Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2022 Written Update Rescue plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th May 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2022 Written Update Rescue plan Prisha hugs Saaransh as he comes to meet her in prison. She caresses him and kisses him. Prisha folds her hands and apologizes to Saaransh for being away from him. She says she was helpless as she doesn’t want people to call him a son of murderer. Prisha tells Saaransh that she never wanted him to grow up hearing people’s taunts. She also says that she never wanted Ruhi to take birth in prison. Prisha further says if she would have told the truth to Rudra, then he would have left everything for her. She tells Saaransh that she never wanted to ruin Rudra’s life and career.

Prisha says Rudra would have been running and hiding here and there with her to save her from the police. She tells Saaransh that she never wanted a messy, disgusting and disrespectful life for Rudra, Ruhi and him. Prisha tells Saaransh that she couldn’t have given her punishment to everyone. Saaransh asks Prisha for these reasons she kept punishing herself. He tells Prisha that he loves her and for him only their relationship matters. Saaransh also tells Prisha that her place in his heart will always be hers. He further tells Prisha that he will always respect and love her, because she was the one who accepted him and fought the world for him. Saaransh tells Prisha that the whole world taunted her for being an unmarried mother but she suffered everything for him.

He also tells Prisha that the only truth for him is that she is his mother. Prisha gets emotional and hugs Saaransh. Saaransh tells Prisha that he got to know that Ruhi is his real sister and Rudra’s real daughter. He also tells Prisha that now he will take care of Ruhi being her elder brother. Saaransh further tells Prisha that he will anyhow get her released from prison. Prisha akss Saaransh what he will do. Saaransh says he will do whatever it takes to get her released from prison even if he will have to go against Rudra. He tells Prisha that if Rudra can get angry at her for hiding about Ruhi, he can also get angry at Rudra for hiding about her from him. Saaransh tells Prisha that it’s his duty to save/protect her.


Saaransh says let’s see who will win Rudra or him. Prisha asks Saaransh to not do something that can create a crack/rift in his and Rudra’s father-son relationship. Saaransh says crack has already appeared. He says Rudra did what he wanted to and now he will do what he feels right. Saaransh tells Prisha that he will meet her tomorrow with a lawyer. He leaves asking her to take care. Prisha prays to God to not let anything bad/wrong happen with her family. At the hospital, the nurse tells Rudra that Ruhi is very naughty and stubborn. She says Ruhi is angry, breaking things and not eating food. Rudra goes to make Ruhi have food. Ruhi ignores Rudra and makes an angry face.

Rudra tries to explain that there is a reason behind Prisha and his fight. He tells Ruhi that she heard Prisha’s perspective but not his. Ruhi tells Rudra that she doesn’t want to hear anything from him. She also tells Rudra that he is not her friend from now on, but just Rudraksh Khurana for her. Ruhi further tells Rudra that she won’t unite with him ever as he separated her from her mother. Rudra tries to explain Prisha’s mistake to Ruhi but she refuses to listen. She says her mother is the world’s best mother and can’t make any mistakes. Ruhi tells Rudra that he could have given any other punishment to Prisha, if he was angry with her.

She again asks Rudra why he separated her from her mother, even after knowing that she doesn’t have anyone else apart from her mother. Ruhi says she doesn’t even have her father with her. Rudra tells Ruhi that she is not alone as he will take care of her. Ruhi tells Rudra that he is very bad. She says to Rudra that she wanted to make him her father, thinking that he will take care of her and her mother and love them wholeheartedly. Saaransh comes there and overhears everything. Ruhi tells Rudra that now she doesn’t want to be with him and wishes that God doesn’t give a father like him to anyone. Everyone, especially Rudra, gets hurt by Ruhi’s words.

Saaransh asks Rudra to leave and not trouble unwell Ruhi as he is with her. Rudra leaves and stands outside the ward. Saaransh asks Ruhi to not take stress as everything would get better soon. Ruhi asks Saaransh how everything will get better as Prisha is in prison. Saaransh tells Ruhi that he will soon find a lawyer, who will fight her mother’s case. He says to Ruhi after this her mother will get released from prison. Ruhi asks Saaransh if he will surely get her mother out of prison. Saaransh promises Ruhi. Ruhi says she can’t live without her mother, Saaransh says he too can’t live without his mother. Rudra hears everything his kids are discussing.

