Anupama 23rd March 2022 Written Update Anuj to die

Anupama 23rd March 2022 Written Update Anuj to die

Anupama 23rd March 2022 Written Update Anuj to die Anuj’s tea boils and comes out of the utensil as he is seen lost in some thoughts. He walks forward to meet Anupama but stops himself. On the other hand, Anupama misses Anuj while packing for her dance competition. Anuj wonders what is going on in Anupama’s heart and what will be her final decision. Anupama starts typing a message but stops, recalling Vanraj’s words telling her that her one yes to Anuj will ruin every person’s life connected to her. Anupama thinks of telling Anuj about her final decision after the dance competition.

She also thinks that this decision of hers will be heartbreaking but she will have to reveal her decision in front of the whole family. Anuj receives a call about a meeting the next day. Next morning, Bapuji thinks of talking to Anupama. He sees someone has already done tulsi pooja. Bapuji says only Anupama wakes up early in the morning. Vanraj comes and tells Bapuji that Anupama went away with her in a car. He says he was awake till morning because of his meeting with some US clients and saw Anupama leaving early morning. Vanraj tells Bapuji that it’s Anupama’s final rehearsal, so she left after doing pooja.

Baa overhears Bapuji and Vanraj’s conversation. She comes forward and both mother-son ask Bapuji why he is looking so worried. Bapuji leaves asking Baa and Vanraj to remember that if a daughter gets hurt, a father gets ready to burn the whole world. Baa tells Vanraj that Bapuji can’t see anyone else other than Anupama. She says to Vanraj that they will have to end everyday’s drama. Vanraj tells Baa that the final decision will be made today. Later, at the rehearsal and competition venue, Anupama recalls Anuj’s words. She makes a call but it doesn’t get received. On the other hand, Anuj feels happy as his meeting ended early and now he can reach for Anupama’s performance on time.


He sits in his car and leaves for Anupama’s dance competition venue. Samar, Kinjal and Bapuji reach Anupama’s green room. Bapuji directly asks Anupama what answer she is going to give to Anuj. Before Anupama can answer Bapuji, a staff member tells Anupama that she is called to check stage position. Kinjal tells the staff member that they are talking to Anupama. Staff member takes Anupama with her, asking them to talk later. Samar and Kinjal tell Bapuji that they are feeling that something very wrong is going to happen. Anuj also feels something strange and bad about not being able to talk to Anupama for hours. He thinks Anupama needs her space.

Anuj almost skips getting hit by a car. At the competition venue, Anupama is seen ready in her performance costume. She caresses her ghungroo (anklet bells) and recalls Anuj telling her that she will perform for herself, them and the whole Gujrat wholeheartedly, forgetting everything else. Anupama wears her ghungroos and thinks that she took this decision after keeping a stone on her heart. She says it’s the decision night and she will end this story finally as many questions already have been raised on her and Anuj’s relationship. Anupama misses talking to Anuj. She apologizes to Anuj’s picture for what she did last night.

Anupama thinks Anuj should have at least said, “All the best” to her. She calls Anuj and on the other hand, Anuj is seen trying to pass vehicles to reach Anupama’s dance competition venue as soon as possible. Anupama wonders why Anuj isn’t picking up her calls. GK comes, blesses and wishes “All the best” to Anupama. He asks Anupama why seems so tense. Anupama tells GK that Anuj hasn’t called her since yesterday night and is also not picking up her calls now. GK tells Anupama that Anuj may be busy as he told him that he went for a meeting outside Ahmedabad early morning. Anupama tells GK that Anuj picks up her call even if he remains busy.

She asks GK to try calling Anuj using his phone. GK tries calling Anuj and tells Anupama that Anuj isn’t picking up. He asks Anupama to not take tension as Anuj may be busy in the meeting. He leaves, asking Anupama to concentrate on her dance competition for now. On the other hand, Anuj says he needs to reach for Anupama’s competition and final decision both. Rakhi and Shahs reach Anupama’s dance competition venue. Everyone gets shocked seeing Vanraj, Kavya and Baa. Bapuji asks their reasons for coming. Baa tells Bapuji that he has a problem with both their arrival and non arrival. Bapuji asks them to sit and see his daughter (Anupama) getting successful. Vanraj says they will see Anupama if she gets unsuccessful too.

