Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2022 Written Update Preeta stunner

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2022 Written Update Preeta stunner

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Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2022 Written Update Preeta stunner Preeta finds a great way to stop Prithvi from harming Mahesh. She decides to teach Prithvi a lesson that he remembers forever. Biji tells Preeta that Prithvi is trying his best to take Mahesh to the basement. She asks Preeta to do anything to stop Prithvi from succeeding in his goal. Preeta decides to make Prithvi out of her way by using his old tricks. She wants Prithvi to taste his own medicine. She lays some marbles on the staircase. Prithvi goes to meet Mahesh in his room. He steps on the marbles and falls down. While Kritika and Sherlyn get worried for Prithvi’s injury, Preeta gets a calm victorious smile on her face. She decides to stop Prithvi from unsettling Mahesh in his room.

Kareena asks Prithvi is he okay. Prithvi tells the family that there was something on the stairs, he doesn’t know how he fell down. Preeta asks him if the staircase was appearing to dance. He reacts and says yes. She immediately calls the doctor to inform that Prithvi isn’t sounding mentally good, even he should be shifted to the basement. She asks the doctor to come to Luthra mansion soon, they have to keep Prithvi Malhotra in the basement.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi asks the family members to think and say anything against Preeta as they want, but she will just believe Preeta. She doesn’t believe anyone. She is still the same Rakhi who listens to her heart. She tells that she can’t believe that Preeta can do wrong with them. She asks the family to know that Preeta just wants Mahesh’s recovery. Prithvi tells that Rakhi finds everyone good, because she is a good person. Kareena also agrees with Preeta this time. She tells that Preeta did the right thing with Mona. What will Prithvi do now? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd March 2022 Written Update Preeta stunner:

Kareena tells that Mona was wrong, she used to work for them, but ill-treat Mahesh. She feels Preeta did the right thing. Prithvi tells that Mona used to control Mahesh and hence hit him. He adds that Mahesh’s health is improving now, so he will not stop anyone from meeting Mahesh. Preeta asks him who is he to decide to allow them. She tells that he is nobody to tell them what to do. She asks Karan to feed the soup to Mahesh. Karan feeds the soup to Mahesh. She asks Prithvi who is he, is he any doctor or any well wisher. Prithvi asks her who is she, is she any doctor. He tells that she is just a physiotherapist. Preeta asks him to stop his nonsense. He tells that someone has to be there to take care of Mahesh.

Preeta asks everybody to come downstairs for a talk. She takes the family with her. Prithvi asks Kritika to stay back with Mahesh and take care of him. Preeta tells that Girish will take care of Mahesh. She asks them about Kritika. Prithvi tells that he asked Kritika to stay with Mahesh. He asks the family to get seated. Preeta asks them to keep standing, because they have much work to do. She asks him to call Kritika downstairs, she doesn’t need to go to Mahesh. She summons Kritika. She tells that she can’t give Mahesh’s responsibility to her. Kritika asks who is she to decide it.

Preeta tells that she is the house owner, she will decide everything for them. She asks Kritika what’s her life’s agenda, she has an aimless life and nothing to focus on. She tells that Kritika just dances on Prithvi’s fingers. She asks Kritika to beware, else she will cause harm to herself. She gives the cooking duty to Kritika if she wants to do work. She tells that they are celebrating Mahesh’s birthday. She asks Kareena to invite few guests in the party. She wants the party to be a family affair. She asks them not to include Sherlyn’s mom in the guest list. Sherlyn tells that Sanjana is Kareena’s best friend, she will surely come. Preeta tells that Sherlyn can go and meet her mom if she is missing her so much.

Preeta asks Bani to prepare Mahesh’s favorite food. She tells that they shall prepare the food for the guests. She asks Sherlyn, Kritika and Natasha to help Bani and Rakhi. She tells that it’s a budget party. She asks them to get to work. Prithvi falls on the staircase by stepping on the marbles. Kritika runs to help him. Preeta has made Prithvi out of her way. She wants to prove that Prithvi is mentally ill, not Mahesh. She takes Biji’s help in the plan to remove the marbles once Prithvi falls down. Prithvi tells that something was there on the stairs. Preeta asks him about the shaking staircase. She calls the doctor and tells the big issue, even Prithvi is seeing the shaking staircase and they have to keep Prithvi in the basement too, he has crossed the limits of insanity.

Prithvi shockingly stops her. She tells that he called Mahesh mad when he slipped down on the staircase. She asks him isn’t he insane and dangerous for them, if he also fell down the same way. Biji and Preeta scold Prithvi and Kritika. Preeta asks Kritika to use her mind and remember her manners. Kareena defends her daughter. Preeta asks them not to say a word. She tells that she will decide the treatment. She declares that she won’t shut Mahesh in the basement if Prithvi doesn’t go there, because their level of insanity is the same.

She tells that Prithvi is equally insane like Mahesh, the doctor will decide it when she explains about Prithvi’s insanity. She tells that she has come and snatched everything from Prithvi, he is traumatized so he tumbled down. She shocks Prithvi by her smartness. She tells that doctor will separate Prithvi from the family and then give him a shock treatment, then he will be declared mentally unstable. He realizes that she has played a good game with him. He wants to get the situation in his favor. He apologizes to everyone. He tells that he was mistaken, he had a leg cramp and fell down. He adds that maybe Mahesh was also mistaken. He takes his words back. He tells that Mahesh is absolutely normal now.

Kareena and Rakhi get glad hearing this. He congratulates Preeta that she won and proved what she wanted. She asks him not to use his mind more. She asks Rakhi to make Mahesh ready for the birthday party. She tells that she will go for briefing the decorators. Mahesh plays with Girish. Rakhi finds him calm. She gets emotional when she hears Mahesh taking her name. Karan also cries happily when he learns that Mahesh remembers the family. Rakhi tells that she will make Besan laddoos for him. Mahesh tells that he will have it if she prepares it. Karan doesn’t want to go between his parents’ moment.

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  1. Amena Avatar

    Good going. Liked a lot.
    prithvi should learn his lessons now. Truth triumphs. Wish Preeta’s hard work to straighten the Luthras and Prithvi should go on for sometime and victory of Preeta come to limelight.

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