Fanaa 24th February 2022 Written Update Vicious Love

Fanaa 24th February 2022 Written Update Vicious Love

Fanaa 24th February 2022 Written Update Vicious Love Pakhi receives Ishaan’s call. Ishaan asks Pakhi to bring 20,000 rupees to a location he will send her. He also tells Pakhi that his patient is in danger. Confused, Pakhi disconnects the call saying that she is coming. She searches for money to take it to Ishaan. Pakhi prays to the universe that she and Ishaan get married successfully today. She climbs the window of her room to reach Ishaan. Her dupatta gets stuck in the window. She asks the universe if it wants her not to go anywhere. Pakhi asks the universe what sign it wants to give her.

She says has to go for Ishaan. As Pakhi climbs the window, Prema calls her from outside her room. Pakhi tells Prema that she wants to remain alone for some time. Prema tells Pakhi that Shanaya and she would need to enter her room for some or other work. Smirking, Agastya comes and tells Prema that Pakhi’s aunt is searching for her. Prema leaves to meet Pakhi’s aunt. Agastya watches Pakhi leaving to meet Ishaan by climbing her window through his secret camera. He also watches tense Ishaan in Karataar Singh’s secret hideout through his secret camera and smirks.

On the other hand, Ishaan tries to search Kartaar Singh in his secret hideout. He wonders why the secret hideout is empty when Kartaar Singh called him for his baby’s urgent treatment. Ishaan sees a drone keeping a watch on him. He asks who is keeping a watch on him. Agastya smirks seeing Ishaan worried through his secret camera. He says he likes seeing Ishaan in this condition. Yug taps on Ishaan’s shoulder. Ishaan asks Yug who he is. Yug starts beating Ishaan. Ishaan thinks that Yug is Kartaar Singh’s goon. He tells Yug that he is not an enemy of Kartaar Singh and also not from the police’s side.


Back at the wedding Venue, Shubham reaches into the groom’s disguise as Ishaan. Agastya intentionally takes Shubham out of the car and calls him Ishaan. He makes Shubham sit on the mandap at Ishaan’s place. Agastya tells Shubham that he wants some photographs with the groom as the media and famous people are here. He forcefully removes the veil from Shubham’s face. Everyone except Agastya gets shocked seeing Shubham in place of Ishaan. Pakhi’s family and Ishaan’s father questions Shubham about Ishaan’s whereabouts.

Agastya also pretends innocence and asks Shubham about Ishaan’s whereabouts. Shubham tells everyone that he didn’t find Ishaan in his room and instead got a voice note from him. He further tells everyone that in the voice note, Ishaan told him that he had to leave for some emergency at the hospital and will directly reach the wedding venue. Ishaan’s father gets angry and asks Shubham wasn’t there any other doctor available for emergency work. Pakhi’s parents also get angry at Ishaan’s unavailability. Ishaan’s father asks Shubham to call Ishaan and ask him about his whereabouts.

Shubham calls Ishaan but finds his phone switched off. Neelima gets worried thinking if Agastya is behind Ishaan’s disappearance. Agastya smirks, seeing everyone in tension. Everyone gets more angry when Shubham and Sameer say that Ishaan’s phone is coming off. Pakhi’s family gets angry at Ishaan’s family. Shanaya comes running and says Pakhi can’t be found in her room. This increases everyone’s tension. On the other hand, Yug continuously beats Ishaan at Karataar Singh’s secret hideout. Pakhi is seen in a cab. Cab driver asks her if she is running from her wedding. Pakhi asks the cab driver to focus on his work. Cab driver tells Pakhi he saw all this just in film. He asks Pakhi if she was getting forcefully married to someone.

Pakhi gets a little irritated and tells the driver that she is going to meet her groom only. This makes the cab driver confused and curious. At the wedding venue, Neelima gets more doubtful and worried knowing that Pakhi is also missing. Media starts taking videos and photographs of whatever is happening at Pakhi and Ishaan’s wedding venue. Guests start talking ill about Ishaan and Pakhi. This pricks Pakhi and Ishaan’s family. Agastya enjoys people taunting Pakhi and Ishaan’s family. Later, he pretends to be innocent and scolds guests for taunting Pakhi’s family who is already stressed. Agastya gives money to guests as they ask for their shugan back and makes them leave.

