Kundali Bhagya News Upcoming Preeta surprise for Luthras

Kundali Bhagya News Upcoming Preeta surprise for Luthras

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Kundali Bhagya News Upcoming Preeta surprise for Luthras Preeta plans a surprise for Mahesh. She is really to celebrate Mahesh’s birthday. She asks Karan to not talk of lovey dovey things with her, because she has no belief in love now, she doesn’t want to waste her time again. Karan tells that he regrets a lot that his mom trusts her, and even his heart always falls for her, no matter how much she hurts him. Rakhi is glad that Preeta has permitted the family to throw a party for Mahesh’s birthday. Preeta wants Mahesh to get happy and comfortable with the family. She hides the fact that she loves Mahesh and entire Luthra family a lot.

She pretends like a bad wife and a bad bahu. She doesn’t want Karan to know her real motives. She feels if her love for Luthras is seen by Prithvi, then he will exploit her weakness and target Luthras again. She wants to protect the family from Prithvi and hence does the drama to show her fake hatred for the family. She has no problem that the misunderstanding is spoiling Karan and her relation as well. How will Preeta get the family united once again? Will Mahesh recover and reveal any truth against Prithvi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi runs to the family and tells them that Preet has permitted them to bring Mahesh to the family and also asked them to celebrate his birthday. The family is happy to know this good news. Prithvi tells that the doctor had warned them that Mahesh should be in the basement, his condition isn’t fine and he can attack anyone. Rakhi tells that Mahesh gets violent when he sees many people at once or when he feels harmed, Preeta has found a solution, now Mona isn’t there to torture Mahesh, he will be with them from now, they will celebrate the birthday together and also organize a party for him. Prithvi and Sherlyn seem upset seeing the Luthras’ smiling faces.

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