Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2022 Written Update Rudra targeted

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2022 Written Update Rudra targeted

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2022 Written Update Rudra targeted Saaransh requests Sharda to get a room adjoined with his room ready for Ruhi as he wants to stay with Ruhi. Sharda says sure. Saaransh says till the room gets ready, Ruhi will stay in his room. He takes Ruhi inside with him. Vaijayanti asks Rudra what is Ruhi doing in Khurana house. She says how can Ruhi stay in Khurana house being Yuvraj’s daughter. Rudra leaves asking Sharda, who gave Vaijayanti the right to speak in his matters. Vaijayanti asks Sharda what is happening, why Rudra is getting vexed at her instead of scolding Saaransh.

Sharda tells Vaijayanti that Rudra got angry at her because she is wrong. She asks Vaijayanti to think about how little Ruhi will live without her mother and that’s why Saaransh brought her. Sharda asks Vaijayanti to behave mature as even Saaransh is behaving mature being a kid. As Sharda leaves, Vaijayanti wonders why Saaransh is taking Ruhi’s care when Yuvraj is alive. Ruhi likes Saaransh’s room and praises it. She hugs Saaransh and thanks him for helping her. Saaransh tells Ruhi that he is like her elder brother. Ruhi tells Saaransh that he is exactly like the elder brother she always wished for.

Ruhi tells Saransh that she would have got alone without her mother but he gave her both shelter and a brother. Saaransh gets emotional and asks Ruhi to now consider him as her elder brother. Ruhi asks Saaransh if she can call him “Saaransh Bhaiya”. Saaransh signs yes. Ruhi hugs Saaransh happily and tightly. She asks Saaransh how he will get her mother released from prison. Saaransh tells Ruhi that he will contact Delhi’s big lawyers, discuss Prisha’s case with them and make them fight and win the case. Saaransh goes to bring something to eat for Ruhi.


On the other hand, Vaijayanti meets Yuvraj at a cafe. She asks him why his daughter Ruhi is living at their house. Vaijayanti also asks Yuvraj can’t he take care of Ruhi on his own. Yuvraj tries to manipulate Vaijayanti against Rudra and Prisha. He tells Vaijayanti that Rudra wouldn’t have hid such a big truth from her, if he would have valued her ever. Vaijayanti asks Yuvraj what truth he is talking about. Yuvraj shocks Vaijayanti by telling her that Ruhi is Rudra and Prisha’s daughter, not his. He tells Vaijayanti that Rudra sent Prisha behind bars for hiding Ruhi from him. Vaijayanti gets shocked knowing that Prisha is in prison.

Yuvraj further manipulates Vaijayanti by telling her that soon, Rudra’s anger would calm down. He says after this Rudra would need Prisha and his children. Yuvraj further tells Vaijayanti that Rudra would do anything to get Prisha released from prison. He scares Vaijayanti by telling her that she will be out of Rudra’s life, once Prisha will get released from prison. On the other hand, Saaransh is seen meeting a lawyer. The lawyer reads Prisha’s case file. He refuses to fight Prisha’s case. Saaransh asks why. The lawyer tells Saaransh that Prisha’s case has become too complicated now as all the evidence is against Prisha and moreover she is a criminal who ran away from law.

He says the court will never forgive Prisha for running away just before her death sentence. The lawyer further tells Saaransh that he could have done something if he would have brought this case to him five years ago as Prisha was just a convict at that time. He also tells Saaransh that it’s an open and shut case and it’s almost impossible to win this case. After this Saaransh meets many other lawyers but everyone refuses to take up Prisha’s case. Later Saaransh meets Prisha in prison. Prisha asks Saaransh about Ruhi’s condition. Saaransh asks Prisha to not take tension as Ruhi is staying at her own house (Khurana Mansion) with her elder brother.

Prisha smiles and tells Saaransh that she is not worried now as Ruhi is with her elder brother and father in her house. She says Rudra too has the right to his happiness of being with his daughter. Prisha says she is ready for any punishment as she knows that her kids are safe with their father. Saaransh asks Prisha to not say like this as he is trying his best to save her. He tells Prisha that he will get her released from prison, once a lawyer gets agreed to take her case. He tells Prisha that the whole truth would get out once her case gets reopened. Saaransh says soon everyone will get to know that his mother isn’t a criminal.