At Kartaar Singh’s secret hideout, tries to defend himself from Yug. Yug tells Ishaan that he shouldn’t have entered Pakhi’s life. This shocks Ishaan and he asks Yug how he is connected to Pakhi. Yug doesn’t answer Ishaan and again starts beating Ishaan. Ishaan also gives a hood fight to Yug. He makes Yug fall on the floor with a thud. Pakhi reaches outside Kartaar Singh’s secret hideout. Cab driver asks Pakhi why her to-be husband called her at such a place. He tells Pakhi that the place seems off and offers to wait for her outside. Pakhi gives fare to the cab driver and asks him to leave. Cab driver goes, scared and confused, Pakhi wonders which patient called Ishaan here for treatment.

She goes inside the hideout and starts searching for Ishaan. Pakhi shouts and asks Ishaan where he is. Ishaan gets shocked hearing Pakhi’s voice. He gets worried for Pakhi. Ishaan feels pain in his chest due to his current fight with Yug and his previous wound secretly given to him by Agastya. Yug uses all this as an advantage and attacks Ishaan from behind. He stabs Ishaan many times in his stomach. Hearing Pakhi’s footsteps, he runs away. Ishaan falls down and gets unconscious. Pakhi gets shocked seeing Ishaan’s condition. She tries waking up Ishaan but in vain. She cries and continuously asks unconscious Ishaan what happened to him. She asks how this happened. Pakhi pulls out the knife from Ishaan’s stomach.

Agastya reaches Kartaar Singh’s secret hideout with police, media, Pakhi and Ishaan’s family. Everyone gets shocked seeing Ishaan’s condition and Pakhi with a knife in her hand. Pakhi also gets shocked seeing everyone and drops the knife. She cries profusely. Ishaan’s father and Shubham run to Ishaan in worry. They ask Pakhi’s family to call an ambulance. Police don’t let anyone else go near Ishaan. Pakhi’s family tries to go to Pakhi but the police don’t let them. Inspector Virat makes an entry. He with his team makes Ishaan’s father and Shubham stand away from Ishaan. Pakhi keeps sitting near Ishaan, keeping his head in her lap, hugging him.

He searches and investigates the location. Agastya watches him carefully. Virat asks the female constable to separate Pakhi from. Pakhi refuses to leave Ishaan but the female constable separates her from Ishaan. Pakhi reaches her parents and hugs them. She cries and reveals that Ishaan called her here with money for his patient’s treatment. Virat hears this carefully. Ishaan’s family feels confused with Pakhi’s statement. Virat asks Agastya to make Pakhi stop crying as this way she won’t be able to give any statement and it will halt his investigation. Agastya gives Virat a little angry glare but agrees to him. Virat checks Ishaan’s breath and takes the murder knife with a handkerchief in his custody. Ambulance reaches the location and takes Ishaan outside.

Pakhi runs behind Ishaan. Shubham handles his worried and crying father. Pakhi’s family cry seeing Pakhi and Ishaan’s condition. Pakhi recalls Ishaan telling her that he is meeting her for the last time before their marriage. She also recalls Ishaan’s romancing her and saying romantic lines to her. Pakhi breaks down as Ishaan is taken away in the ambulance. Her parents run to her to handle her. Agastya tells Virat that Pakhi isn’t in a condition to give any statement. He tells Virat that he can ask Pakhi questions from Pakhi later as he is taking her home. Virat warns Agastya to not interfere in his investigation as he doesn’t like it. He tells Agastya that he can see even what can’t be seen.

Agastya feels angry and irritated with Virat. He asks his constable to arrest Pakhi. Pakhi’s family doesn’t let police take Pakhi with them. Sameer tells Virat that Pakhi is educated and a wedding planner and can’t kill anyone. He says his lawyer is coming and requests Virat to wait a little. Sameer folds his hands in front of Virat but in vain. Police take Pakhi by arresting her. In his thoughts, Agastya apologizes to Pakhi for his evil plan. He thinks he had no other way to make Pakhi realize her mistake. Media records everything from the beginning.

In the next episode, Virat will get Pakhi locked up in the prison. He will tell Agastya that he has an arrest warrant against Pakhi and court has got closed. Virat will also tell Agastya that no lawyer in the world can stop him from arresting Pakhi in Ishaan’s murder case. Pakhi in the prison will lay down with a severe headache. Agastya will laugh and feel happy thinking that everything is going according to his plan. His happiness will Vanish, when Yug will apologize and tell him that Ishaan is still alive.

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