He tells Tejo that he can’t live without Simran and its really time to protect their relationship. Tejo takes Buzo to his dad, where he speaks in Simran’s favor. Buzo tells that Khushbeer and Fateh aren’t at fault. He accepts his fault of hiding the truth before. He declares that he loves Simran and will marry her, knowing she has all the qualities of a good wife. He doesn’t let his parents stop him and goes to Simran for the marriage. Jasmin fails in stopping Buzo. Tejo has promised Simran that she will get her married to Buzo in the same mandap. She keeps her promise by encouraging Buzo. She gets happy seeing Buzo’s strong stand. Will Buzo and Simran get married? Keep reading.

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