Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February 2022 Written Update Rudra to die

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February 2022 Written Update Rudra to die Rudra wonders where Bunty is as even the police aren’t able to find him. He receives a call from the inspector. Inspector tells Rudra that Bunty is seen at Khurana school and may have gone inside too. Rudra tells the inspector that he just dropped Prisha at Khurana School but didn’t see Bunty there. Inspector and Rudra decide to reach Khurana school before Bunty commits something wrong. Rudra thinks he never thought that Bunty would stoop so low that he will try to take revenge from Prisha.

He tries calling Prisha but she doesn’t pick up the call. Rudra gets worried thinking that Bunty did something to Prisha. Prisha enters her cabin with a medicine box and picks up Rudra’s call. Rudra informs Prisha that Bunty has reached Khurana school. He tells Prisha that he got worried for her as she wasn’t picking up his calls. He stops in between saying what would happen to him, if something happens to her. Prisha tells Rudra that she is fine. She says she didn’t find Bunty anywhere in the school. Rudra decrypts that Bunty came to harm Ruhi. Realizing this both Prisha and Rudra get worried.

On Rudra’s question about Ruhi’s whereabouts, Prisha tells him that Ruhi may be leaving for her trip. Prisha goes to search for Ruhi in the whole school. The peon tells Prisha that Ruhi’s class students may be sitting in the bus to leave for the field trip. Bunty covers his face with a cloth. He gets determined to take Ruhi away from Rudra as the latter took his Bubbles from him. Bunty starts the bus. Prisha runs towards the bus and stops it. Bunty gets shocked seeing Prisha. On the teacher’s orders, he opens the bus door.

Prisha runs to Ruhi and hugs her. Ruhi asks Prisha what happened to her. Prisha tells Ruhi that she is joining her on this trip. Ruhi gets happy hearing this and hugs Prisha. Prisha tries searching for Bunty inside the bus. Ruhi asks Prisha whom she is trying to find. Ruhi’s teacher asks Prisha if everything is fine. Prisha asks the teacher if she can join everyone on the trip. The teacher doesn’t show any objection. She asks Bunty to start driving the bus. Prisha sits with Ruhi inside the bus. Bunty drives away. Prisha calls Rudra and tells him that Ruhi is with her in the trip bus and she didn’t find Bunty anywhere.

Rudra tells Prisha that he can’t take any risk with her and Ruhi. He asks her to get down at S.N. petrol pump. Rudra tells Prisha that he wants to be with her and Ruhi till Bunty gets caught. Prisha agrees to Rudra’s decision. She tells him that she will meet him at S.N. petrol pump. Bunty overhears everything in hiding. Unaware of reality, Prisha asks the bus driver to drop her at S.N. petrol pump. Bunty signs okay. He thinks Rudra didn’t respect his years-long friendship and took Bubbles away from him. Bunty gets more determined to take revenge from Rudra by any means. He thinks he will take Ruhi and Prisha both away from Rudra.

On the other hand, Media praises Saaransh for giving scholarships to students from his trust fund. They ask Saaransh who gave him this noble idea. Saaransh tells Media that Rudra is his idol behind all this and Principal sir helped them to officially set up this programme. Media gets amazed by Saaransh. They leave to take Principal Sir’s interview and Saaransh’s photograph with him. Saaransh takes them to the Principal’s cabin. He tells the principal sir that the media wants to interview him and understand about their scholarship programme from him. Principal sir, starts giving his interview to the media.

Rudra calls and informs Prisha that he reached S.N. petrol pump. Prisha and Rudra get shocked when the driver doesn’t stop the bus near S.N. petrol pump and speeds up. Rudra runs behind the bus. Driver tells Prisha that the bus can’t get stopped as it’s brakes have failed. This shocks and worries Prisha. She makes Ruhi sit. Rudra calls Prisha. Prisha tells Rudra about the brake failure. Rudra asks Prisha to take care of Ruhi till he manages to do something. Ruhi asks Prisha what happened. Prisha manages to make Ruhi’s questions quiet. Rudra informs the inspector about the bus brake failure and asks his help. Inspector asks Rudra to send him the location. He says he is starting a rescue operation with his team.