Baa says that Anupama’s supporters’ faces will be worth seeing, when Anupama will get defeated. Baa’s words pricks everyone except Paritosh, Rakhi and Vanraj. Kavya tells Baa and Vanraj that their faces would be worth seeing if Anupama wins. Kavya’s words angers Baa and Vanraj. Rakhi enjoys Shah’s drama. Rakhi says her tarot reader told her that something unexpected is going to happen. Mamaji jokes with Rakhi. Vanraj says to-be grandmother Anupama will be in trouble if she hurts her foot while dancing. Devika comes and tells Vanraj that the real problem is his low (orthodox) thinking. Both Vanraj and Devika give each other an angry glare.

Baa taunts Devika for being a divorcee. Devika controls her anger and emotions. She hugs Baa and tells her that she loves her too. Vanraj tells Devika that he was thinking why she wasn’t seen till now. Devika says she is also thinking why her brother-in-law can’t be seen till now. Vanraj and Baa get angry with Devika’s words. Baa asks Devika whom she is talking about. Devika replies that she is talking about Anuj. She sits with Baa. Seeing GK, she hugs him. From backstage, Anupama tries finding Anuj in the audience but gets upset seeing him missing. She recalls her words and behavior with Anuj last night. Anupama feels apologetic towards Anuj. She waits for Anuj to reveal her final decision in front of everyone, so that there won’t be any complaint in Anuj’s mind and heart.

Anupama gets determined to end this matter forever. Bapuji and Samar wonder why Anuj hasn’t arrived till now. Bapuji asks Samar to call Anuj, so that they can talk to Anuj and Anupama before the dance performance. Anchor and host announce the competition. Samar goes outside to talk to Anuj. Anuj stops his car to talk to Samar. He tells Samar that he will reach the competition venue in 59 minutes. Samar disconnects the call asking Anuj to drive carefully. He informs about Anuj’s arrival to Bapuji. Hearing this Vanraj says it’s good as the winner and loser will be decided after the completion, when Anupama will say no to Anuj.

Inside the green room, Anupama recalls Baa’s harsh words and low thinking about a woman’s, especially grandmother’s life. She also recalls Rakhi and Pakhi’s harsh words. Anupama further recalls Anuj telling her that this time he will go away if she will leave him or his support. Anupama’s supporters wish and hope that Anuj arrives before Anupama’s performance. Before Anupama’s performance, the host asks the audience if any of them have interest in dance. He asks if anyone wants to show their talent on the stage. Meenu, Mamaji and Kavya show interest but Dolly, Baa and Vanraj refuse to let them dance. Mamaji jokes.

Devika asks Vanraj to go and dance on stage as he also has the right to get insulted. Vanraj tells Devika that today Anupama will get the wholesale agency of insults. Devika tells Anupama gave divorce to the wholesale agency of insults. Rakhi enjoys Shah’s drama. Anuj feels difficulty in pulling off the brakes of his car. His car meets with an accident. At the same time, Anupama and her aalta fall down in the green room. Anupama gets shocked and scared for Anuj seeing her aalta fallen down. Girls in the green room help Anupama screaming, Anuj’s name in tension. On the other hand, people wander around a car that got hit by a truck.

Staff leaves to call Anupama’s family. In the next episode, Samar will tell Anupama that Anuj’s number is unreachable. Anupama will repeatedly say that something has happened with/to Anuj. Devika and Samar will take police’s help to track Anuj. Rakhi will ask Vanraj about Anuj’s whereabouts. Baa will say that it’s good if Anuj doesn’t arrive. Vanraj will say let Anuj come as otherwise how will Anupama dance. Anupama will come on stage. A dead body will be seen taken away on the stretcher and police will ask their staff to call Anuj Kapadia’s family.

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