Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein 23rd March 2022 Written Update

Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein 23rd March 2022 Written Update

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Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein 23rd March 2022 Episode 43 Written Update Dhaani has already won Kashi’s heart. Kashi is the only person who believes that Dhaani is the right life partner for Dhruv. Dhruv is still confused between Shrishti and Dhaani. Dhaani wants to keep peace in the house. the peace breaks when Shrishti arrives home. Shrishti leaves her house just to meet Dhruv. She wants Dhruv’s love. Shrishti starts creating problems and misunderstandings between Dhruv and Dhaani. She tells that Dhaani doesn’t want to leave from his house. Dhruv feels Dhaani always hurts him.

Dhaani feels sorry that Dhruv is hurt, but she has to make Shrishti realize her mistake. Dhruv and Shrishti plan their outing. Shrishti gets decked up. She tells Dhruv that she is really excited for the outing. Dhruv gets an urgent call from the office. He tells Shrishti that he has to go to attend a meeting and it can’t be postponed. He apologizes to her. Shrishti creates a scene. She asks him why did he make their plan if he didn’t wish to go with her. She removes the bangles and throws it on the floor in anger. She asks Dhruv why is he making excuses, he could have told her that he doesn’t want to go with her.

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Dhaani comes forward to help Dhruv when she hears Shrishti yelling at him. She tells him that if attending the meeting is just a formality, then she will go in his place. Dhruv thanks Dhaani for the timely help. He leaves with Shrishti, while Dhaani prepares for the business meeting. Dhruv’s mum keeps an eye on Dhaani. She falls down the stairs while following Dhaani. Dhaani gets worried seeing her fallen hurt. She stays back at home to look after her. How will Dhaani manage to keep her word and attend the meeting? Keep reading.

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