Rudra informs the inspector that the bus has crossed SN petrol pump. He tells the inspector that he would be following the bus and will also send his live location to him. Rudra gets in his car and follows the bus. He calls and informs the principal about the bus brake failure. Rudra asks the principal to inform the parents about it. He tells the principal that he has informed police and himself following the bus. Rudra says he won’t let anything happen to children and asks the Principal to ask parents to not panic. Saaransh gets shocked and worried hearing this. Prisha requests the driver to try doing something. Bunty changes his voice and tells Prisha that he can’t do anything as he can’t control the bus after brake failure. Prisha gets worried.

Ruhi and the kids deal with bus tremors. Prisha sees Bunty’s bracelet and wrist watch inside the driver’s uniform and gets suspicious. She forcefully removes the driver’s mask and gets shocked. Prisha asks Bunty what he is doing. Bunty tells Prisha that she and Rudra made him a criminal. He says to Prisha that she and Rudra are taking Bubbles away from him forever. Bunty tells Prisha that he is going to take Ruhi away from her and Rudra. Bunty’s words make Prisha angry. Prisha asks Bunty if he understands what he is saying and doing. Bunty tells Prisha that even she and Rudra didn’t understand him. He says he will for sure take his revenge.

Bunty says he always supported Rudra in his happy and bad times. He further says that Rudra made a crime out of his desperation (helplessness). Bunty accepts his mistake. He tells Prisha that she and Rudra pushed him away instead of understanding him. Bunty says he didn’t take money for enjoyment but for Bubbles treatment. He tells Prisha that Rudra called the police on him. Bunty reminds Prisha that he kept her secret but she didn’t support him. He says he could have forgiven all this but can’t forgive her and Rudra for snatching Bubbles from him. Bunty says Rudra crossed all his limits.

Prisha tells Bunty that Rudra took Bubbles to hospital for her kidney transplant treatment. Bunty refuses to believe Prisha. Prisha tries calling Bubbles to prove herself to Bunty but she doesn’t pick. She tells Bunty that Bubbles’ operation must be going and thus she is not picking up the call. Prisha requests Bunty to trust her that she isn’t lying. Bunty refuses to believe Prisha. He says as Rudra took Bubbles away from him, he will take Rudra’s Ruhi away from him. Prisha requests Bunty to think about innocent kids inside the bus. Bunty says he doesn’t care as his life is already finished as the police are after him.

He tells Prisha that he lied about the brake failure. Bunty intentionally cuts the brake wires and Prisha fails to stop him. He laughs madly. Prisha gets angry at Bunty’s actions and words. Bunty goes mad thinking about his revenge and misunderstanding. Prisha requests to believe her. Bunty stops Prisha from calling Rudra. He angrily asks Prisha to go sit with Ruhi.

In the next episode, Prisha will ask kids to not get scared. Rudra will reach near Prisha. Prisha will tell Rudra that Bunty is in the driver’s place and in disguise. Angry Rudra will ask Bunty to stop the bus and accept his mistake. Bunty will instead hit Rudra’s car with the bus. Rudra’s car will get badly pushed and blast. This will scare and shock Prisha as well as Ruhi.

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One response to “Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February 2022 Written Update Rudra to die”

  1. Octobergirl Avatar

    It is so sad they have made Bunty a villian, the real evil of this show always get away and the good gets punished. Bunty was always such a good friend while Yuvraj is digusting and I’m sure so will Vaijanti very soon.
    We know Ruhi wont die so why the headline of this update?
    Too much lies and deceipt in YHC, seems Rudra and Preesha will never live a proper family life. Next will be Saaransh finding truth about Preesha being alive and another drama of lies

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