Saaransh tells Ruhi that he can feel her pain as he has lived 5 years without his mother. He also tells Ruhi that he just now met her mother in prison and promised her to get her released from prison. Ruhi thanks Saaransh and hugs him. She asks Saaransh why Rudra hurt her knowing that she can’t live without her mother and loves both him (Rudra) and her mother. Saaransh wipes Ruhi’s tears. He asks Ruhi to not take stress as elders continue their fights till years and are not like them who fight and immediately become friends again. Rudra feels proud of Saaransh seeing him feeding food to Ruhi. He also feels thankful towards Saaransh for taking care of Ruhi like a real elder brother and fulfilling his responsibility as Ruhi’s elder brother.

At night, the nurse asks Rudra what he is doing outside Ruhi’s ward. She says only one family member can stay and Saaransh is already staying with Ruhi. Rudra requests the nurse to let him stay as he can’t leave both of his children alone. Nurse allows Rudra. Next morning, Rudra gets shocked and worried on knowing that Saaransh got Ruhi discharged and took her with him. He tries calling Saaransh but the latter doesn’t pick up. Rudra gets worried thinking about his children’s whereabouts. At the police station, a female inspector recognizes Prisha. She asks Prisha what happened after the fire at the hospital and why she is here as the prisoner.

Prisha tells the female inspector that it’s a long story and the inspector in charge will tell her. Female inspector tells Prisha that society is proud of women like her. She reminds Prisha of how she immediately organized a free medical camp for female prisoners on her one call. The female inspector understands that Prisha isn’t comfortable telling her everything. She tells Prisha that she would ask Rudra to help her. Prisha tells the female inspector that she doesn’t want to involve her husband in all this. The female inspector tells Prisha that she is talking about DCP Rudraveer Singh. Prisha recalls that she met DCP Rudraveer Singh at her medical camp. She also recalls that Rudraveer is expert in resolving complicated cases. Prisha tells the female inspector that she saw and heard in the news that Rudraveer got suspended.

The female inspector tells Prisha that Rudraveer is back as they sorted out old issues. The female inspector praises Rudraveer and says no case can get solved without him. She says that Rudraveer works according to his own rules. The female inspector further says that Rudraveer anyhow reads the criminal’s mind and catches him/her. Prisha thanks the female inspector that she will meet her again and try to meet Rudraveer too. Rudra returns to Khurana mansion he didn’t find Saaransh and Ruhi anywhere. Sharda says she is more worried now. Saaransh comes with Ruhi and asks her to not worry. He announces that Ruhi will stay at Khurana house with everyone, even if anyone objects to his decision.

Rudra tells Saaransh that he should have informed him about their whereabouts as everyone got worried for them. Ruhi doesn’t let Rudra come near her. She tells Rudra that she came to Khurana mansion for Saaransh, not for him. Flashback shows Saaransh convincing Ruhi to come and stay with him and not feel alone. Ruhi tells Saaransh that she is very angry with Rudra and wants to make him sad. Saaransh gives Rudra’s photograph to Ruhi and asks her to burn it to feel good. Ruhi fails to burn Rudra’s photographs. Saaransh feels good and thinks that he already knew that Ruhi can’t do this. He thinks it’s all because their mother (Prisha) always taught them to do good. Both brother-sister plans to stay at Khurana mansion and trouble Rudra. Flashback ends. Saaransh tells Rudra that Ruhi is his guest and he will take care of her. He also tells Rudra that he doesn’t need to do anything for Ruhi. Saaransh and Ruhi’s words hurt Rudra and Sharda, while shocks Vaijayanti.

In the next episode, Saaransh will meet Prisha and tell her that Ruhi is living in her own house, Khurana Mansion. He will also tell Prisha that the whole truth will come out once her case re-opens. Rudra will tell Saaransh that Prisha should get punished as she is a fugitive. Vaijayanti will tell Saaransh that she knows a lawyer who can help Prisha in her case. Saaransh will be shocked seeing that Vaijayanti wants to help him and Prisha. Saaransh and Ruhi will together decide to start troubling Rudra.

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