Udaariyaan Upcoming Track Fanaa 24th March 2022

Udaariyaan Upcoming Track Fanaa 24th March 2022

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Udaariyaan Upcoming Track Fanaa 24th March 2022 Update Udaariyaan upcoming track – Rupy shouts at Tejo Jasmin and Buzo go to meet a pandit to seek solutions for their issues. Jasmine asks the pandit if he has the key to their problems with tears in her eyes. The pandit replies that there is a solution for everything in this world but on some conditions. Jasmin and Buzo shockingly look at each other. Tejo goes to see Fateh staying in a tent outside her home. Tejo and Fateh get drenched in the rain. Tejo is about to slip when Fateh catches her. Tejo falls in Fateh’s arms and they both have a romantic moment. Tejo’s dupatta covers them due to the strong wind. Rupy comes out in the rain and sees Tejo and Fateh close to each other covered in a dupatta.

Rupy is enraged and calls out Tejo’s name loudly. Fateh and Tejo’s romantic bubble is broken and they distance themselves. Rupy’s furious face scares Tejo and she trembles in fear. Fatejo get caught in the situational romance moment, but Rupy misunderstands Fateh. Fateh tells Rupy that he truly loves Tejo, and even she truly loves him. He tells Rupy that nobody can separate true lovers. Rupy angrily takes Tejo with him. Angad comes to give a shelter to Fateh under the umbrella. He tells Fateh that he will always support Fatejo. Will Rupy forgive Fateh and accept his love for Tejo or take some drastic decision to separate the lovers? Keep reading.

Fanaa upcoming track – Agastya’s anger:

Pakhi takes Agastya out for lunch after bagging a US event. Agastya is lost in thoughts about how to check on Sameer and what if he has left the door open on Holi after drinking bhang. He is racking his brains to escape from the hotel and reach home. Pakhi goes to the counter when an unknown man catches hold of her hand. He tries to misbehave with her. Agastya sees this and gets up in anger and trashes the person with a chair black and blue. Pakhi is shocked at seeing Agastya’s rage. Agastya warns the man that the girl he tried to assault is Agastya Raichand’s wife.

Agastya is unable to control his anger and goes on bashing the person till he bleeds. Pakhi tries to stop Agastya when he picks up a bottle to injure the man but blinded by fury Agastya is about to attack Pakhi. Pakhi shouts in fear when she sees Agastya charging the bottle towards her. Will Agastya be able to control his anger or his foolishness will drive him to hurt Pakhi? To find out stay tuned and keep reading this space for more such upcoming tracks.



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