Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya's love

Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya’s love

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Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya’s love Agastya is seen getting ready for his marriage. He praises his looks. Agastya thanks the universe for fulfilling his childhood dream of marrying Pakhi. Naveli’s mother enters his room and intentionally starts performing his aarti. Agastya sees lit diya and gets scared. He again gets flashbacks of his childhood nightmare/ horrific incident. Agastya shouts and screams for Neelima to help him. Naveli’s mother smirks seeing Agastya’s condition. Neelima enters Agastya’s room and gets shocked. Agastya runs away and hides in the cupboard.

Neelima scolds Naveli’s mother. She reminds Naveli’s mother about Agastya’s phobia of fire. Naveli’s mother pretends that she forgot about Agastya’s phobia. On the other hand, Pakhi is seen ready in her wedding lehenga. She talks to her father’s photograph and tells him that she is marrying Agastya to fulfill his last wish and for her family’s happiness. Shanya sees that Pakhi is upset and unhappy with this marriage. She asks Pakhi if she really wants to marry Agastya. Before Pakhi could say anything, Prema comes and praises Pakhi’s bridal look. At Raichand house, Neelima talks to sacred Agastya and tells him that everything is fine. She tells Agastya that she blew off the fire. Neelima again asks Agastya to come out of the cupboard as Pakhi and her family would be arriving soon.

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Agastya gets out of the cupboard. At the police station, Virat gets the news of Agastya and Pakhi’s marriage. He doubts Agastya’s intentions. Virat tells Pandey that since beginning he feels that Agastya loves Pakhi obsessively, while Pakhi only considers Agastya as her best friend. He doubts that Agastya is behind the murderous attack on Ishaan. Virat says Agastya gives him weird vibes. At Agastya’s hospital, Ishaan starts gaining consciousness. He moves his limbs and fingers. Ishaan recalls Yug stabbing him many times. He also recalls Yug telling him that he can’t make Pakhi his ever. He feels angry recalling all this.

At Raichand house, Neelima asks Pandit Ji to make preparations for marriage as she told him. Pandit Ji says okay. Naveli and her mother sees this and gets angry. Naveli’s mother asks Naveli to not post Agastya and Pakhi’s marriage photographs on social media. She worries and says that her friends would make fun of her or stop talking to her if they would get to know that Agastya married lower middle class Pakhi. Naveli agrees with her mother. Pakhi’s family reaches Raichand house. Neelima welcomes Pakhi’s family. She praises Pakhi’s wedding outfit look. Neelima caresses and kisses Pakhi’s forehead.

Naveli’s mother tauntingly says that usually marriage happens at the bride’s house. She again tauntingly says that she understands that Pakhi’s first marriage also happened in the same month, so her family won’t have any money left for Pakhi’s second marriage. Naveli’s mother’s words pricks Pakhi’s family but they remain silent. Neelima scolds Naveli’s mother and asks her if this is the way to talk to the bride’s family. She apologizes to Pakhi’s family on behalf of Naveli’s mother. Neelima says her years-long dream is going to be fulfilled today. She makes Pakhi sit with Agastya at the mandap.

Here Pakhi and Agastya’s marriage pooja starts. On the other hand, Ishaan gains full consciousness. He sees a nurse giving some injections. Nurse seems scared and guilty. Ishaan tries to move his other hand towards the nurse to stop her. He fails to speak anything. At the same time he sees Yug coming towards him. He fails to stop the nurse from giving him the injection and recalls Yug stabbing him many times. Ishaan also recalls Yug telling him that Pakhi can’t become his ever. Yug tells the nurse to immediately apply injection to Ishaan as soon as he starts gaining consciousness. He says that this way Ishaan’s whole body would get paralysed and no one will ever get to know that Ishaan has come out of coma. Yug’s words shocks Ishaan.

