Naagin 6 Upcoming New entry TV Spoiler Updates

Naagin 6 Upcoming New entry TV Spoiler Updates

Naagin 6 Upcoming New entry TV Spoiler Updates Meet Episode Spoiler – Ram to kill Meet Mr. Meet wakes up his wife early in the morning and trains her. He rides a bicycle and she runs behind him. Ram is tensed to see Mrs. Meet going through such rigorous training under Mr. Meet. Mr. Meet is determined to make his wife succeed in achieving her dreams. Hawa Singh warns Ram that if Meet gets selected in the police force then they both will be ruined. Hawa Singh provokes Ram to take swift action and kill Meet. Ram makes up his mind to burn Meet. He asks forgiveness from her and says that he doesn’t want her to know the truth. Ram lights up the fire on a stick and puts it near Meet’s feet and leaves. Meet starts feeling uneasy. Will Ram succeed in his plan or will Mr. Meet save his ladylove on time? Keep reading.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain Episode Spoiler to Priya- Ram confesses his love:
Priya tells Ram to have some fun. Ram breaks into a song and starts singing Humko Sirf Tumse Pyaar Hai looking at Priya. Priya is shocked. Everybody cheers for them. Ram goes towards Priya and applies color to her cheeks. Priya also applies color to Ram. Both become emotional. Ram dances around Priya and she looks at him. Ram is unable to control his emotions and hugs Priya. Priya is teary-eyed. Will Priya accept Ram’s love or break his heart on the colorful festival of Holi. Keep reading.


Naagin S06 Episode Spoiler – 3rd Naagin’s entry:
Pratha and Mehek embark on their journey to search for the evil Asuras and kill them. But during their journey they see a snake coming towards them. Pratha and Mehek get the realization of their companion. They both transform into their true forms and hold hands to welcome the third naagin. Who is the naagin? Is it Maha Sapera’s trap for the Shesh Naagin? To find out stay tuned and keep reading this space for more such upcoming tracks.


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