Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2022 Written Update Risky Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2022 Written Update Risky Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2022 Written Update Risky Preeta Preeta invites Dr. Zariwala and the judge in the birthday party. Shrishti questions her about the invitations, feeling it wasn’t needed. Preeta explains that it was too necessary to invite both of them, because Dr. Zariwala was the one who had declared Mahesh mentally unstable. She tells that the judge also certified that Mahesh is mentally ill, and now when both Dr. Zariwala and the judge certify that Mahesh isn’t insane, then the family and the society would believe that Mahesh is totally fine. She tells that she will make Mahesh behave well, because he isn’t getting drugged now, Mahesh would behave normal and also get certified as a normal person.

She tells that nobody will believe this if she tells them, she needs Dr. Zariwala on Mahesh’s side. Shrishti understands her plan and feels more proud. Prithvi and Sherlyn also make a plan. He tells that Preeta thinks she will throw a big party for Mahesh and then shift him from the basement to bring him back home, but she doesn’t know that the party will turn out to be a disaster. He tells that he won’t let Preeta succeed in her plan. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi runs to the family and tells them that Preet has permitted them to bring Mahesh to the family and also asked them to celebrate his birthday. The family is happy to know this good news. Prithvi tells that the doctor had warned them that Mahesh should be in the basement, his condition isn’t fine and he can attack anyone. Rakhi tells that Mahesh gets violent when he sees many people at once or when he feels harmed, Preeta has found a solution, now Mona isn’t there to torture Mahesh, he will be with them from now, they will celebrate the birthday together and also organize a party for him. Prithvi and Sherlyn seem upset seeing the Luthras’ smiling faces. Stay tuned.


Kundali Bhagya 28th February 2022 Written Update Risky Preeta:

Preeta finds the family very happy with the thought of Mahesh coming back. They celebrate in advance. Preeta smiles and likes the defeated look on Prithvi’s face. Prithvi wants Preeta to lose her pride. She wants to fight for the family’s sake and defeat a devil like him. She promises himself. The family runs to get Mahesh from the basement. Preeta asks Shrishti to come quickly with her, its time to celebrate Mahesh’s birthday. She wants Mahesh to spend the day with the family. She tells that when Mahesh sees his family in front of him, then he will like it a lot. She wishes that Mahesh feels better and recovers. She asks Shrishti to meet the senior lawyer of Luthra industries and find about the judge who declared Mahesh mentally ill.

She asks her to invite the judge and Mahesh’s doctor in the party, who will now certify that Mahesh isn’t mentally ill. She tells that Mahesh can act normal, but nobody will believe if she tells them, the family will believe only when the doctor says so. She tells that she has come in the family as the boss for this motive, she will command them to certify Mahesh fine and then Mahesh will get back his lost respect, status and normalcy. Shrishti finds it really tough. Preeta tells that its not impossible, it’s a big day for Mahesh and the family, they can make Mahesh get back to normal and unite with his family, Prithvi will go crazy seeing Mahesh fine and on his own.

She tells Shrishti that Prithvi will be ruined completely when Mahesh gets back. She doesn’t want to lose this chance. She tells that they have to just rush and pull off the plan. Shrishti tells that they can do it, she will invite the judge and the doctor in the party. Preeta tells Biji that things will get fine very soon, the family will be very happy when Mahesh stays with the family like before. Biji blesses her. On the other hand, Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Preeta has poisoned herself to frame Mona. She asks why would Preeta do this. He reminds that Preeta is a doctor and knows about the exact type of poison’s reactions, she also knows that Mona works for them, so she played this game to throw out Mona. He wants to fail Preeta’s planning.

She wishes that Preeta really died and left from their lives. He tells that he will get a new Mona to drug Mahesh and make him terrified. He calls Dr. Zariwala, who apologizes about Mona’s mistake. Prithvi tells that Mona forgot about her profession. He requests for Mona’s replacement. He tells that he trusts him. Doctor agrees to send a new nurse. Prithvi tells that he will bribe the new nurse and make her work for him. He thinks Preeta’s plan will yield a zero. He doesn’t want Preeta to bring Mahesh to the family. Sherlyn tells that Luthras have gone to the basement to bring Mahesh. She also rushes to do a drama in front of them. He tells that Preeta has no idea about his plans. The family meets Mahesh, who is too scared of them.

Kareena tells Mahesh that she is his sister. She asks him to meet his family, who would protect him always. Kritika wants to find out if Mahesh wants to come with them or not. Natasha tells that Prithvi is right, Mahesh isn’t in a condition to come with them. Kritika tells that they shall try once, Mahesh might not want to come with them. Rakhi emotionally appeals to Mahesh to come with her. She wishes him happy birthday. The family brings Mahesh home. Preeta is anxious to meet Mahesh. She tells Dadi that she is happy, but also tensed for her plan. She sees Mahesh at the door. Karan welcomes Mahesh. Prithvi wants to wrap up the new drama. Mahesh breaks down. Karan tells that he is there with him.

Mahesh doesn’t listen to him. Prithvi goes to pacify Mahesh just to remain in the family’s good books. He tells that if Mahesh doesn’t want to go to his room, then he will take Mahesh back to the basement where he is comfortable. Preeta refuses to send Mahesh back. Prithvi asks her to see Mahesh’s fear. He tells that basement is his comfort zone. Preeta objects to him. She tells that Mahesh was kept there for two years, but he won’t stay there from now, he will stay with the family and find his real comfort zone. She doesn’t want Mahesh to return to the basement.

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  1. Get rid of sherlyn, pritivi and Natasha and give us a nice family story…fed up of all the back stabbing. Why Indian serials always have to have bad guys.

  2. Yes very stupid why Luthra family speak up and shout at Prithvi can’t they see that Preeta is trying to help Mahesh Karen should take stand keep his ego in side and support Preeta and please kick Prithvi and Sherlin and that new witch Natasha from the house please show something positive from the start of this drama Mahesh is suffering because of Karina and Karen’s criminal girl friends it’s enough makers change the storey it’s very boring show something positive and please bring Rishabh back he was the life of this show

  3. Pls can you do us a favor and remove prithvi and sherlin once and for all,and allow preeta to do what she wanted to do for almost five years,we are tired of prithvi,you people now give prithvi more attention than karan,is like he is the main lead,please we want new story,new villains not prithvi and sherlin anymore

  4. Totally agree. End the story of Pritvi and sherlyn… need new story line….. is getting super old…. same on all the serials…. whether it’s kumkum or kundali…. not a very creative writer’s team……BORING & SILLY


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