Prisha recalls how 5 years ago, Rudra mistakenly shot Venky in their fight and how she turned all the murder evidences against her to save Rudra. She thinks if her case would get reopened, everyone will get to know that not she but Rudra shot Venky. She tells Saaransh that she doesn’t want this case to get reopened. Saaransh asks Prisha why. Prisha tells Saaransh that according to all lawyers’ opinions this case is an open and shut case and she doesn’t want his efforts to go useless. Saaransh tells Prisha that he won’t give up. He tells Prisha that he won’t leave her side like she never left his side. Saaransh leaves telling Prisha that he would do anything but get released from prison.

Prisha worries about how she should stop her case from re-opening. Rudra sees that Ruhi is feeling difficult to sleep. Ruhi sees Rudra watching her and ignores him. Rudra tells Sharda about this. Sharda tells Rudra that Ruhi is behaving just like he used to behave in his childhood. Rudra tells Sharda that Ruhi never lived alone like this ever and thus finding it difficult to fall asleep. Sharda asks Rudra to go to Ruhi and help her fall asleep. Rudra tells Sharda that being his daughter, Ruhi is short-tempered like him. He says Ruhi will get angry at him if he goes near her. Rudra says Ruhi will get upset and push him away again. He asks Sharda what he should do as he can’t tolerate seeing his daughter in pain.

Sharda asks Rudra to not worry as she will take care of Ruhi. She asks Ruhi to help her fall asleep. Ruhi agrees to Sharda. She tells Sharda about how she used to peacefully sleep with Rudra in Rohtak, but now is angry with him. Ruhi asks Sharda whom she used to sleep with when she wasn’t here. Sharda stutters and tells Ruhi that she used to sleep with Saaransh. Ruhi asks a few more questions from Sharda and the latter answers the former. After questions, Ruhi makes Sharda sleep by telling her stories. Rudra watches all this and smiles. In this process, Ruhi falls asleep. Rudra feels relaxed and thanks Sharda. He thinks that he missed all these moments with his daughter because of Prisha.

Rudra says Prisha snatched Ruhi’s childhood from him by keeping her away from him. He says both he and Prisha are suffering now. Saaransh asks Rudra why he is getting sad now as Ruhi’s present condition is because of him. Rudra asks Saaransh to listen to him once with a cool mind. Saaransh asks Rudra why he should talk to him now as he snatched his mother from him once again, by sending her to prison. Rudra gets shocked when Saaransh tells him that since morning he was finding a lawyer for Prisha’s case. He says everyone refused to take up Prisha’s case by saying that Prisha can’t win this case. Rudra says Prisha should get punished as she is a criminal who ran away from law.

Saaransh tells Rudra that it’s his anger, who is saying all this, not him. He also tells Rudra that he is angry with Prisha because she hid herself from him for 5 years, not because she escaped from prison. Saaransh also tells Rudra that he got Prisha arrested, the person for whom he forgot everyone in the last five years and whom he loves the most in this world. He further tells Rudra that he is making a big mistake. Saaransh tells Rudra that he will realize his mistake when he will calm down but he (Saaransh) fears that he might get late till then. Vaijayanti overhears everything and gets scared. Later, she will offer to fight Prisha’s case. Saaransh asks Vaijayanti why she will help him and Prisha.

Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that when she married Rudra to take care of him, she left her career and profession. She says she would have become a big lawyer till now if she wouldn’t have committed her life to him. Vaijayanti reminds Saaransh that she married Rudra to help him get his custody. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that she failed to become Rudra’s wife but tried to become his mother and failed in it too. She says she doesn’t want to interfere in anyone’s life as Prisha has returned. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that now she wants to return his mother and family to him. She says she will too get a sense of satisfaction by doing this. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that Ruhi too has the right to have her complete family with her.

Saaransh requests Vaijayanti to not tell Ruhi that Rudra is her real father. He says at such a young age, Ruhi won’t be able to tolerate that her own father got her mother arrested. Saaransh says Prisha will explain everything to Ruhi, once she gets released. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that she won’t tell the truth to Ruhi. Saaransh tells Vaijayanti that Rudra won’t like it if he will get to know that she is fighting Prisha’s case. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that she isn’t sure about Rudra but will fight this case for her sister, Prisha. Saaransh hugs Vaijayanti and she will feel happy with this. He thanks Vaijayanti for helping him and shows trust in her. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that she will try her best to get Prisha released from prison.

In the next episode, Ruhi will ask Saaransh if he got a lawyer for Prisha’s case. Saaransh will reply yes. Both Saaransh and Ruhi will start troubling Rudra. They will upload Rudra’s covered with soap lather photographs on social media. Rudra will get shocked seeing this. Later, Ruhi and Saaransh together will cut Rudra’s clothes. Rudra will get shocked when his employee will tell him that he is wearing torn clothes.

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