Yug leaves, giving a glare to Ishaan. On the other hand, Agastya and Pakhi are seen busy in their marriage pooja. Pakhi’s aunty asks where is agni kund and how can marriage happen without agni kund. Neelima tells Pakhi’s family that it’s their family’s ritual that the couple takes wedding vows (pheras) around the tulsi plant and in front of the goddess idol. Pakhi’s family feels weird but shows no objection. Naveli and her mother feel frustrated with Agastya and Pakhi’s marriage. Agastya gives a thankful smile to Neelima. Neelima gives him an understanding smile back. Pandit Ji asks Pakhi and Agastya to stand for wedding vows. Agastya asks Neelima if he could say the wedding vows himself if no one has objection.

Newlima asks Agastya to do whatever he wants. No one else shows objection. Agastya uses pleasing and impressive words while taking wedding vows with Pakhi. In his vows he promises Pakhi that he will share the load of household work with her. He also promises Pakhi that he would always keep her happy. Pakhi gets impressed when Agastya promises her that they will together take care of their children and share their responsibilities. At last Agastya promises Pakhi that he will always protect her like her universe used to. After the wedding vows, he forwards a paper towards Pakhi and tells her to write her wedding vows and promises in this paper whenever she will feel like. Pakhi feels a little good thinking that she got married to a nice person like Agastya.

In her thoughts Pakhi tells Agastya that she would never be able to smile and fall in love again but will try her best to keep him happy. Agastya makes Pakhi wear a nuptial chain (mangalsutra). He fills Pakhi’s hairline with vermilion. At the same time, Virat enters the wedding venue with Pandey. He congratulates Pakhi and Agastya for their marriage. Virat shows confused and doubtful expressions. Agastya notices this and asks Virat to have some sweets. Virat takes the sweet saying that he likes eating sweets whenever he gets a new case. He leaves telling Pakhi that she is looking beautiful in her second marriage wedding outfit too. Agastya feels irritated but remains silent.

Later on Agastya receives a printed letter. The letter tells Agastya that ge finally made Pakhi his. Agastya gets confused and reads further. The send further tells Agastya through his letter that he has all the proofs of the crimes he did to get Pakhi or make her his. Agastya gets confused, shocked as well as a little scared, thinking who sent the letter. Naveli snatches the letter from Agastya and asks him whose letter he received on his wedding day. Scared Agastya snatches a letter from Naveli and throws it away. The letter falls near Pakhi. She tries to pick up the letter but Agastya fastly picks it up before Pakhi. Seeing everyone confused with his behavior, Agastya says it’s a letter from his office and doesn’t know how it came here.

Everyone believes Agastya’s words. Later Pakhi’s family says they should take a leave. They say that according to rituals they should perform Pakhi’s vidaai from their house but are helpless because of the situation. Pakhi meets all her family members one by one. She hugs Shanaya and asks her to focus on her studies and manage everything and everyone at home responsibly. Shanay promises Pakhi that she will manage everything and asks her to not worry. Next, Prema hugs Pakhi and says that she is sure that Pakhi’s smile would come back after living with Agastya. Pakhi further meets and hugs Mohit and asks him to care. She apologizes to Anup for troubling him.

Anup asks Pakhi not to say this. Pakhi’s aunt says Pakhi is lucky that she got married in such a big house. She says that she hopes that Srivastava’s financial condition will also get better after this marriage. Everyone feels irritated with Pakhi’s aunt’s words. Naveli’s mother in a low voice tells Naveli to see that everyone in the Srivastava family (Pakhi’s family) is behind Agastya’s money and wealth. Naveli shows an understanding sign. Pakhi’s family takes a leave from Raichand house.

In the next episode, Agastya and Pakhi will be seen in a decorated bedroom. Agastya will come closer to Pakhi and will tell her that he wants to see her happy. Pakhi will feel awkward and will ask Agastya to sleep on the bed while she herself decides to sleep on the sofa. Agastya will lift Pakhi from the couch and make her lay on the bed. Pakhi will feel and get more awkward.

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